Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny: RGB Artbook - Cagalli and Akatsuki

RGB, Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny, Cagalli Yula Athha


Scanned by me.

Another pic from the artbook. I'm more of a Lacus and Meer fan, but I scanned this anyway. I forgot to cut out the spine part at the side. -_-' My friends and I were having fun trying to guess who's that shadowy figure in the background. (Kisaka? Uzumi's ghost? Conille's brother? <---rofl)

Comments are appreciated if you download~ :nya:

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  1. Lems Aug 20, 2006

    CAGALLI ! ROAAAR ! finally ! I was waiting for that scan since ages (well a week...) THX SO MUCH FOR SHARING ! (and well I guess the shadow at the background is athrun XD)

  2. AkatsukiKawa Aug 20, 2006

    Thank you very very very much. i'm really happy about this scan. She is my favorite character in SEED and Destiny. I really love this scan..

    Thank you so much for sharing

  3. pchne2630 Banned Member Aug 20, 2006

    Appears cagalli to be sad and complex and the melancholy expression oh
    all makes the profound impression with athrun meeting one another to
    each other and mutually cares about and likes oh liking well oh

  4. darkmoonfleur Aug 20, 2006

    Thanks a lot for the scan! Well I'm guessing it's Uzumi as it's when she received Akatsuki....and there was something with him at that time. But who knows lol

  5. kira-freedom Aug 20, 2006

    Great scan^^

  6. thingperson Aug 20, 2006

    oh my goodness...i love this..its cagalli..i like her pose..in this..she just looks so cool...oh i love this.


  7. ladykaze Aug 20, 2006

    It is a nice art. U had scanned it finally. Thanks for sharing. The shadow seemed to be holding a weapon *shrugs*

  8. dsdragonster Aug 20, 2006

    It's gorgeous and my favorite, thank you.

  9. Tobaki Aug 20, 2006

    Yay another beautiful scan! I have a smaller version (good enough for iconing), but it doesn't hurt to have the big one, right? XD

    Seeing Cagalli crying makes me want to cry D= Thanks again~ *favs*

  10. rogero Aug 20, 2006

    i love this picture, it looks great, cagalli and akatsuki look awesome, thanks for the scan

  11. Citra33Zaoldyeck Banned Member Aug 20, 2006

    seeing cagalli again ^^V

    i like it so much >>>> add to fav and thx for sharing ^^

    and keep hard work ^^

    (i things that shadow is atrun (i hope so) because i hate GSD ending eps)

  12. ORANGE-RANGE Banned Member Aug 20, 2006

    OH MY GOD THIS IS SO PRETTY ^_^ i agree with thingperson i luvers this pose.

  13. UchihaTaijiya Aug 20, 2006

    This is a beautiful scan of Cagalli
    (Though I'm a Lacus/Stellar fan hehe)
    She looks sad too
    Thanks for sharing it! <3

  14. LiLxXasianXxGurL Aug 20, 2006

    this one is awesome too.
    it won`t load..

  15. CosmoStar Aug 20, 2006

    Wow wow! So gorgeous! I love this pair! Akatsuki is really the Gundam for Cagalli! They look great together! And she is looking so pretty! I loved this image! It's very glorious and the mysterious dark part is very interesting for the layout of the image! Thanks for sharing this awesome scan!
    I'll add it to my favs!

  16. InuYashaspal4ever Aug 20, 2006


    It's gotta be Uzumi...and yeah if it ain't Uzumi then it's Athrun!1111 Well then again I can tell if it's Athrun's gorgeous bod from miles and it dun look like it XD
    GOSH we need more Cagalli scans! People who have them & don't scan 'em piss me off (no offense XD)

  17. fifimimionon Aug 20, 2006

    This is my fav Cagalli picture so far! I love her look and the gundam in the back but what is that black/dark image in the middle? I wish it could be removed so that this could really be a very perfect wallpaper! I like orb uniform too...it only real military uniforms looked like that!
    Wish there were more cagalli pictures as good as this! Thanks so much!

  18. ZonSlashSykato Aug 20, 2006

    Oh sweet! if it there isnt anything more blocking akatsuki then its gonna be great! Cagalli's pose is awesome too. This scan really does look like a wallpaper. thanx for sharing.

  19. rubenz Aug 25, 2006

    sooooooooooo pretttttttttttttyyyyyyy ^^ I love her pose and thank you so much for the scan I love it a lot ^^ Btw i have asucaga shrine so may I put this scan on our web ^^ and for sure we will credit u ^^

  20. kaede85 Aug 25, 2006

    This has got to be one of my favourite GSD art.
    Cagalli is drawn beautifully. The art...the colours...
    And she's crying...my heart goes out to her. I thought in GSD she got the most heartbreak apart from Shinn.
    And akatsuki looks PRETTY!
    Dunno abt the guy in the shadows though. It looks like a real photo of a person...*shrugs*

  21. JCzala Aug 25, 2006

    Cagalli is drawn beautifully here. Th expression on her face is just so precious. She looks sad yet cute. The Akatsuki there looks great as well. Thanks for sharing. Faves...

    merged: 08-25-2006 ~ 09:36pm
    Cagalli is drawn beautifully here. Th expression on her face is just so precious. She looks sad yet cute. The Akatsuki there looks great as well. Thanks for sharing. Faves...

  22. moonescape Aug 25, 2006

    OMG! That's such a beautiful and yet sad scan of Cagalli. Seeing her like that makes me wanna cry. I adore it so much. Must add this to my favs. ^-^

  23. Reaper97X Aug 25, 2006

    Its looking good ^^
    I love it!

  24. AyuUchiha Aug 26, 2006

    woaaaaaaaaaa cagalli looks awesome!(and sad too >.<) thanks for sharing it!

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