Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny: Final Plus - Kira, Athrun and Shinn

RGB, Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny, Athrun Zala, Kira Yamato, Shinn Asuka
RGB Mangaka Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny Series Athrun Zala Character Kira Yamato Character Shinn Asuka Character


Scanned by me.

I bent my pretty book for this. x_x But it's a lovely image of everybody's new favourite OT3! Notice how they all like to touch Shinn. (Someone once joked about Kira asking Athrun for Shinn's hand in marriage ahahaha. XD) And is shaking with their left hands part of CE culture?

As usual, comments are appreciated because it makes me destroying my book all the more worthwhile. XD I'll upload more images from the artbook if anyone wants~

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  1. Lems Aug 14, 2006

    gaaaaah ! another awesome scan >.< so fast >.< it must be my lucky day >.< thx again for sharing :)... gahh *feeling bad that you have to destroy your book >.<*
    *.* more athrun ...*drowing in her own drool* ... want more cagalli and ahtrun *drool....nosebleed......dead*

    I definitively HAD to watch you >.< ! careful, you're going to be stalked ...

    EDIT : oh don't you think that kira kinda looks like casanova with his.... pinky/gayish jacket ? ^^;

  2. teletha Aug 14, 2006

    I can't decide if Kira and Shinn got married or Athrun is introducing his new wife Shinn to Kira. :D I love the scan of course~ It's just amazing. OT3!

  3. laurent Aug 14, 2006

    Whao ! *faints* AWESOME scan ! This image is really sooo pretty, and wow, you're so lucky to have that book. Oh that's soooooo sweet of you to share this with us. Thanx a billion x million times *bows* I'm sorry though to hear you had to bend your book ( I know, I always feel bad to do it with my artbooks too ).
    Hmmmm, good noticing about the left hand shaking. Maybe it's indeed a CE habbit. And yeah, Asuran and Kira seem to like to touch Shinn *hehe* Anyway, all 3 of them look uber cool !
    I'm faving this, no doubts ( and hey, I'm the first *yey* ) Well, thanx again for sharing ! Ja-na ^^


  4. pastachan Aug 14, 2006

    So pretty *o* But poor artbook. Thank you so much for scanning it !
    For the left hand thing, perhaps the artist reversed the pic ?

    I want more please ^^

  5. MagaOscura Aug 14, 2006

    Yeah *-* this scan is amazing! OMG , I love Athrun!
    +fav, +fav, +fav!
    Thanks 4 sharing!

  6. eternally-asuka Aug 14, 2006

    wow this is reallly but really bug! i had to wait half an hour so i could fully donwload on my oc *faints* anyway this is an AWWESOME scan! love it!

  7. jdiam Aug 14, 2006

    I-I've been loading it for the past five minutes ahaha, so big. XD Awesome scan, thanks for sharing it! (And I still think Shinn looks really tense there.)

  8. SakuraShirayuki Aug 14, 2006

    wooooooooooooooooooow! I've been looking for this pic!
    god! they look sooooo damn hot! THX!

  9. anu-chan Aug 14, 2006

    You just stole my breath with this pic. *wavers*
    Kira is just too hot and... woah! Even Shinn looks cute (and I will never ever say this again!)
    Thank you soooo much!

  10. Loneokamionna Aug 14, 2006

    Interesting scan of Athrun, Shinn and Kira. Those three are so hot that I could not even take my eyes off them.

    I'm adding this to my fave. X3

  11. Odeena Aug 14, 2006

    The scan is really beautiful, especially since it's so rare to see these three together looking so... peaceful and everything. Do scan more, I want to see the rest of the images (are there any Lacus or Meer ones? *o*).

    +Favs from me!

  12. AyuUchiha Aug 14, 2006

    great image, and great quality scan, TY!

  13. UchihaTaijiya Aug 14, 2006

    This is such an awesome scan!
    Thanks so much for uploading it, I've been wanting a larger version.
    They look so... noble... lol
    I love in Final Plus when Kira and Shinn shake hands, it was an awesome scene!
    Anyway, thanks again!

  14. PinkPrincessLacus Aug 14, 2006

    OH wow Kira looks so cute here, with his soft peaceful expression upon his face. The colors in this scan are amazing, I LOVE IT. They all three look amazing here *adds to favs*. Thanks again!. I Love IT.

    ~* Lacus *~

  15. Klari Aug 14, 2006

    Sugoi scan! But i DONT like Shinn! If on his place stood Cagalli and she would keep for hands with Athrun... (pensively smiles) Remarkable scan! Athrun so thoughtfully peers into horizon! Many thanks! It is more than scan? Certainly, I very much want!

    merged: 08-15-2006 ~ 07:07am
    Sugoi scan! But i DONT like Shinn! If on his place stood Cagalli and she would keep for hands with Athrun... (pensively smiles) Remarkable scan! Athrun so thoughtfully peers into horizon! Many thanks! It is more than scan? Certainly, I very much want!

  16. goodmali Aug 15, 2006

    I knew this should be somewhere because of all the new icons made from it:D. I wanted this scan so badly. Thanks for sharing:)

  17. DarkIllyria Aug 15, 2006

    Pretty scan, I'm starting to think that Athrun and Kira adopted Shinn as their kids. HA, NO CAGALLI IN SIGHT! TAKE THAT! *sticks out tongue*

  18. tinachengen Aug 15, 2006

    I LOVE they 3! Shin seems like Athrun and Kira's lovely brother~~HA HA.

  19. kaiar Aug 15, 2006

    great scan
    Thank you for upload

  20. Emina Aug 15, 2006

    cool, so...solemn....:)

  21. Banchan Aug 15, 2006

    Thank you so much for sharing this~ :D
    And it's so nice of you to scan this even at the expense of deforming your artbook... I know how it feels. u_u

  22. yiting Aug 15, 2006

    Thank you so much...
    I really like them ...
    I hope can see more images from RGB...
    Thank you your sharing anagin..

  23. aneres Aug 15, 2006

    It's a great scan of the major three guys! bbb...ut, they kinda look so very ghey~ ROFL XDXD

  24. darkmoonfleur Aug 15, 2006

    Awesome pic! XD They are all so cute! Thanks a lot for sharing!

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