Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny: Athrun - tears cover

Sunrise (Studio), Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny, Athrun Zala, Newtype Magazine


Scanned by me.

The image of Athrun that's supposed to be on the tears single cover. :D Actually I scanned this from an ad in Newtype magazine and cut out the rest of the right side of the image because it was all blue text, anyway. And I cleaned up the top right hand part because there was more text there.

Also, Athrun looks like he has hair extensions because his hair suddenly seems sooooooo long. D:

Hope you'll like it~

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  1. thingperson Aug 17, 2006

    I Love this scan, its so pretty. Athrun looks so hot here, I have been searching everwhere for a bigger version of this scan of Athrun. I just love it. Thankyou so much for sharing this with us :) *smiles*. *adds to favs*

    ~* Cagalli *~

  2. PinkPrincessLacus Aug 17, 2006

    I Love it, I absolutly Love it. Athrun looks so deep in thought here, so sad yet handsome. I think his hair does kind of look longer but I dont think so, I just think its the wind probably giving off that illusion. Thankyou so much for all the effort you put into scanning this and sharing this with us. :D You are so kind!. I just love Athruns outfit here. :) *adds to favs*. Thanks agian I just love your scans.

    ~* Lacus *~

  3. Genny Aug 17, 2006

    Thanks for sharing, I love Athrun in this scan!
    Add in my fav!

  4. rogero Aug 17, 2006

    athrun looks great in this scan, it really looks good, and i cant wait for the tears song to come out, thanks for sharing

  5. darkmoonfleur Aug 17, 2006

    Great scan! Athrun seems so sad here... thanks for sharing!

  6. UchihaTaijiya Aug 17, 2006

    Athrun looks sad and smexy! Well, he always looks smexy... and sad... lmao.
    Anyway, this is an awesome scan, I've never seen it before. ^^
    So thanks a lot for sharing it! <3

  7. MapleRose Retired Moderator Aug 17, 2006

    aww, he looks kinda sad...

    lol, yeah I noticed his hair too, it's like Kira's now, a mop :D

    thanks for sharing! :)

  8. teletha Aug 17, 2006

    The hair rules! :nya: Thanks for the scan. You are the scanning queen. XD

  9. eternally-asuka Aug 17, 2006

    kyaaa Athrun! on the tears cover! i want the magazine! T_T hope thank god there s good people that want to share with us, who can't have it, like me >.< hahha yeah his hair looks longer XD tho is as sweet as always on my eyes XD

  10. enchantressinthedark Aug 18, 2006

    Kyaaaaah sugeee~~~~~~ Athrun's hair ish gorgeous! Love his sombre and deep expression here~~ thanks for the scan!

  11. Lems Aug 18, 2006

    I LOVE IT !...well I like any picture of athrun anyway >.< ... he IS the man XD ! *sigh* ... we just need cagalli by his side and it would be perfect....*cagalliiiiii.... she's still my fav character of all time but she sooo disapointed me in destiny >.< ! damn you fukuda....* *still love her tho >.<*

  12. Justice48 Aug 18, 2006

    His hair probably grew when the series wasn't playing... that was... since the first special edition was shown? :D

    ^^ He's always Mr. Pretty-boy... isn't he? But we all love him that way, right?

    ~Thanks for sharing the scan.~

  13. MagaOscura Aug 18, 2006

    And there's another great scan from U aestalitz

    Quote by telethaThe hair rules! :nya: Thanks for the scan. You are the scanning queen. XD

    She's right! Thanks for all the awesome scans :)

  14. AyuUchiha Aug 18, 2006

    Another great scan of yours~~ Athrum looks so sad~ oh I love his hair.
    Thanks you for the scan!

  15. stellarstomorrow Aug 18, 2006

    He looks gorgeous..^_^ I love his hair and his eyes are so pretty. Love this scan thanks for sharing <3

  16. ceriseangel2 Aug 18, 2006

    Yay! More Athrun! Thanks for the scan.

  17. darkness2 Aug 19, 2006

    The scan looks really good, Thank for scanning!

  18. JCzala Aug 19, 2006

    Athrun is so handsome and hot! I kinda like his expression. Gives you a lot of deep meaning and stuff. I especially like his outfit here. Love it love it! Thanks!

  19. pastachan Aug 19, 2006

    Great scan. But why is he posing with his hand ? :o I like his hair.
    Thanks !

  20. tungxiaodan Aug 20, 2006

    athrun in deep thought..... so cool! lol
    but i hope on he's placing the stone Cagalli gave him in GS on his hand.. >.<

    really great scan! thanx! ^_^

  21. ORANGE-RANGE Banned Member Aug 20, 2006

    kawaii ><

  22. saffiremoon21 Sep 04, 2006

    such a pretty scan! i love it!

  23. LoveBug Oct 22, 2006

    WoW! PrettY! I love Athrun, so you've just made my day! ^_^

  24. Asunikka Jan 20, 2007

    Oh my! I'm simply loving this scan! Athrun looks HOT!

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