Death Note Wallpaper: Death Note: Pink Floyd - Wish You Were Here

Takeshi Obata, Madhouse, Death Note, Light Yagami, L Wallpaper
Takeshi Obata Mangaka Madhouse Studio Death Note Series Light Yagami Character L Character

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

k, this was for the EVI vs TLM challenge, we lost. I don't agree with the judgement, but what can you do. Unlike the last challenge I think we did considerably better than the opposing army, needless to say..they did an awesome job as well..some :p . ANYWAY. The wall, for those ignoramuses (ITS NOT AN INSULT, BUT AN EXCUSE FOR NOT KNOWING SOMETHING! if I wanted to insult you guys I'd say "stupid" which isn't the word I need xD) who don't know what Im talking about, Pink Floyd is one of the greatest bands ever.

"Wish You Were Here is a concept album by Pink Floyd, widely regarded as one of their greatest albums."

says, wikipedia, the Jesus of the web. If thats not a winning choice..I don't know what is. At first, I thought of using the OVA "Wish You Were Here" for the wall, since it had the image already in anime form, but I decided to be a bit more creative, so I went and dug up a death note scan. I vectored the first time Light and L share a handshake, and well....it was the perfect fit for the album cover, which I vectored as well. I own the actual vynil, so it was all pretty much supplied by teh Ish. xD

At first, I wanted L to be on fire, since

Spoiler (show)

he dies in the series

and his posture was more fitting but...I realized Light would be more fitting, since he's smiling even though he's the devil incarnated...just like the man in the vynil cover. All textures from mayang and DA!

you all, go listen to "wish you were here", greatest song ever written, thank recently deceased Syd Barret for it.

sorry for the shitty description, but Im not in the mood to make an amusing one, I almost died on my way home from Jersey. NEVER EVER! ride in a car with a drunk female who was just dumped by her boyfriend! NEVER! XD

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  1. shiningdays Aug 17, 2006

    no comments yet?! ;_; that, and why is this not elite gallery yet =/ mrowr. +favs, you know the drill, look on AP.

  2. ayaki Aug 17, 2006

    checked out all the other submissions in this round over at AP....
    I only liked chibicrystal's in EVI.....cuz all the other...the concept doesn't seem as good as all of them in ur team....i especially love Ephemeral-Garden's and kozaihood...and haha of course..yours '_'
    THis death note scan fits perfectly well into pink Floyd album cover.......and the idea of having Light on fire ~ yea he should be on fire...LoL
    I finished reading Death Note..but the ending was... '_' ... .... did you finish reading it?
    ......u're driving and she's drunk right? >_<

  3. Rhonda21 Aug 19, 2006

    haha. I swear I love reading your comments/descriptions. You always have a story to tell. XD Well anyways, yes this is a perfect fit. Oh yeah and that song's great :) Well nice work.

  4. pamkips Aug 19, 2006

    simple and texture backgrounds are always a plus from you, great job

    pink floyds awesome >_<

  5. chubbykitty Aug 21, 2006

    Great work! I plan on buying Death Note soon. It looks like a good manga :3

  6. Chloe Retired Moderator Aug 27, 2006

    Death Note is awesome, this wall/vector is awesome, Pink Floyd is awesome, so it's a fav for sure. Why this awesomeness hasn't recieved more comments/favs is pissing me off, yo.
    Good thing you didn't die *glomps*

  7. candy-chan Retired Moderator Aug 30, 2006

    ah how I love this song, my favorite of the moment. <3
    high five for the idea, technique is pretty good too

  8. sacredsky Sep 25, 2006

    Quoted from Anime Paper: "OMG that's great! Pink Floyd + Deathnote = Love
    Awesome vectoring, and wonderful concept. I don't think most people understand what you're trying to show here *looks at other posts*
    You're my hero :D
    Keep it up."

  9. DREAM Sep 28, 2006

    ah no way man- "dark side of the moon" is their finest work and hell easily one of the top rock albums ever.

    i hope the live action movie wont suck totally. the trailer looks medicore.

  10. iamthewalrus Oct 02, 2006

    as a Floyd fan myself i must say.........THAT IS THE MOST F@CKIN' AWESOME THING I HAVE EVER SEEN! I'd so hang out with you man!

    '.where have you been. Its alright we know where you've been..'

  11. Ryouko Dec 26, 2006

    hmm different approach for this wallpaper. great! thanks for sharing. cool style.

  12. eonir Jan 13, 2007

    Quote by DREAMi hope the live action movie wont suck totally. the trailer looks medicore.

    Well, the movie sucked mainly because of the Japanese cast :/
    And also, the creators made one big mistake - they tried to imitate things exactly. One friend of mine would be a better L than the actor from the movie.
    And one more thing... Ray Penbar was obviously an American... but someone didn't notice it :D

    This is a perfect album cover :D
    Good Work! ^^

  13. cyndouxe22 Nov 13, 2009

    beautiful image ! no ? ^_^

  14. lunix3 Dec 11, 2009

    Haha. My Dad got this Album. xdd
    He hates Anime but after I had showed this to him, he like them. ;DD

    Tank you ! XDD

    But I love it too.. ;)

  15. ellitcaGR Apr 09, 2010

    cool scan :D
    thanks for sharing :)

  16. tigerhorse Apr 21, 2010

    cute ***************
    This is truly unique!

  17. Azaralg Feb 13, 2011

    haha. I swear I love reading your comments/descriptions. You always have a story to tell. XD Well anyways, yes this is a perfect fit. Oh yeah and that song's great :) Well nice work.

  18. SolemnSerpent Jun 19, 2011

    Not going to lie; I am blown away by how awesome this is, as well as the concept. Fantastic work, I wish it had like 1000x the comments/favorites that it has now, it certainly deserves no less.

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