Death Note Wallpaper: Oyasumi [W]

Takeshi Obata, Madhouse, Death Note, L Wallpaper
Takeshi Obata Mangaka Madhouse Studio Death Note Series L Character

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Full view if you want :/

Blah, I've been working on this for like, the longest time, and this is all I could come up with (sorry, Revan OX) I'm just so tired of looking at it without anything coming to mind >_<
L is vectored (gotta count for something, right?) from the Tribute's CD (which is awesome, btw) and L looks so cool. The title is from my favorite song on the soundtrack. But the font is crap. Like I said, I just got frustrated with the wall. Was playing a little with the lighting, so it's probably not right. Uhhh, for some reason, the wall looks better in Photoshop, but if I full view it on my computer, it seems so much darker. Sorry about that.
But anyway:
Time: spread over two weeks
Layers: about 23
Textures from DA!

Comments welcome~

I think this is the shortest description I've ever written.

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  1. GAfreak Aug 08, 2006

    wow... great job here. It's a very sharp image... nice touch in the stripes going across... I assume he's in a dark room and those stripes are the shadow of.... whatever those window thingys are called(excuse my lack of english vocabulary)...
    anyways... great wallie overall... outstanding effort

    keep up the good work!

  2. Kairi-Hearts Aug 09, 2006

    wow great job!
    I love Death Note and your wallie is sooo cool :)
    I like the img you choosed and the lighting effects you did are awesome!
    oh and don't feel bad. I think the wall looks great ^^

  3. eclair-chan Aug 09, 2006

    OMG! IT' ISH L! *bows* I freegin ADORE L, I CANT WAIT TO SEE THE ANIME! *squeee!*
    this is once again a very great wall, the darkness of it gives me the chills wich equals good.It looks as if he's in a jail cell XD trapped poor L ;_; but yeah very great wall as always

  4. PAche Aug 09, 2006

    definitely not one of your best works chloe-chan :\ as usual the vectoring is superb, but dontcha think its kinda...superficial?i mean, l looks cute and all but the bg just doesn't match with his caught-red-handed look, and oyasumi doesn't precisely suit the bg, even if i try to think of it in a more sadistic light, considering how sadistic death note is XD but you're right, the vector does count for something. in fact, your vectoring skills is amazing is just covers up for all the other bad things :D i mean...the number of folds on the clothes and the hair....that's a lot to outline.must have taken damn long to outline this one XD man i love the way you vectored his hair >_< and the folds of his shirt.

    btw i think, his right foot is a little too bent downwards

  5. Imashitowareto Aug 09, 2006

    is ur new wallpaper!fav it!

  6. Yina Aug 09, 2006

    ahh L is so cool >__< so bad he died in the manga... ;__;
    wow.. u've improved.. the vector looks sugee o__o
    and ur right the font is really crap.. >>

  7. LeeAnn Aug 09, 2006

    owww...its L!
    wow! he sure is a computer freak!
    i like his attitude..too bad raito killed him
    he looks soooo cute in this wallie!>.<
    give me some candy..plz....^.^

  8. fuyuu Aug 09, 2006

    I LOVE L.
    I think it'll be better if you removed the text. : O
    Anyway, good job with the vector; nicely done. Personally I love how you did with the bg and the lighting effects.

  9. enchantressinthedark Aug 09, 2006

    Heeheehee I agree with Pache-san over here, not your best work yet but the vector is just plain awesome~~~~! *gives cookies* Yea well, the wall could have been better without the font or with another type of font. ^_^'

  10. Rebel-Soul-Kaze Aug 09, 2006

    And think that i was almost crying when i see the Reika hair on my recent vector his hair is sick >.<, like all the people above says, the best part is the detailed vector.

    The font is...well, cool but not for this kind of work, maybe something more solid and dark, also the wall behind him looks terrific, but for me is just too empty

  11. Misato-Kun Aug 09, 2006

    I've been looking for the longest time to try and find torrents to download this series, I really want to see it! Anyways...back to Chloe-chan's awesome vectorness! I don't know about everyone else but I like this dark texture, it's a bit of change from your recent work. Well, great job and thank you for your hard work, keep it up!

  12. Alfonse Aug 09, 2006

    Hmm, I gotta admit, this isn't your best work because it's rather plain and simple. But you're right, your vectoring does count for something. ;) It's as flawless as ever. And like someone else said, I like the dark lines running across the wall, it shows as if the dude were in a room and those were shadows of blinds from a window.
    I noticed something else...that guy looks like he has monkey feet. <_< Wierdness. o.o
    Well, overall, nice job, now I await for your next piece. xD

  13. flyindance Aug 10, 2006

    I dun tink tis is the sortest description u written
    u always write very long la
    I tink tis suit the anime very well :)

  14. ROSEANA Aug 13, 2006

    nic! color on thgis wall...L is very lovely.....
    thank you^o^

  15. Revan Retired Moderator Aug 16, 2006

    Awww... don't be sorry the fact that you actually did the dark wall is more than enough.

    I do like the shading idea a lot, gives this a hiding/worried vibe... see this is why I enjoy darker walls, they show up so much more emotions. Vector and texturing flawless as usual ;)

    About the text, I liked the idea of having that crazy/random first letter but the rest doesn't seem to fit in the concept of something chaotic, just seems out of place. So maybe the same idea but with another font that complements what you were aiming for.

  16. Milkiyo Aug 20, 2006

    LOL...it look like a different version of OA's..
    >_> I'm kinda tired so I'll end it off here, nice depth of colours with the maniacal expression XD .Classic.

  17. PhoenixNox Aug 27, 2006

    incredible vector, underwhelming wall. i hope you get back to to this one.

  18. Ephemeral-Garden Aug 27, 2006

    Ah lols. The font does look crappy. >.<

    But I absolutely adore Takeshi Obata... 's hair design. :) Yeap, his hair design is wicked, and you vectored the hair perfectly! <3

    But hmm.. like what PAche've said, the title doesn't seem to fit it nicely. Don't think he wants to sleep o.O He has that kind of eyes who makes ppl think he has insomnia.. more sadness inside.

    But putting that aside, your vector is neat. A simple dark wall this time. ^^

  19. akai Sep 27, 2006

    Thanks chloe. I like the crisp of this wallpaper.
    Is this person called "L"? I don't read deathnote but this character looks really cool and creepy. x) I think you have created a very suitable atmosphere as the background for this character. <3 <3

  20. rollingmreg Oct 04, 2006

    As for this wall paper, a parenthesis is good! It is the feeling that animation broadcast is good again that began.

  21. paintmearainbow Nov 18, 2006

    OMG! L!
    This is one of the best wallie that I have ever see him in x) You have chosen the best scan of him to be made into a wallie^^
    Lovely work :)

  22. Ryouko Dec 26, 2006

    cute and adorable as always. thanks so much for sharing. Good work!

  23. Helenaaaa Banned Member Nov 02, 2008

    I saw many variants of this picture, this especially is pleasant to me

  24. minimi87 Apr 08, 2010

    the wallpaper is great thanks for sharing n_n
    to download it to that xD

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