Murakami Suigun Wallpaper: Catch me

Murakami Suigun, Touhou, Aya Shameimaru Wallpaper
Murakami Suigun Mangaka Touhou Series,OVA,Game Aya Shameimaru Character

1280x960 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Well Hello everyone! I am just in such good mood! >.<
Well this wallie was actually for "Helping" purpose down at AP. To, cut it short, i was trying to help this one guy, on how to make some "Landscape, or just simple bg" so i made a Step, by Step rules on how i made the main BG of this wallie. Hehe XD and you can find it right here, if someone REALLy wants to now how to make one, and i am sure no one will! but here is the link to it->HERE <. Oh well down to the wall!
As, i already have said, the bg was made to set an example, so here is wat i did to it:
One or two filters called: Oil Pastel on the bg image, and its also puted into "Overlay" mode.
MANY brushes, actually the whole wall was made on brushes like: Clouds, Stars, Planets, and one more filter for the brushes called Oil Pastel, once again! XD hehe lol!
One scan: Okay i dunnot really now if this scan is From Murakami Suigun, or not, but i a sure it is, coz the eyes look to much like his style. So, anyways i dunno, but it looks close enought! >_<

Well anothing more about it, it was an easy and simple wall done WITHOUT any thoughts of aCtually aploading it. But i think its pretty cute so i did! OX
Well, any coments, and sugjestions are very Welcome. Plus i now its not perfect so i dont really care! :D say what you think is the best okay!

P.S. and yeah if someone wants to see a site i got the scan from, it will right >HERE<, i now no one cares, but its a great site, espacialy for ECCHI LOVERS! :x :nya:
well C ya all!

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Browse Murakami Suigun Gallery: Recent | Popular.


  1. enchantment Aug 02, 2006

    wow, the background is so nice and really amazing :D there sure are alot of brushes but everyone likes brushes :) really nice wall and your title seems to match the wall as well^^

  2. eternallegend Aug 02, 2006

    lovely wall, the colours you used suit well with the scan, the background looks nice with the clouds, planets and the stars, overall the wall is wonderful ^^

  3. pomelocmy Aug 02, 2006

    i like the wallpaper. :) make more?

  4. Cldmani Aug 02, 2006

    Awsome stuff. Love the cloud effect and how she is suppose to be angel sitting on them. The text is also a plus and so is the scan you used. A excellent and beautifull wallpaper. You know what? Go away, i don't like you anymore. *goes in the corner and starts crying*

  5. thecatmistress Aug 03, 2006

    wow wow wow. this is awesome. your great at this! +fav

  6. Korixxkairi Aug 03, 2006

    Waaaaahhhhhhh > < I saw your wallpaper in ap. so fantastic ~~ i got to full view**
    Hoo ~~ Touhou wallpaper ~~! very nice shot. Violent color wowww this is my fav color ~~!
    Very match Very Perfect Very AWESOME !
    + fav

  7. Yu-huang Aug 03, 2006

    Sugoi desu! :o
    The background is magnificent.
    The colors matches the character well and the effects are wonderous. +fav

    PS: The links are much appreciated. ;)

  8. BlueAngel17 Aug 03, 2006

    hmmm.. i know this isn't murakami suigun.. i think i found this scan in the tohou section of MT.. nyweiz, i like how this is celestial. pretty. :)

  9. hepro2000 Aug 03, 2006

    That is a very lovely wallpaper! I love the clouds and the moons! You did a really great job on it!

  10. Imashitowareto Aug 03, 2006

    wow,is best!

  11. yizhi502 Aug 03, 2006

    I have this scan.It is not illustrated by Murakami Suigun,It's one of Imperishable Night's doujin.I'm sure of it.Murakami Suigun never drew this girl!

  12. Hikari87 Aug 03, 2006

    Beautiful colours~~ *__* The clouds are so cool too~ great wallie! ;D

  13. quantixar Aug 03, 2006

    I knew it was yours just by looking at the tiny thumb. :D Really beautiful wallie as usual. Great work!

  14. dianas Aug 03, 2006

    great work Kioko.. >.< + fav from me ;)

  15. kiokorenay703 Aug 03, 2006

    thank you all! i am so happy now! XD

  16. Zoamel Aug 03, 2006

    The sky is so beautiful. I like this many stars. They are looking like shiny "dust". Also a great work with the clouds. They are so well shaped :D

  17. 4ngelxvi3t Aug 04, 2006

    the background is totally amazing ! i love it !
    ++ fav !

  18. enchantressinthedark Aug 05, 2006

    OMG I'm mesmerized by the wonderful background you made! I'll checkie the link out! ^_^ The background is just too lovely~~~~ very magical and it fits the scan! :) Keep it up!

  19. Firemace Aug 05, 2006

    Firstly...Thank you for that link. XD (I am in need of learning.)

    Amazing background. Surrealism background it is! (THat is to say, enchanting and mystical) XP

    Lol. Great works ! We aRe loving it.

  20. Rikkablurhound Aug 05, 2006

    Its pretty nice XD
    But I prefer your other wall, the U came Late one XD
    This one is much more contrastive & hard... >_<
    I prefer the other one, softer... XP
    But notherless, U did a good job with the colors here XD
    The clouds are as always, impressive XD
    Good job XD

  21. darkar Aug 06, 2006

    Hmm, say something i think is the best?
    Urr, it is a very nice wallie ~
    The background, the character, and the startrailoling effects are nice. And the colours are really well chosen.

  22. inu-rin1350 Aug 06, 2006

    i like the wallpaper......it's kool....it makes you want to fly up into the clouds and just curl up in a ball and daydream and stay like that forever....awsome backround

  23. CloudD Aug 06, 2006

    Great wall, i like the go up and fly background u created. Great job

  24. sukie Aug 06, 2006

    >.>' and there was i working on this scan in secret >.>' *sigh*

    great work i love the bg! ... but//but i'm walling the same scan! *runs out crying*

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