Murakami Suigun Wallpaper: Waiting For You! Ver 1.

Murakami Suigun Wallpaper
Murakami Suigun Mangaka

1280x960 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

The Original Version.
ZOMG! New wallpaper from me!
This here is perhaps one of my better attempts.
I am not too sure which one to submit, so if you like any of them in particular, please do comment on them too.
And if there is a fav from any of the pieces, please feel free to fav this one as well, just to you know... as a token.

Anyhow, this took around a month, was working this on and off, looking for the right technic to blend it in, shifting away from overused circles, tried a bit of others. Tried a pixel stretching like technic, played with gradients and so on and came up with this final product. actually, this barely has any circles.

A bit of info would be that it is actually kinda badly done, the girl was already jagged due to the compression from the scan, I dunno how that does it, but I could seriously use the original scan if everyone has it, the one I have is clearly enlarged or saved at low file size.

Background was inspired by "BodyRock" by Moby, cause somehow the first thing I had to think about was instability, and the messy patterns are somewhat a product of that, the whole background truly met its finish when I received a copy of Gundam Best Collection of Songs, and a special Eurobeat short version that caught my fancy, the beat was really pumping and for some strange reason, it inspired me to touch on a gundam wall.
Hence the one you see now, was originally intended to be gundam themed. But I already rendered the girl beforehand, cause my attention was caught on Murakami's art. Talk about conflicting personal issues.

Ok, now, I like to dedicate this to all of those who are in my team for the Battlegrounds project, as well as upcoming competitors, my utmost respect and of course, thanks for making me wanna go for it again.

Other versions here:

More down at Devildude Designs and Outrospective Forums.

Aspiring Mafia Plug:
Wall: The Crack(s) From Which Gold Pours
Reason: Nothing beats flippin a scan into an excellent wallpaper. Especially one so skillfully done.

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Browse Murakami Suigun Gallery: Recent | Popular.


  1. Chloe Retired Moderator Jun 13, 2006

    Yay! A wall from DD!
    This looks awesome. I'm really loving the soft bg colors and whatnot. The scan looks great even though it was jagged like you said.
    Excellent job!

  2. Arashii01 Jun 13, 2006

    awesome... green is da best!

  3. eclair-chan Jun 13, 2006

    woah......I'm loving this....it's amazing....wow what a great wallie!, I love those green's that you used the the scan is great as well amazing!

  4. quantixar Jun 13, 2006

    Your efforts did pay off. The result is an awesome wallie. The green BG is fabulous! Great job DD!

  5. dianas Jun 13, 2006

    wow this is a great wallpaper Devildude >.< i like the shade of green that u have used
    and the chara is cute too
    +fav from me for ur work :D

  6. GintheTwilightswords Jun 13, 2006

    Wooo techno XD! GEt down!
    Ok enouhg that,the wall looks amazing if you ask me. The bg is something else,the different patterns and effects make it very unique,even though you have like half a dozen other versions of this wall XP. The scan of the girl does look abit jagged,but I don't think it distracts much from the general prospective of the wall.Gin gives this mad props,wonderful work :).
    Btw,you have an awesome taste in music (Moby rox).

  7. Sabbathiel Jun 13, 2006

    another amazing work of Devildude ^-^ Green is not my favorit color but The whole background looks awesome. I like those cross/pluse [+] effect, details look very nice, your work with scan is very impressiv I think this is great wallpaper and fantastic concept for background-elements ^-^
    aqua-sea-green color of hair this girl fits good tho the bg color.
    take care and have a nice day,

  8. Sumomo- Jun 13, 2006

    Love the background! If you could post the blue background without the scan (seriously low quality on that scan) then that would be great! I'd have it on my desktop then :)

  9. Sandra Jun 13, 2006

    Kawaii wallie Devil :) One of your best ones :))

  10. Kiako Jun 13, 2006

    wow the wallpaper is very good, the effects are nice and the composition is good. the colours are nice too.
    keep it up

  11. Kenichi Jun 13, 2006

    wow another person who i envy too.
    great simple wallpaper D, the bg is pretty kool, nice warm colors.

  12. Billy85 Jun 13, 2006

    Good wall.i like the girl...the bg is in your style (perfect af course)

  13. kiokofeather Jun 13, 2006

    this is really cool it gose the background gose really well with the girl. A great tunmbs up!

  14. Rikkablurhound Jun 14, 2006

    Very nice, I like the green there...
    The scan isnt so bad... >_< a lil jagged only... >_<
    I like the cross, loks like times ticking away XD
    Very nice swirls & all XD
    Good job XD
    +fav & fea

  15. tidus123456 Jun 14, 2006

    Very nice, add to fav

  16. Pladao38 Jun 14, 2006

    Really nice work I like that green background a lot, the blue one also.
    The girl is cute too. >_<
    Fav from me. :)
    And thanks a lot for sharing.

  17. candy-chan Retired Moderator Jun 14, 2006

    posted version is best. Pretty good bg, its a shame that the scan looks so edgy

  18. Nicodemus34 Mute Member Jun 14, 2006

    so much variety

  19. Akarix Jun 15, 2006

    XD i haf been waiting for your new wallie actually hmm.. it izz nice nyaa ^^ i really like the swirly thingies hmm.. ^^

    ouh yea.. i once wanted to make a wallie like this but didn't suceed.. sry for bad english ouh anyway..

    to da fave..

  20. drag0 Jun 15, 2006

    Nice wall. Cute girl on very well made bg. Like'it very much!

  21. semanga Jun 15, 2006

    damn this looks so awesome wonderful work
    i love the bg color so much thanks for share it
    add to my fav

  22. Akira-san Jun 15, 2006

    Hehe, devildude and his abstract backgrounds! Niiiice! Oh, that one is pretty nice, better than the others I saw, the girl is hot x3
    Loved the colors and thinks that green fitted better than the blue one, great wallie, I'm such a fan of abstract stuff. Definetly a fav! ^^

  23. oddminion Jun 15, 2006

    woooooooo dats cool. loadsa versions of 1 hot girl! all the colors work!

  24. ipiotchi Jun 15, 2006

    uhuhuhuhu ^^its cute i like it^^add to fav

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