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Sorry I have been absent for quite a while and it will continue since for the next two weeks I will be without my laptop, I must get it fixed. *cries*
I am not sure whether "Butterfly caught" still fits into Minitokyo... Right now I don't really feel like using someone else's art to make wallpapers... but moods change so I will see.
This "doujinshi" (I was not sure at all about the category) was inspired by the Massive attack song "Butterfly caught". I think it is my most personal work I have ever submitted here... and this is all I want to say about it! I hope Minitokyo is a place to submit such artwork too... but I am really not sure...

Patterns are by Squidfingers

Criticism, comments... very much welcome! :) And hello to everybody who was wondering where I have been for the last months...

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  1. SharinganKnight Jul 25, 2006

    the vector isn't perfect, it could use some tweaks here and there plus the addition of some more detail. Yet the fact that its an original piece and the splendid use of patterns completely saves this wall from any other minor issues it may have.

  2. smilebit Jul 25, 2006

    i really do like the image. the colors and simplicity of it strike me the strongest. but as sharingan said it could be tweaked tighter so it was cleaner. but really great job none-the less. I'm so glad you decided finally to do something from you entirely. thanks alot for sharing. major props to you and cheers.

    merged: 07-26-2006 ~ 07:55am
    but then again, forget the roughness. it looks fine. if your own aesthetic is smooth and more refined then yes it could use some work to get that, but i find it fine the way it is. the roughness oes not detract from the piece at all.

    the perspective is off a little with the arms. They are too short as well. Even though you didn't use foreshortening the image isn't too flat. but studying up on how limbs and what not grow in size and decrease in size respectively to their distance from the viewer. lovely.

  3. kuroimisa Retired Moderator Jul 26, 2006

    Oh my *__* This is simply beautiful... I love the idea and the whole abstractness and metaphor of it all... I especially love how the hair melds into the antennae...
    I haven't really got the slightest complaint about this... because I enjoy the concept very much... <3

  4. alterlier Jul 26, 2006

    at first sight you could say that the shape of the body looks like it has to much blur and by the other hand the wings are maybe to sharpened, that kind of makes balance, and since is actually an original work is just great. The color is like a new tone around here and looks pretty good with the patterns, I dont have to many objections, at the end is a very original piece.

  5. Revan Retired Moderator Jul 27, 2006

    Hmmm about category, I guess this would fit nicely in the General Wallpapers section as an original, so unless someone thinks otherwise I'll be placing it there ;)

    About the work itself it's very nice to the eye, very soothing but at the same time appealing because of it's originality. The only thing might be what's already mentioned about the vectoring part... but really that's a small thing. I really enjoy it as it is :D

  6. chubbykitty Jul 27, 2006

    ooh, this is rather neat..I haven't seen something like this :O I love the perspective and concept, great work!

  7. derrio Jul 27, 2006

    I love the abstractness of it. Nice!

  8. DREAM Jul 29, 2006

    love the composition and how the texture pulls the art together.
    i disagree about the "it could be cleaner" comments. love the viewpoint and how the lines lead together.

    only one minor crit: not sure about the girl's right hand fingers or "fingas" they seem a little strange for some reason. very minor indeed since they don't distract from the artwork's composition.

    be sure to submit this on deviantart and keep these original artworks coming. :)
    beautiful job Lady Regenbogen.

    btw- sorry to hear about your pc entanglements but glad to see you back. :)

    + Fav
    + Desktop

  9. Misato-Kun Jul 29, 2006

    What a wonderful concept! I haven't come across a wall with such simple colors and be so appealing. Great job with this piece, thank you for sharing this. Keep it up!

  10. Ephemeral-Garden Aug 25, 2006

    Whoa, this looks very.. elegant. It's very rare to see walls like this in MT. You drew that? It's very amazing.. very original indeed. Though maybe the lines can be made clearer.. but it's really original. The pattern fitz perfectly with the butterfly design too, so it's very nice. Elegant.

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