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oh boy this was a long project almost a few months in progress with much slacking. of course i had to stop for a while since it was exam time. and i managed to finish it today.

i would like to thank everyone on VE Forums for helping me out with comments and crits. mainly Jason9811(Jason Isenburg), Hiihi (Andy), phoenix, and also xcf33 (chang) for providing ideas and helping me out with this.

this wall started off as simple shapes literally black and white shapes witch made up the walls the ceilling supports and doors. and it took an unbelieveable time to texture and detail them all. here's a screenshot of when i first started and eventually i got to texture them all and i added a character however it didn't work out and the lights didn't work either. screenshot
later half way through my work i finally recieved my tablet and i was eagered to try it out and created the cracks, it wasn't bad though it did need some more work on it (not bad for someone who just touched the tablet.) later it really helped when i did the broken glass. it wouldn't have been possible without it. and after much thought and disscussion with jason, he finally convinced me that the wall would be better off without a scan.and that pretty much a summery of these last few months which i worked my arse off to finish this wall.

P.S. parden my horrid english and the origional size is 1920x1200 and for some reason this site doesn't allow those dimentions so i had to resize it.

c&c's is much apprecated.


Chosen by flyindreams and Saikusa

This is incredible! Such an atmospheric piece that oozes urban decay & environmental abuse. It's also refreshing to see something with such a high quality of work that's gone into it that doesn't involve cute or popular characters. The artwork alone speaks volumes.

Proposed by flyindreams and highlighted by Saikusa.

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  1. GoNik Jul 24, 2006

    You drew all this by hand?! My god, you're crazy... It's amazing what you recieved at the end.

  2. BlueAngel17 Jul 24, 2006

    my gosh. you surprise me with this.. my favorite is the shattered glass. this deserves a fav from me because you make surprising backgrounds. >.<

  3. flyindreams Jul 24, 2006

    Just commented on this at AP, but again, really fantastic work with all the details and the dark ambiance ^^

  4. chubbykitty Jul 24, 2006

    Wow, this is so amazing! O_O So much detail and I love the old broken feeling..Awesome work!

  5. dadong Jul 24, 2006

    thanks for the comments. and especially you flyingdreams, saikuza =). i guess the hard work paid off. i was kinda worried since it had a slow start.

  6. ayaki Jul 24, 2006

    omg '_' this looks amazing.
    All the details....the highlighted comment pretty much summed up what i wanted to say....
    excellent work!~

  7. Elyvania Jul 25, 2006

    Wow your work it's so stunning >o<! I was so surprised that I started to look for the japanese artist that created the original version of your own original work lol XD but when I readed that you did ALL the work by yourself and after months of such a hard work that I don't know what I admire the most... your final work or your arse endurance ^^ (lol just joking), I'm so shocked that someone can create something like this without giving up in the process... I admire your will and your talent.

    I admire your modesty too, some people don't like to be criticized while they are creating something, but you asked and accepted advise from a bunch of (I suppose from the result) very talented people (with an excelent taste I have to say).

    I think that this piece of art has his own dimenssion, it's like a crack on the window of time, I can feel how the place it's falling a part on an imaginary city that it's struggling to go forward instead of backward. Thanks for creating this with conviction and with a touch of uncertainty in that lost reality ^^, it's more than layers and textures... it's like watching an old world with new eyes.... unbelievable.

  8. sublime-jecht Jul 25, 2006

    Brilliant work, your hardwork resulted in a magnificent piece of art, I am in awe of your resolve to continue your work for monthes, the immense attention to details - such as the cracks in the wall, the broken glass and the hanging wires - speaks of your talent, keep it up.

  9. cagalli-y-a Jul 25, 2006

    Yay~ DaDong! Well I saw this on VE and forgot to comment on it ^^; Sorry...

    Anyway, I just love it, I can't critisize it though. I really like the amount of detail, the time and effort you put into it and the professionalism. Whaaa~ I don't know what to say! It's just amazing!

    Definitely deserves a fave~

  10. Dufoe88 Jul 25, 2006

    Quote by sublime-jechtBrilliant work, your hardwork resulted in a magnificent piece of art, I am in awe of your resolve to continue your work for monthes, the immense attention to details - such as the cracks in the wall, the broken glass and the hanging wires - speaks of your talent, keep it up.

    same thing what jecht said.. a magnificent piece of art!
    fav for sure..

  11. Kasai Jul 25, 2006

    How does someone comment after Elvania's? I went through your gallery, and this was by far the best piece. I'd like to more creations from you.

  12. namda Jul 25, 2006

    Oh,i like this very much!

  13. strawberrt Jul 26, 2006

    holy smokes... this is VERY impressive. I've never seen so much effort put into an artwork. Its simply stunning with originality and skill. Its so professional >.<; a masterpiece!

  14. HaWaIIofHoaI Jul 26, 2006

    holy crap... how long did this take?! *applauds* i'm amazed that you made this highly detailed piece of work almost entirely if not entirely from scratch. O___o

  15. mystvearn Jul 26, 2006

    Colours could be slightly vulgar to give a more depth to it, but otherwise this is great. I also like the resolution, good for my laptop.

  16. gabysango2011 Jul 26, 2006

    i like it...it must have take so much time....

  17. acido Jul 27, 2006

    GOD!... a lot of work!....... the finla resulta it's really awesome.... congratulation for all you effort and the results... definetely to my favorites.

  18. kakitsubata Jul 27, 2006

    this is incredible! your patience is definitely admirable. ^_______^ awesoome work!~

  19. Rhonda21 Jul 27, 2006

    woah. How very awesome! I can tell you worked really hard on this. It's really amazing how you did everything. Great!

  20. anima241 Jul 27, 2006

    *having seizures* It's art like this......this is what i live for.......*tackles Dadong* I must have it! FAV! i will be watching oh great sensei

  21. darkar Jul 28, 2006

    This is a fantastic art work, cheers! U done great!

  22. fuyuu Jul 29, 2006

    Superb! : D

  23. stellar Aug 07, 2006

    i see NO lack of details on this wallpaper.
    u made it look so real. lol its just outstanding! <3

  24. CaMiLi Aug 19, 2006

    oh MY GOD! that's sooo f***ing awesome *sry* damn o_O .... definitely my fav,... u are my master *__* and i admire u for your great work... That's really ROCK!

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