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After seeing so many great vectors here at Minitokyo, I thought ''hey, maybe I could try something like that someday...'' and then, this wallie was born. ^_^
Everything on it was 100% made by my hands (well, actually I hold the mouse with the right hand only~ ^_^' ), and I really worked hard. I'm not joking if I say this is the wallie that made me work the most in all my life. >_<

I have a lot of explanations about it, so if you don't want to know, (booo~ for you! X-P ) jump to the last part. ;)

*The name: I didn't know how to name it, so I went after a song~ ^_^'
It's from Shrek's soundtrack. (a great cd, btw~ :D )
I don't mean that my wallie will make you feel like ''wow' neither anything like that. I just think the feeling of an ''explosion'' or a ''blast'' is well represented by both the wallie and the name, dakara~ :)

*The Girl: I can't work without naming, there must be something on my nature or something. So please, call her ''Cheer-chan''. XD
It all started when I was at the shopping mall, at an stationary paper store, and I saw a notebook. It was a korean notebook, (I recognized the kanjis ^_^' ) full of cuteness. I loved the cover of it so so much! But I couldn't buy it~ :(
So, what was left for me to do? Thanks God I had my digital camera (every girl's best friend ;) ) in my purse, and then, click! ^_^
You can see the cover here:


After that, I vectored Cheer-chan and created the bg. I don't know if this would be at an artist's page. To tell the true, I was totally clueless of where should I put this in. It's not original, and it's not anime... anyway, I think this is the right placing. XD
There was another cover on the same style, so expect more wallies from me on this style later~ XD

*The Reason : What I'm trying to say with this wallie? Well, if you couldn't figure out 'till now, ( XD ) I'm yelling ''Gambatte! ^o^'' for everyone!
[Yeah, cheerleaders do that, I think~ XD ]

*This wallie is especially dedicated to my sweet friends:Co-Star , Lum-Lum , Xangel and Tian .
Please look at Cheer-chan, she's giving her efforts to pass this message for you! ^_~
(Oh, and the message is: GAMBATTE! Keep doing your best, I'll be here cheering for you! *\^o^/* )

*I made another version, so you may want to check this one:


That's all! Please enjoy the wallie! Comments are very aprecciated, I know I still have to improve my skills a lot~ :)

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  1. chubbykitty Jul 24, 2006

    Wow, such a long description. Mine are like 12 letters D: Anyways, very cute wallpaper :]

  2. CosmoStar Jul 24, 2006

    Oh, Izuzu! This is great! I loved the working you've made! Congrats!
    The Cheer-chan is soooo kawaii (and her nickname is also cute ;) )! The story behind this wall is indeed nice! So you walk with your digital camera in the purse, huh?
    I can't believe you took a picture of the notebook's cover! What an idea! I've never thought about this... The shop people didn't got angry at you? XD
    Anyway, the cover is indeed sweet! Awwww! Sweet, sweet, sweet (tralalala) but the texts on these things are always so strange (what they want to mean? I can't figure out...).
    I liked the second version best because the bg is smooth and I can see Cheer-chan better but the "official" version is really a "gambatte" one! It has a contagiant vibration... it's cool!
    Congrats! Keep up! Your first vector looks awesome! :D
    And thanks a lot for the dedicatory!

  3. Nageen Jul 24, 2006

    Aww...very cute wallaper. ;]

  4. BlueAngel17 Jul 24, 2006

    nyahahah! i couldn't help smiling when i saw this. i like the light one better, kawaii! >.<

  5. Lum-sann Jul 24, 2006

    Kya! :nya:
    so so cute congrats Kawumi! ^^
    The cheer girl is really kawaii and the stars arround her really makes the wall happier ^^
    Nice work and Keep it up! ;)

    merged: 07-24-2006 ~ 04:22pm
    Thanks a lot for the dedication Kawumi! O_O
    You are so so sweet! ontoni arigatou gozaimaso! :nya:

  6. starrliteangel Jul 24, 2006

    omg so kawaii! Definitely adding to my favorites!

  7. Angi Retired Moderator Jul 24, 2006

    Vectors from Izumi-chan!
    actually my next wallie┬┤s name be Cheers&......(secret hehe)
    But anyway lets talk about your great work here:
    Great! lovely girl and the name goes soo perfect with her
    Love the two versions I cant decide.....
    I see you made a great effrot in this one
    and HEY! my name is up there! Wow Im sooooo happy you remembered me youre sooooo sweet many thanks for that
    Youre a Great Artist Keep it up!
    Cheers for you too!

  8. glitter-girl Jul 25, 2006

    wooow a cute little wallie ^_^, ... i like it more!, great job
    + fav from me ^_~

  9. alterlier Jul 26, 2006

    I'll have to admit I'm kind of frightened ....that's like a monkey >_<.....I dont know...but monkeys >_<....the vector is very clean, but is a monkey >_<, I dont have problems with monkeys but is really spooky, imagine that thing wanting to hug you :O....
    izumi very clever ....about the camera....but also kind of weird that you always carry a camera on your purse...
    is a cool wall anyway, really, even if there's a monkey I mean cheer chan.

  10. HaWaIIofHoaI Jul 26, 2006

    this is indeed... quirky... and frightening... but somewhat appealing. i'll put this up whenever i feel like getting people out of my bedroom. bwahhaha

  11. tian82 Jul 26, 2006

    Wah ! What a kawaii wallpaper ! I like it ! She look so cute and the way you make it look more cute and adoreable ! Awesome vectoring too ! The colour for the first one look more strong and the second look more soft. I think I prefer both of them since both have thier own beautiful. Good work on this, Izumi-chan ! Oh, thank for the message and I am sure will ganbatte ! You too-ne~

  12. Rhonda21 Jul 27, 2006

    aw, what a cute wallpaper. And yes, nice vectoring. Good work!

  13. cAiCa Jul 29, 2006

    It's sooo cute!
    aaaaaaaah I love this wall xD
    congrats, the vectoring is amazing

  14. Graverobber Jul 30, 2006

    2! 4! 6! 8!

    Izzy's wall is really great!

    . . . . .

    *cough* Sorry, couldn't help myself ^_^'

  15. viekazama Aug 21, 2006

    Wow that's cute XD
    I like it
    yep such a long discription ^^
    but I like this wallie
    thanks for sharing ^o^
    ++fave ;p

  16. Emma Aug 27, 2006

    Oh Izumi--so cute! And congrats with the vectoring! I still myself have to do my first attempt at a vector and you sure to encourage me. Thanks and keep it up!

  17. pitbull May 19, 2007

    thats soooo kawaii!i love your work!=)

  18. yukasama Feb 26, 2009

    wuuaa! kawaii >3<
    love the wall *-*
    good work
    + fav

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