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.::[edit-updated May 14, 2006]-i took out the pixel from part of the hill and blurred the comets and planets, thanks for all your comments :) ::.

This wall is dedicated to Enchan, whose birthday is on May 15 (a day before mine, isnt that cool) she made me a lovely gift so this is my gift to her :)


This wall is not usually what I make,
It actually drove me nuts, because i wanted to add so many things, but it would have ruined the wall :(

For the hills in the background I used a scan from Minitokyo that I wanted to make a wall out of but sadly I couldn't reconstrust the clouds, but who knows, I may end up making a wall out of it soon ;)

I added some flowers to the scan and just wanted little flowers to be falling, bt as usual they look gly and I did a horrible job so if you dont like it then to bad :P

Will today I found out that I won the contest for becomming a mod at Colorful Wallies so that was another reason for me to submit a wall, so I can always remeber that day >.<

Will I know this wall isn't my best and I know that it really doesn't look good, bt I just wanted to do something different :)

Thank you to all my lovely friends and members at Minitokyo <333


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  1. aqiaqua May 13, 2006

    Wow, it's so pretty! So soft and blue... I love the water! And congrats on becoming a mod in CW. You deserved it ^^. Fave from me

  2. sakuya-sama May 13, 2006

    It's a very good wallie, I loved the scan and the bg they are very beautiful ~.~
    Keep up the great work ^.^

  3. Devildude May 13, 2006

    happy b day to her, nice and refreshing wallpaper indeed. quite relaxing to the eyes.

  4. strawberrt May 13, 2006

    ooo what a pretty wallpaper =) i love how you added the water effect. looks really nice. en-chan will be really happy ^^

  5. xianghua May 13, 2006

    I love these kinds of wallies, where you can see the sea!
    The sky looks great i can see planets hidden behind the clouds :)
    The scan is very pretty i like that you added some flowers on her! ^_^
    Nice work Chi-san!
    And happy b-day to Enchan-san! <3


  6. littlejonny100 Retired Moderator May 13, 2006

    Love the kitty character, but on top of that i love the wall as a whole so don't put yourself down. What really interests me about this wall is the style you've done it in, kind of a watercolour style. I haven't seen a great deal of walls like this (good ones anyway) and don't especially like the style, but i can honestly say i like yours and you've done a great job.

    I think you're right in saying to many objects would ruin in, especially text. The most compliments go to the sky, the wave and the sparkles as they seem to make this wall most beautiful. The second moon looks slightly odd to me but i'll let it pass cause everything else is so perfect X-P

  7. Rhonda21 May 13, 2006

    Chi-chan I don't think you can make a bad wall. And in case I forget, Happy Birthday to both of ya'll! I like the pretty background. Love the sky, the sparkles, and the water with the waves. So lovely! Well Great Job!

  8. ShiXon May 13, 2006

    ooh! lovely scene chi-chann~
    it's adorable and i like beach wallpapers, they're jsut so fresh and bright!
    good job once again, heehee~ love your works sweetie >,<

  9. CosmoStar May 14, 2006

    What can I say? I loved everything from this wallpaper! I love this style of image with it soothing clear colors and sweet characters, abudant light and shades of blue and green!
    Congratulations for this work -it really looks like a painting! I'll add my favs since it asks for it ;)!

  10. sangel99 May 14, 2006

    HOLY CRAP O_O Can you say: "new desktop wallie"? Great job, Chi-chan! :D +favs

  11. phamthuha May 14, 2006

    So sweet Chi-chan ^_^ But... why I still find smt I wanna complain +__+ Guess you should check again your hill ^_^ there is some yellow pixel that made the hill not blend well with the water ^_^ Besides that, everything in this wallie is so PERFECT XD I do do love the fluffy sky ^_^ but I guess the moon here is abit too sharp ^_^

    Anyway, I do love this one and yup, your so creative with the flowers ^_^

    Fav from me and feature to CW ^_^ You can add in the group symbol now, sweetie ;) 2 points for ya ^_^

  12. midsummer May 14, 2006

    it is nice... i like it...

  13. royaldarkness May 14, 2006

    this is lovely :) i love the softness of the colors, so calm and serene.

  14. Vakita May 14, 2006

    kawaiiiiiii neko-chan
    thanks chichiri-san i love the nekogirls and this one is beatifull
    you have done a excellent work with the background the blue beach the sky with the comets
    and moons is perfect place to live with this nekogirl
    again thank you so much
    (hey made another one )

  15. schwindelmagier May 14, 2006

    my original thoughts when seeing this wallie:
    "amazing,gorgeous,beautiful,sweet,super,coo(...) good"
    How you can read,I love this wallie.....it has summer feeling in it
    the bg is wonderful and the character fits so good in the bg that you can mean that this pretty girl is a part of this bg from the beginning,well-done ^.^
    the flowers you put in are beautiful,the scan is clear...everything is perfect :3

    fav from me and on the desktop with it now,yeah >.<

  16. bj0rn May 14, 2006

    wad else can be better than a elite wall from chichiri to enchant? happy bdae to both of you though its belated and all. chichi chan, keep going on! love ur works like always!

  17. Sandra May 14, 2006

    It's fantastic ! Wooow i can feel summer in this wallie :D Great bg , everything fits together perfectly ! Really brilliant bg X__x In one word : PERFECT ! <sets as desktop> Goes straight to my favs :)

  18. fukushuusha May 14, 2006

    Since it's a catgirl that means this is not my type of wall...but it's very well executed so I can skip that right now.
    Love the colors and the atmosphere of the wall. Those two moons and comets are my only problem with this and assure you that it's not because they are trendwhore or anything. They just don't fit in there. Her err...ears needs a little more blur btw. I can see the jaggs on them. Get rid of these and this will trun into a great wall.

    Anyways nicely done

  19. Zoamel May 14, 2006

    Great summer wall. I love the ocean :D
    Also a great work with the planetes and the shooting stars. But why isn't the catgirl afraid of water ;)

  20. Yina May 14, 2006

    wow the sky is so beautiful.. O__O it's really well done! i love the clouds and the stars.. it really looks professional.. >__<
    mhmm there's one part of the hill which looks extremely odd.. o__o
    but nevertheless great work, one of your best so far! =3

  21. Rikkablurhound May 14, 2006

    Its so pretty!
    I like it very much....
    Happy Birthday, En-chan!
    U did really well with the flowers...^^
    & I might be repeating but nice clouds, nice water........ (yada, yadda, yadda)
    I like the way U blend the stock image too^^
    great job
    +fav & fea

  22. quantixar May 14, 2006

    Nothing pops up in my head once again, so I just say, 'beautiful'! ^^; Wonderful wallpaper, as everything you have done before.

  23. nolove May 14, 2006

    Chi-chan iz sooo sooo kool XD, do love it sooo much, the scene you make is totally awesome i remember it's from the original scan? so that you have to draw so much thing luv it >.<.
    Ah yes the flowers are really a great imagination of ya XD, such nice thing >.<
    Though it'snot a perfect wall but it still shows out ur great skill in making wall chi-chan ^^
    keep it up

  24. Chloe Retired Moderator May 14, 2006

    Wow, a "simple" wall from Chi-chan! XD
    I really love the smooth colors and the calmness of the wall. Excellent job!

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