Yukitaro Wallpaper: .:Day Break:.

Yukitaro Wallpaper
Yukitaro Mangaka

1600x1200 Wallpaper

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Song During Work:

Gift: CyanideBlizzard

Note: This is my very FIRST scenic wallpaper

Personal Idea: I was browsing thru the gallery scan cause i was dead boring.
Ironic as it is, i just found out we have a "Neko" Section.
Yes, we all love cat girls. But wheres a Neko Ninja? Com'on whats a neko without
a Neko Ninja? I found this pretty scan of a neko playing in the beach... that got me a idea...
I popped out my Photoshop 7 and played around with the scan.
I did a reflectio of the scan and place it on the left side of the wall.
I added alot of effects to the left side.
I added Star clusthers on the part of the sky and cloud.
Added some aura like effects.
Added some crazy textures.
Retouched some parts of the left side cause i saw way too many straight lines @_@
Added a coolie planet XD
last but not least, the text.
Oh and guys, use imagination.
On left side, theres a cloud that looks like a dog?
On the right side it looks like a coolie Whale @_@
Orignal Scan: http://gallery.minitokyo.net/view/11129/


Personal Agenda: Well, as of all of you have heard. A couple weeks ago, it was CyanideBlizzard Birthday. I talked to CyanideBlizzard on aim and said Happy
b-day to him. As i talk about his b-day. of what his going to do etc. He told me
"Well, i didnt get much but the word Happy B-day and i was working during my b-day"
I went dead speachless, there were no presesnts, no party, NO CAKE
I was like wtf? Well, this is a B-day wallpaper for CyanideBlizzard
Heres some facts about him
-His a eassy whore!
-His one of THE nicest people you'll ever meet or known.
-His cool.
-He like ninjas
-His a ninja whore.
-His cool.

PS: Thanks Silents for being my oberserver : O

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  1. vang Banned Member Aug 20, 2005

    yead,the all is very nice, the girl ie very cute and pretty,Ilike a background add fav

  2. white-zero Aug 20, 2005

    Nice piece, Dude. You've gotten around this trendwhorish sceneric style. XD

    Couldn't say more cause it's pretty well done here though the text could be fixed some more.

    Awesome job, man.

  3. SilentMasamune Aug 20, 2005

    It's trendwhorish, but it's for Cy...I'm sure he would have a perverted time with his birthday present. XD We reviewed all the specs over AIM, so no need to repeat myself here.

    Edit: Aw, hell, now I witnessed a name change. You're now DayBreak. Cy would really dig this; he really needs a break from a day of work.

  4. Rella Aug 20, 2005

    Wow, that looks awesome, Shadowdude! I love it. The scene and colors look great. Well done with the sky too, good work! ^^

  5. Rebel-Soul-Kaze Aug 20, 2005

    Something out of the usual chaotic grunge...good for the start...anyway,the whole background is nice all together,but im not too sure about that big cloud in the left side the reflection thing seems a little odd for me,yes i dont have imagination,like you say "bite me" then...still,nice wall...

  6. chibi-lizard Aug 20, 2005

    waaahhh ... poor daddiiee cy didn't get anything for his burfday ?

    not even a burfday kissu fwom mommie wint ? :(

    anyway .. nice wallie shadow :)

    i see that you extended the background

    maybe you could do something a lil bit more with the clouds .. cause it looks kinda obvious the thingy being reflected XD

    nonetheless .. wubb your textures .. and i like what you did with the sky :)

    simple but nice :D

    ps : Happie Burfday Daddiieee CY !!!!!

    in case i forgotten to wish you :)

  7. AngelKate Aug 20, 2005

    Prettyful!! A very common style but it looks nice! ^_^ I'm sure Cy will like it. :)

    Happy late b-day Cy! I don't think I ever wished you one. ^_^

    Nice wallie SD!

  8. OracleAngel Retired Moderator Aug 20, 2005

    You chanced your name to Day-break Shadow? o__O

    Anyway the whole wall is a break away from what you usually do, beautiful and nicely grugne up, love the clouds, as you have said use your imagination.... XD Nice work but you could have made a bigger text wih a big D, medium B and and rest are just normal sized with a lil insignia or saying... great job man! :P

    Oh yeah i see an old man near the title... XD

  9. meteorcloud Aug 20, 2005

    hm,z...first sceneric :o.....looks good. haha still like the texture. hmz...the undeep water looks too bright....it should be abit darker. funny what you did with the clouds XD. nice job:O ~! happy B-day to CY~!

  10. Ayu-sama Aug 20, 2005

    Hehehehe. A new name, huh? Sounds like a girl's name lol

    Pretty awesome for a first one. But the clouds bothers me. It doesn't look natural.

  11. Yina Aug 20, 2005

    meekoo.. you changed your nick ^^ nyaa.. mhmm an add-on wallie? the left part is kinda strange.. is that a rock..? ^_^' but overall great work on the effects.. like the grunge style.. :3

  12. DarkEVO Aug 20, 2005

    Was kinda wondering who Daybreak was until I saw the words below the wall. It was shadowdude.

    Looks like the left cloud is inverted to the left together which makes it an eyesore but however its a good wallpaper gift to cyanide. Good work on it.

  13. shyxsakura Retired Moderator Aug 20, 2005



    your first scenic wallie .. >.< ish better than most people's recent scenic wallie ..... ;-; *ish talking about herself* T_T RAWR ..

    *-* daybreak~ sounds sho .. pwetttiifffulll <333 *-* shoooo pwettiful .. >O< gimme THAT NAME!

    x3 left cloud looks like a lion's nose and mouth ... looks cooool for saki~ rawrr~
    i love the clouds and the water+foam .. >O< where'd yu learn to do this!!! teach us master! T_T

    *slaves away for the staff of antique*

    T_T i want yu ... t_________t gimme gimme!

  14. evasion Aug 21, 2005

    Omg, wooooooo!!! Very well done! I love how you made the scan and scenic bg the same - definitely an awesome job :) +fav+ Thanks for sharing! *downloads* XD

  15. Ayamael Aug 21, 2005

    it's actually kinda nice... love the waves, and the clouds... yup, i see the whale, but i thought the "dog" was a boat from the thumbnail... and now, i still only see a feline of some kind, and not a dog ... oh and cute scan too... good job!

  16. YugureKaze Aug 21, 2005

    ...new name...it seems weird don't ya think...sorta seems like a girl sn...not that it's bad or anything >.>
    this looks pretty good for your first scenic wall
    the water looks really amazing
    the sky in the bg looks cool too
    wahh! XD what a cute cat girl

    that sucks that Cy had to work on his birthday...
    that kinda sounds like what i did every year before now when i was helping at the family store...
    this was actually the first year i got to really celebrate my own b-day ^_^'
    maybe next year will be better for him ^_^

  17. Ultra-Violet Aug 22, 2005

    A remarkable change from the classic dirt and grit effects we've all come to know and love in your gallery. Day Break takes scenic digital artistry to a level of brightly coloured beauty which is not to be taken lightly. A dynamic and well-adapted work! Well done! :)

  18. TrinityLi Aug 22, 2005

    Super cute wall! ^^ I love the colors and the effects you used. It's very soft and simple. Great job!

  19. calisqo Aug 24, 2005

    Nice work for a first attempt in scenic
    The extension of the cloud is rather predictable , it looks very much mirrored , I would suggest some twisting and change the perspective a bit.
    I think it is important not to let peope see through your technique ^_^, just like grunge wall, never let the audience to find out that you're using the same brush again and again ^_^.

    quality wise it's very nice, smooth and rather sharp.
    Perhaps giving a new meaning to the scan rather than just using it ,will def spice it up a bit.
    Change its color, make it unrecognisable somehow. i often refer back to the original scan, a slight similiarity to the original can degrade your wall (that's just my opinion)

    I ussually measure scenic wall with its color. goo dcolor makes me want to check it out.
    and also I think it will be much more interesting to give the scan a new set of bg.

    Overall Aweome work on the moon. it blends in very well.
    And the texture as a grunge XD fan , i find it rather amusing.
    awesome work and effort, keep it up ^_^.
    good luck with scenic ^_^

  20. Kurosawa Aug 25, 2005

    oh, really bg nice for the first time sceneric wall :d
    i still like the texture on the bg,but too much cloud >_<
    Well,it's awsome man , cy would be happy :D
    by the way >_> erm.. I didn't know you... erm.. are you shadow dude ? o_O
    Keep up the great job XP

  21. cloverfann Aug 26, 2005

    you did a great job scaning this. the background of this wallpaper is really amazing. :)

  22. joemighty16 Aug 27, 2005

    I can't help it, I love catgirls, nekomimi, nekomusume, but not really furry.

    And that one is just so cute.

    The art is also very well done.

    Btw...just check the dif between boring and bored :x

  23. Zer0SFX Sep 05, 2005

    Beautiful wallpaper. Thanks for submitting.

  24. AoiTsuki Sep 14, 2005

    Oooh! :: Squeal :: Kawaii! =3 <333 I love it! Thanks for sharing it. =3

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