Yukitaro Wallpaper: Angel of my Dreams

Yukitaro Wallpaper
Yukitaro Mangaka

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Scna by noctum, work time: like couple of hours....

hehe XD this actually started out as promo wallpaper for my upcoming wallpaper page http://anime-illusion.net
yeah i thought i just wanna show this here....erm enjoy it XD

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  1. FallenAngel Jul 15, 2004

    Really beautiful wallpaper. The sparkling water looks cool, nice job.

  2. kyojun Jul 15, 2004

    wow, love the water effect

  3. Kozumura Jul 15, 2004

    the rippling effect looks very good. and the girl sooo cute ^____^!

    nicely done

  4. Noctum Jul 15, 2004

    Wow, it's a great wallpaper and not only because it uses one of my scans. :)
    Good work, Limality.

  5. AkinaSpirit Jul 15, 2004


  6. Ritalin Jul 15, 2004

    It's very minimal. :) A rarity in todays wallpaper trends, I love it! XD

  7. Sh0rT0nE Jul 15, 2004

    yaaaaaaaaay limality wallpapers XD adds to fav :)

  8. Miroku4444 Jul 15, 2004

    Wow you are so good at makeing walls, this one is so awesome. I noticed you used the other character from your userpage. At first i thought it would be cool to make a wall out of your userpage pic in its complete form, but I like how you just took the characters and put them on new better bg's.

    The sparkleing rings around the character are so cool. The reflection in the water and her wings was a nice touch too. Superb job. I hope you share more walls with us that you put on you site.

  9. Kihiro Jul 15, 2004


  10. YoukoxLover Jul 15, 2004

    Pretty! the grl ish cute!

  11. leiche Jul 15, 2004

    looking good =)

  12. chibikko Jul 15, 2004

    ah i just looked through the scans and saw this and now you made a wallpaper ^^ i really like this scan and you've have a great wp. and nice effects. i add it to my holy favs ^^

  13. h2dz Jul 15, 2004

    jus awesome XD

  14. Osiris Retired Moderator Jul 15, 2004

    not bad, not bad at all :D

  15. Susi-chan Jul 15, 2004

    kawaii!! Super cute wally!! <3

  16. elvenkind Jul 15, 2004

    good one :)

  17. reaps Jul 15, 2004

    Another great wall, lima. u really love angels i see, anyway keep them coming, and i'll keep favoriteing them XD

  18. ungooma Jul 15, 2004

    you did an excellent job on it!!! ^_^

  19. nuniko Jul 15, 2004

    It's beautiful! ^_______^

  20. crapmonster Jul 15, 2004

    ooo nice!!

  21. biriwilg Retired Moderator Jul 15, 2004

    Aww, that's cute! ^_^ Man, you've been walling up a storm lately. o.o

  22. shyxsakura Retired Moderator Jul 15, 2004

    saki wubs angels .. .. saki wubs angels ....

    and you have three great angel walliessss!!!

    SAKI WILL WUB THEM AND cherish THEM foreverrrrr!!

    kyaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! kyaaa kyaaaa!!

  23. divad Jul 15, 2004

    it's pretty good. especially teh glow on the wings. *thumbs up*
    i wonder if it's really in there or you just made it up..

    hah.. you really like angels..

  24. ProjectZero Jul 15, 2004

    very nice job
    cool effect wif the reflection and the ripple ^_^

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