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BLEEHHH x.x i got a major headache and can't think straight.. so let's just keep it short. vector'd a sort of japanese art that i found on google x.x maybe you can call this an ukiyo-e, mehh not really sure. and desperately made a background that i don't even know exactly 'what' @w@

well, thanks for viewing i hope you all can spare me for this wallpaper >~< don't be too harsh on your critics D: LOL


edit: japanese patterns from http://patterns.ming-ling.net/ !


Chosen by shyxsakura and biriwilg

A glorious riot of patterns and colors, this vectory take on ukiyo-e adds some visual punch to a bland desktop.

Proposed by shyxsakura and highlighted by biriwilg.

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  1. keevang Mar 30, 2006

    wooooooooow. (:

  2. nolove Mar 30, 2006

    Shix-chan really become...oh how adorable >_<, i luv luv luv this style of wall you know, yyou're now become master piece >_<, such an awesome vector...stylist...had nothing too complaint, 100% love ><
    +fav for sure ^^

  3. phamthuha Mar 30, 2006

    Not bad ^_^ I can see my sweet ShiX-chan really grows up alot in all the wallie ^_^ So now for you, i can sure faves is not as important as before but style ^_^

    For this one, the idea is really nice 'cause i do love kimono or jukata is cool XD But well.... i think the edge in the hair and clothes need more work. Also i can see the shadow effect here to make the wall more realistic +___+ You still have alot to do with this wallie, sweetie ;) Also the bg in gray is not suit enough.... the hair is bothering me with too poor texture +___+

    Besides that ^_^ your skill really improving and your become so stylish with vector now ^_^ Fav+ fpr ya, ShiX-chan :nya:

  4. dianas Mar 30, 2006

    interesting composition ShiXon-chan ^^
    i really like how the kimono of the girl looks
    so you will have a fav from me for your work ;)

  5. Amru-chan Mar 30, 2006

    Wow, awesome wallpaper XD. Fav from me XD

  6. Kiako Mar 30, 2006

    nice wallpaper, the concept is interesting,
    keep it up

  7. AngelKate Mar 30, 2006

    Your style is just awesome now. XD The patterns in this are so cool! The bright colors stand out but overall I still get a calm feeling when I look at it. Nice work! ^_~

  8. pegassuss Mar 30, 2006

    It's really nice shixon-chan! ^^ I like the overall look of this wallpaper. I think the composition is great and the paterns looks beautiful ^_~ Colors are really nice, they looks great and the match very well. Good work! ^^

  9. chichiri1907 Mar 30, 2006

    Your absolutly amazing,
    Your vectored google image is just so perfectly well done, and you have been showing me that every wall you make is an exceptionally beatiful peice, and I justlove that.
    Beatifl job and of corse an A+ for ur creativity >.<

  10. happygreendragonfly Mar 30, 2006

    Great job!

  11. chubbykitty Mar 31, 2006

    Interesting concept. I like the use of the different fabrics, very cool. Keep it up!

  12. rythem Mar 31, 2006

    yay ~ another stylish work of art from shi-chan xD
    firstly , I adore the patterns OwO <333 but the red flower patterns (u know , with the big flowers) r too distracting . because the character is too light coloured n pale . n I dont think there is the need of shadows coz the whole piece is kinda flat-toned (paste-y look) . so no need of shadows ~ (= but overall , shixon-chan has done a good job ne ~ keep up ur good works ~ ^o^ <33

    ps: omggivemethepatterns xDDD lol

  13. knightstar3 Mar 31, 2006

    oooh, i really like how you used like kimono, japanese design thingies! :P
    it's looks really pretty.awesome work on this one too. ;)
    style is great! XD

  14. Chloe Retired Moderator Mar 31, 2006

    Wow, very cool!
    The patterns are awesome and the vector itself is just really cool. I like the background. It's simple, but I feel that if you had put anything less simplistic, it would make the wall look too busy.
    All in all, excellent job!

  15. redangel6112 Mar 31, 2006

    woooooo! Very interesting wallie. very unique...^-^...
    I like the red flower patterns. It is very beautiful..^-^..
    Thanks for sharing..

  16. fawna-chan Mar 31, 2006

    Wow, I love how you did the designs around the artpiece. The patterns are cool and I love how you did the vector.

  17. soujiokita Mar 31, 2006

    That's a really beautiful vector wall you made. I really like the use of patterns on the vector. Keep up the great work! :)+fav

  18. Milkiyo Mar 31, 2006

    since there isn't much to 'complain' :P I won't comment XP
    lol...jk, one word to describe this...stunning :)
    simply stunning...goes to my favs :P

  19. chore-boy Apr 01, 2006

    very pretty :D looks like a print from The Tale of Genji by Murasaki *adds to favs*

  20. enchantressinthedark Apr 01, 2006

    Weird...but very nice on how you placed everything ^_^ And congrats because its highlighted! :) Keep it up!

  21. flyindreams Apr 01, 2006

    Shi-chan the quality of some of the patterns look a little low... @_@ Could just be the paper texture I suppose, but the differences in quality of the different patterns contrasts with the super smooth background kinda strangely. The wavy black outline also really jumps out at me... and I do agree with rythem about not needing the shadows :)

  22. dans Apr 01, 2006

    nice idea, nice bg but like everyone said, the low quality pattern really turned down this wall. some of the edge doesn't look smooth enough and i dislike some of the pattern. nitpicking, eh ? :p
    overall, this is a good job.

  23. LeeAnn Apr 01, 2006

    weee! this really deserves to be highlighted!
    its colorful and it contains abstract art that is really good and unexplainable. the different patterns u used made it look ancient.
    keep up the good work!

  24. fuyuu Apr 02, 2006

    ngga heran ini dihighlight. :3 +fav~

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