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So, here it is, my Derka entry!

First of all, i want to thank Fuku (<333) for his wonderful "company".
Thank you thank you thank you for everything. >___<

Now I'll try to tell you the thoughts behind this wallie, please make sure to read EVERYTHING in order to understand EVERYTHING:

You should never have a wish or dream that is stronger than yourself.
How should you know if it wouldn't kill you, when it once came true?

Once upon a time, there was an angel living in a country where flowers were forbidden. Her name was Ai-Hua. No one was allowed to ask for the reason of that strange prohibition. Sometimes you could hear rumors that said about some strange disease coming from the flowers.
But Ai-Hua didn't believe in any of them. She wanted to have flowers and she would give anything she had. And little by little, she became kinda obsessed by the idea.

Then one day, her dream and wish shall came true. When she wake up that morning, she noticed some flower petals around her. She looked around and saw flowers everywhere. On her bed, on the table and even on her body. She was so happy that she started to cry. But there weren't any tears coming out of her eyes...

Blood, she was really crying blood...

Ai-Hua jumped from her bed and suddenly she realized that she couldn't fly anymore, cuz there were flowers growing on her wings and one of her wings was already "eaten" by the flowers. Now Ai-Hua really panicked. She tried to destroy the flowers that grew on her body and wings. But each time when she "culled" a flower, a new and bigger one grew at the same place.

The dream, Ai-Hua once had became a nightmare.

She couldn't stop the flowers which grew on her body and on everything she touched. The only way to escape the nightmare was to leave her body and therefore her soul flew away and never came back.

My first opinion of the song was: Wow, it's really sad and it makes me wanna cry.

0:00 - 1:34
Ai-Hua and her wish. She is standing on a bridge and she can only think about flowers.
1:35 - 2:48
Ai-Hua wakes up and notices the flowers around her. She is really happy and dances on her bed.
2:49 - 3:24
She starts to cry, cuz she's so happy. Suddenly she realizes that she cries blood and that she can't fly anymore.
3:25 - 3:58
Ai-Hua panicks. She jumps from her bed and runs around.
3:59 - 4:37
Ai-Hua tries to "cull" the flowers. She doesn't know what to do.
4:38 - 6:23
Now she is really tired and sits down on the floor. She can only see flowers and she can feel the pain of her broken wings. Again, she starts to cry. And she thinks about her past life, about her wish and how a dream could become a nightmare.
6:24 - 7:39
Ai-Hua stands up and decides to leave her body, cuz she can't stand the pain anymore. She "spits" her soul and leave her "dead" body behind her.

Eveyrthing on this wallie was drawn by myself:
Time: 10+ hours
PS CS, GT, Pencil

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  1. phamthuha Mar 24, 2006

    Cool wallie, Yina-san OoO Such a pity you not a Colorfull Wallies member so i can't feature this one ^_^ Sure fav+ for u, sweetie ^_^

  2. nolove Mar 24, 2006

    kool Yina-san >__<, such a stylist beautiful wallie we have here, the chara... i wonder if it's your work? >__< that's so great, the border is so so lovely magical too ^^.
    +fav for sure :D

  3. Sandra Mar 24, 2006

    This is something special.I mean the wallpaer is really original , great idea , this blood which comes from here eyes...scarry...And i read the description.ALL.It's a brilliant story.Kinda sad because it's so sad that her dreas came her worst nightmare....Definitly something which deserves a fav.Great job as always.

  4. ventures Mar 24, 2006

    wow yina . that was one sad sad story . But I think u mannaged to potray everything very well :) .
    I love how the outlines r red , it somehow makes the whole piece more attractive and also helps blend everything together :P.

    the red flowers look really good . the way u drew them , it makes them look kind of evil at the same time and just fitting for the story.

    and the patterns and borders r a good touch cos it reminds me of the older storybooks where at the end of the story they give u a picture to sum up the story :D.

    great work yina . favs

  5. jinhui Mar 25, 2006

    it's a very good wall well drawn and coloured a cute story with good idea :) nice wall

  6. rythem Mar 25, 2006

    aaahh .. gomenn .. I didnt read ur description at AP , but thats such a sad story ~ ;_; the story makes the drawing more appealing ~ <3 amazing work yina-chan X3 *favs here too*

  7. N9e1 Mar 25, 2006

    Wow~ This wallie is very well done! I love the details you put into the wallie~
    So creative and artistic! ^_^
    Also, I love your idea! This sounds like a fairytale/folktale~~~
    Good job! Thank you for sharing! ^_^

  8. Amru-chan Mar 25, 2006

    Wow, very very beautiful wallpaper XD. I only can say " Fantastic" for it XD. Fav from me ^^

  9. acid-awakening Mar 25, 2006

    Very good idea..... I thin lookin a the picture already tells you what the story is about eh?
    Creative work.... Thanx for Sharing

  10. kai81220 Mar 26, 2006

    holy holy holy O_________________O

    i do not know what to say.

    the fact you drew this adds to the whole concept.
    love the whole thing and i don't think theres anything you can do to improve it.


  11. ayaki Mar 29, 2006

    what a story >_< but may i ask what music was it?
    back to the wall....i love ur drawing. But i'd like the wings to have some sort of texture or more shadings to give them a bit more depth....
    I like the whole concept.... @_@ other than the wings part...it looks perfect.
    Great job Yina ;)

  12. OracleAngel Retired Moderator Apr 12, 2006

    Thats a horribly sad story -___- but nonetheless theres always the mysteries of flowers... they make us happy when were alive but ironically we get buried in them, aint that weird? o_O
    but yeah veatifully stylized with the patterns and lovely imagery!
    nice job as always Yina! ^_^

  13. mechanical-angel Apr 18, 2006

    sad story..
    nice image ^^

  14. MyrrhLynn Apr 20, 2006

    Huh! I can't believe more people haven't commented on this! It's definately not the usual MT submission type which makes it a wonderful change of pace in my mind. Very sad story about the girl though. T_T You did an awesome job on the image. I especially like those leave/branches you have for borders, they add a classy touch. :)

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