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This is my submission for the UA competition "Geometric"... I felt uncertain about the category but since the basic of this wallpaper is a screenshot of the Chinese movie "2046", I decided to place it in "other"... I made some changes, so there is no screenshot that directly looks like this... but it certainly was a real help for this wallpaper...

I was trying around a lot with the colors. And now I finally decided to submit it because I simply don't know anymore... I actually feel a bit stuck with my wallpapers at the moment. I interrupted my work on "geometric" with 2 other wallpapers and I have no idea whether they will ever be submitted. So I started working on this wall some weeks ago.

What do we see on this wallpaper? The character is an Android on a 2046 Train. The metallic "thing" in her face is something all androids there have. When I watched the movie I loved the colors... the atmosphere, the actors... and the thoughts it gave me. It is a "slow" movie... and I fear not everyone will like it, some might think it's boring... but I am a fan of such movies so I'd recommend it to everyone who doesn't have mainstream taste. ;)

I tried to make the hair look chaotic and wild. Whereas I wanted the background to look "geometric" and sterile...

While working on my wallpaper I was very often listening to the 2046 soundtrack... for those of you who like soundtrack music... this is definitely a very good one... but yes, at the same time also definitely melancholic... >_<

I feel as if I am not progressing much at the moment... so every comment and criticism is appreciated...

PS: I forgot to say this character was played by Faye Wong... who is a famous singer as well... and many people may know her from the soundtrack of Final Fantasy 8.
Apologies for my messed up userpage... I am trying to fix that soon... >_<

Thanks for your help! I updated the wallpaper... changing the "dots"...


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  1. cyd84 Mar 29, 2006

    I really like the simplicity of the background...you really managed to convey the geometric and sterile feeling you were going for
    It is a good contrast to the android...I love how you did the hair...almost looks fiery
    Overall...I really like the composition and style of the wall
    A few things feel off to me...I know you were going for a no outline vector look but the android's facial features get a little lost since they're lower contrast than the red/black...same thing with the edge of the shirt a bit...maybe some sort of faint shadowing?
    I'm unsure about the left edge of the wall...I like how the circles imitate the light circles...although the varied shadows look a little strange...but the red part is the flattest part of the wall...don't know if you were going for a certain look

    Anyways...definitely a neat wall... (I should watch 2046 but sad movies make me too sad ;) )

  2. EvoIIICE9A Mar 29, 2006

    excellent entry and very original doing it from a movie. If I didnt know she was an android I would say that she is very unhappy being stuck there, its kinda like an endless void thing (like walking down one of those hallways that never end)

    The background colours are great, its a nice blend of the reds and I really do love that hair. The only thing that seems a bit off on it is the 5 dots down the left hand side. Since everything else is in a symetrical order them being off place makes it looks out of place...ummm kinda hard to explain but it would seem better if they were straight. (Does that make any scence to you cause it doesnt to me hehehehe)

    Excellent entry Regenbogen :D

    On the last note psst you have to put a banner and link to UA for it to be accepted as an entry thou (new rules)

  3. niina02 Mar 29, 2006

    great vector-wall... yep, i remember that movie...
    the android don't look exactly the same to the movie, but still cool, and the idea is the same....

  4. Rhonda21 Mar 29, 2006

    umm. interesting wall. Nice background. I really like the colors. The hair sure looks wild and I like it. Well good work!

  5. kuroimisa Retired Moderator Mar 29, 2006

    the vector work is quite amazing. There are so many levels of depth despite it being a "simple" cell shaded vector. I'd probably agree with Evo about the 5 bolts (?) along the left. I think they're a bit too 3D or seem a bit too strong in comparison to the android shading :P
    I love the use of colours- great as always ^^

    Oh ho.. yesh, Faye Wong *__* Oooh she's a popular cookie XP

  6. flyindreams Mar 29, 2006

    Lovely vector, the gradient shading looks terrific xD It definitely has a very geometric feeling and overall it's a wonderfully stylish piece of work :) I think the only thing that's a little strange is the perspective of the lamps, in terms of how they're placed in relation to the girl the space seems a little skewed, but maybe that was what you were going for... >_<

    Really nice job, and don't stress out about walling... >.<

  7. smilebit Mar 30, 2006

    wonderful use of color and simple composition. i'm not sure if the bolts are necessary in this, but i like them, they only seem a little alone. the perspective is great and the whole thing comes together rather nicely. i just wish people would understand that cell-shading is exclusive to 3-dimensional modeling. ech. cheers.

  8. Teryon Mar 30, 2006

    Yeah, this may seem pointless, but mostly I agree with the previous comments. Its got that lovely bit of depth, and I would probably argue with anyone who says it being a cell-shaded vector makes it simple. Bull. That stuff is hard work, and you pulled it off well.

    I even like the bolts there. Not all machinery has complete symmetry, this gives it a little touch of real-life that I rather like. Besides, bolts on the OTHER side would distract from the android.

    Plus you picked something not everyone`s seen(or even heard of like me), which always gets a plus from me. All in all, nice.

  9. DREAM Apr 01, 2006

    ah 2046 what a most interesting source for a wallpaper. I enjoyed 2046 as you have; but it is a sort of abstract movie that isn't easily explained. To me it's about real-life- or that which happens...

    your wall: the 5 circles on the left sure are getting attention by other reviewers but i have absolutely no problem with them for 2 reasons: one it doesn't distract from your Wang Jing Wen vector and lastly since it is a "geometric" wallpaper.

    lovely vector- i especially love her hair and the lights match up and give the proper sense of depth that is necessary for this type of wall.

    beautiful vectoring- i love the atmosphere here. as usual you have made me happy since i have no idea what to expect from you next.

    i have no complaints. :)
    btw- what exactly was changed from the first one?

    **i hope you submit your 2 walls. Lady Regenbogen: trust your instincts on your wallpapers.

    + favs

  10. Ephemeral-Garden Apr 03, 2006

    Eh... 2046? Ack. I don't watch so many movies, sorry about that. T.T But yesh, I do know Faye Wong, she sings good song, and she's pretty! >.<

    Nyways, move on to the wall... yessshh I love that hair! ^^ I love how it tangles here and curve up there.. yes, curly hair. It kinda stands out a lot in this wall, love that feeling. ^^

    This wall gives off a lonely feeling, probably the way you placed the android there, and the look that she has... makes me feel a little sad, hehhe. But likewise, the wall greatly emphasizes on geometery, coz well... the uses of shapes are distinctive enough to show that. XP

    Overall, nicely done. Love the minimum usage of colours. ^^

  11. markjo Apr 09, 2006

    Very bold colours and a great, simple composition. I like the way the wallpaper give the onlooker an illusion of depth - definitely an interesting work.

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