Kino no Tabi Wallpaper: Kino no Tabi: The King and I

Kouhaku Kuroboshi, Kino no Tabi Wallpaper
Kouhaku Kuroboshi Mangaka Kino no Tabi Series

1920x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Three in my Kino no Tabi Novel Frontispiece Illustration series, not to be confused with the Kino no Tabi Novel Chapter Illustration series (which uses chapter illustration artwork; the frontispieces are 1-3 page stories overlaid on color inserts that come with each novel.) This one features artwork from Novel 5 Frontispiece, "At that time -- BLUE ROSE". The premise of this short chapter is that Kino visits a young prince amidst a garden of roses. The prince begs Kino to take him with her on her journeys, but Kino refuses. Many years later when the prince has become a benificent king, he remarks, "Now I understand." I was just fascinated by the swirls on the king's throne and his retainer's robe. So much so that I used it to fill in the background, which is otherwise plain brown in the original illustration (I had tried to incorporate the rose garden from the other page in this frontispiece, but the two styles didn't meld at ALL.) Textures because I haven't done a vexture in a really long time, and it keeps the image from being too flat.
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  1. Elves Mar 29, 2006

    0_o Oh, the swirlies...I'm gettin' dizzy...*blink blink* :) lol

    Actually, I really like the swirls. They're so intricate, the king's thrown and advisor's robe are one with them, but yet, not...0_o . I do like the texture, but it might be the combination of the flat colors and the texture which sort of make it, well, flat for me. Deeper richer colors might help to offset the "deadness" I feel. Though maybe that's what you were going for. You did a very good job of creating the wall as a whole, and I like how the colors of the king, servant, and background, all work to make the characters become one with the background, but there is just enough difference to distinguish them from the background. Kudos! Especially on all the swirl designs!

  2. phamthuha Mar 29, 2006

    WOW! Wonderful and so attractive ^_^ I love it so fav+ for ya, sweetie ^_^
    Keep up your great vector work ;)

  3. candy-chan Retired Moderator Mar 29, 2006

    lol I wonder what you'll do when you'll run out of Kino scans XD

  4. ayaki Mar 29, 2006

    This reminds me of the Jap drama, Saiyuuki..
    Love how u continue the swirls in the bg. Now it looks so artistic...or otherwise leaving it plain brown would be a bit boring.
    Tama the official Kino waller >_<

  5. shiningdays Mar 29, 2006

    lovely. :)

  6. euna Retired Moderator Mar 30, 2006

    Quote by candy-chanlol I wonder what you'll do when you'll run out of Kino scans XD

    Now that's a good question. xD
    I suppose you'll start vectoring every single frame in the anime after that >_<

    Anyway, about the wall - I luv your swirls <333
    I think this is really creative how you have used the colours and texture.
    The really interesting bit is the way you formed the chair. It's sort of like a "slab on" effect and I find that it makes the King somewhat a world apart ^^
    Everything flows so well in this wall. I like it. *fav*

  7. LeeAnn Apr 01, 2006

    weee! circles are pretty and swirls are its family!(^_^)
    it has the old style in it and looks nice with the bg.. what if the bg is plain brown..i think it'll suck.
    i have no idea about ki no tabi but i think i'll know some of it from ur subs.

  8. animefairy Apr 02, 2006

    Ooo...yet another cool doujinshi art! >_< The swirly effects looks fascinating and very fun! XD The characters are very weird, but it's very amazing. Keep it up, Tama-neko! ^_^

  9. Matsukaze Apr 19, 2006

    Kino no Tabi images are always beautiful
    Thanks for sharing

  10. OUtErAI Mar 09, 2007

    Love the wallpaper. REally awsome blend of colors and angle is also nice. I also love how it seems simplistic but somewhat complex at the same time.

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