Kino no Tabi Wallpaper: Kino no Tabi: Life Goes On...

Kouhaku Kuroboshi, Kino no Tabi Wallpaper
Kouhaku Kuroboshi Mangaka Kino no Tabi Series

1920x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

I suppose I could be doing two Kino no Tabi Novel Illustration series: the Chapter Illustration series of black-and-white art (although some of them I have colored afterwards) and the Frontispiece series (containing color artwork.) If so, this would be the second, the first being "Angel?" Anyhow, this is one of the color pages from the frontispiece story, "A Tale of a Tank -- LIFE GOES ON" from novel 6. Fans of the anime will remember a short story of a tank related in the Country of Books episode as well. The idea is that this tank has been wandering through the forests, trying to fulfill the last orders of his fallen Commander - to find an enemy tank with three red stripes on its back and a white tapir/pig on its turret. The thing the tank doesn't realize is that IT has the stripes and the tapir - it is hunting itself. A story of irony and futility, which is an apt symbol of war itself.
I like Kuroboshi's frontispiece artwork because so often it's got a wonderfully crisp, flat style that works perfectly for vector artwork. Plus, the framing of the image using the tree trunks in the foreground set a really nice tone. I saw this picture when I was scanning the artbook for the Novel Illustration series, and decided to trace this drawing, too.
Additional resolutions (the traditional ones) available at DA! Desktop Anime, soon to be renamed That Kino no Tabi Wallpaper Site.

...not really, but not that anyone would notice.

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  1. OracleAngel Retired Moderator Feb 23, 2006

    An intresting ironic sotoy for such an odd object of war, hunting an enemy which is itself, in turn an enemy of itself or something like that heheh... another beautiful portrait without the Kino characters in play. beautiful as always Tama! ^__^

  2. tareren Feb 23, 2006

    Hehe, renaming ur site That Kino no Tabi Wallpaper Site might be more suitable, since you made lotsss and looootssss Kino No Tabi walls... I think 90% of the Kino walls in MT are done by you :d
    Cool story, how could he hunt himself? Hahaha...really ironic, but maybe war really is like that.. its like ppl are afraid of their own ghost or ideas and then thinks that others are gg to act on those dangerous ideas..or something like that, the way i see it...
    Like the wallpaper btw, u did a good job as usual, the vector is well done, very crisp (as u said urself) and clean ;D

  3. WWLAOS Feb 23, 2006

    Wow, that is awesome. The tree trunks look terrific, as does the underbrush. That is some awesome use of color. I love it. The tank is stunning...though I'm a bit dissapointed that I can't see it's red stripes or white tapir.

    Gorgeous wallpaper, and without using a single character. Thanks for uploading this for us to enjoy.

  4. euna Retired Moderator Feb 24, 2006

    i always wonder when you'll truly stop walling kino walls xD
    i still haven't finished kino so i don't recognise the story, but anywayz, baq to the wall.

    this is a really interesting wall.
    it's vector and vector and more vector xD
    the trees look very good in fact. i've a wall to do that i'm planning to stick in a couple of vector trees - i might use this wall as my "guide" =D
    btw, the tank's pretty cool. great use of colours and vector shading.
    looks great tama!

  5. markjo Feb 25, 2006

    I like this wallpaper as much as I like the idea behind it. Nice to see people who actually bother to express something in their art, and your Kino wallpapers make me want to watch the series more and more.
    Oh, and thanks a lot for the additional resolutions at DA!

  6. spidermaster89 Mar 04, 2006

    Love the wallpaper. REally awsome blend of colors and angle is also nice. I also love how it seems simplistic but somewhat complex at the same time.

  7. animefairy Mar 07, 2006

    Wow....nicely done original art from tama-neko! The colors look great and the details are juicy!

  8. OUtErAI Mar 09, 2007

    Nice! I love Kino no tabi, its a great anime.

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