Kino no Tabi Wallpaper: It's Shaping . Geometrical Love

Kouhaku Kuroboshi, Kino no Tabi, Kino, Vector Art Wallpaper
Kouhaku Kuroboshi Mangaka Kino no Tabi Series Kino Character Vector Art Source

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

An entry made specially for UA's 9th Fornightly Competition which revolves round "Geometry".

This is my definition for geometry:

A pattern or arrangement that is made up of shapes such as squares, triangles or rectangles.
(from Cambridge Advanced Learner's Dictionary)

[My thoughts on Geometry]

First when I was given the theme, I immediately thought of a logo my friend made few weeks ago. His logo consisted of some fancy border design, the text in the middle and some random shapes in small size coming out from it. You couldn't figure out that it's actually shapes if you don't stare at the logo up close. So I thought, hmm.. maybe I'll refer to his logo for this time's theme. (Note: Owh yah, it was Lebron James' logo XP)

Of all the definition that was given in the dictionary, I'd go for shapes instead of mathematical formulas, coz firstly, I hate numbers. Secondly, I can't relate any work with numbers. And while scrapping the whole idea for my wall, I was thinking of doing something simple, and avoid using a lot of colours to execute my work. So basically I know what I'm aiming for: simple and clean.

[Executing process]

So once I set my idea, I opened my Photoshop and grabbed my pentool, coz I know, if I want my work to look clean and silhouetty, I have to go through vector. I don't really like doing vector if it means to reconstruct every blurry part, but hmm.. just doing the silhouette doesn't seem that hard, so yeap. I vectored a Kino scan from MT. I chose Kino scan coz that is the only anime series that came out while i have the whole idea in my mind. I dunno why, but it just feels like so. Vectored Kino and her skin, setting background to black, vectored 2 flowers which was found in Stock Xchange. And once the vectors were ready I started applying and place each of the vectors like how I wanted them to be and start going wild with the brush tool.

This is the Kino scan:


A scan by Tama-neko.

With geometry, I stick with random shapes. But I dunno how, I grabbed some of the retro circles brush I downloaded from DA and start stamping it here and there until I get the look that I wanted. After I'm done with the brush, I went to the shapes tool and drew some circles, hearts and hexagons just outside the circles and with a few touch-ups, this is what I get.

[My thoughts on this wall]

I was actually surprised by my final piece. Seriously. Coz this time it turned out to be
different than my usual style. (Wait. I don't even have a constant walling style XD) But it
sure seems a lot different than my previous walls. I was kinda happy, and also surprised at myself when I looked at it. So overall, I'm just a shocked on how it turned out to be. Mehehe. I did this with all my concentration and my heart and desire to wall properly, not a cheap, lousy stuff to gain recognition so here you go. Don't leech...

Random Stuffs

Currently listening: Wang Lee Hom vs. Rain feat Lim Jung-hee - Wan Mei De Hu Dong
Walling time: About 6 hours

It's Shaping . Geometrical Love - Best Viewed in Medium Brightness.
30% looks just fine.


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Browse Kino no Tabi Gallery: Recent | Popular.


  1. llilliathari Mar 23, 2006

    uhoh...I think I love this one :)
    Nice combinaison of colors, dark and flashy at the same time and a good use of these shapes.
    A fav' for me :)

  2. Chloe Retired Moderator Mar 23, 2006

    This is really cool. I love the colors and the way they contrast with one another. The green box seems a little jagged, but other than that, excellent job!

  3. Maji Mar 23, 2006

    I like how the colours work together ^_^
    Keep up the cool work!

  4. Idril Mar 23, 2006

    Good wallie, my firend! Background is very minimalistic and all shapes looks great! ^^
    I like it, looks modern art XD

  5. Kiako Mar 23, 2006

    wow it looks great, the composition and the shapes.
    keep it up

  6. boogybro Mar 23, 2006

    Argh, this wallpaper would've been SOOOOOOO MUCH better if you hadn't included the abundance of sphere shapes. Don't get me wrong, it is still an awesome wall, and I WILL be faving it. XD But all those circles just make it look intidy and too random.

  7. candy-chan Retired Moderator Mar 23, 2006

    stop using those circles!

  8. pegassuss Mar 23, 2006

    Awesome wall Ephie-san, it really looks great, love the composition and all those shapes and text, it's crazy and really neat. I like your vector and lines, and the circles and arrows you added. I love the colors you chose, they fit really well. You did a fantastic job, keep it up!

  9. saranron Mar 23, 2006

    Stylish. Lovely colours. I really like those arrows. It's good to see some other shapes other than hundreds of circles. I don't really like the flower thing though, it looks kinda out of place. Well, maybe it's just the fact that I don't like pink flowers. Anyway, good job!

  10. Kelena Mar 23, 2006

    I love these kinds of walls. A friend of mine is a graphic design major, and he's always picking up magazines with works that have the same type of style as this wall. I always see myself looking through them when the art is like this.

    I love the colors you used and the flowers in front. There are so many different shapes going on in this wall, but they all come together nicely. This is definitely a favorite for me. Btw, good luck on your competition!

  11. KorganoS Mar 23, 2006

    The one that strikes my eyes directly would be the color composition. Excellent use of gradients and solid shapes makes for a totally sweet vector wall.

  12. AkashaNosferatu Mar 23, 2006

    Love the concept, but I agree with boogybro. The design could be a little more refined, and less random.

  13. Devildude Mar 23, 2006

    LOL, you and a lot of wallers (me included) is killing the circle's styles but super whoring them.
    could be lesser random, colors are ok, would have been better somewhat if you choose some other color.

  14. fawna-chan Mar 23, 2006

    I love the geometrical shapes and the colors look really good with each other. I do love the randomness and it's simple enough too! :D

  15. kuroimisa Retired Moderator Mar 24, 2006

    This is just COOL.
    I haven't been around too much so I haven't really seen the other 'circle' using wallpapers, but I do like how you used them in here. I'm overall a more busier person so I'm naturally attracted to chaotic things XP Probably the white circles are a bit too much (they stand out more than the red ones) and I love the use of colours- an ipod like wall without a BLACK sillouhette. I love the typography as well. Maybe the hearts are a bit too random, but I might be biased because I'm not really lovey ;)

    I overally just love this- fits the theme really well and I'm digging the colours and font.

  16. flyindreams Mar 24, 2006

    *skims comments* Haha well, I think that the overall result definitely is a really nice vector design wall, and circles are definitely often seen in walls lately but I think you used them nicely. Haha I actually think I'd prefer a slightly more scattered design of circles radiating out... more randomness xD Do agree with misa that the hearts are a bit too random. But I guess that's just me, really nice job with this :D

  17. EvoIIICE9A Mar 24, 2006

    excellent :D this comp is really bringing the skills out of people but it really goes look like an ipod commerical hehehe or maybe a DS or PSP one. Nooo she is a gaming addict. But anyways the colours work so well together and the circle background *big thumbs up* just those random lovehearts umm why the love hearts hehe they just seem out of place.

    The only other thing is the lines on the vector are a bit shaky but Ill overlook that and pretend I didnt see it cause I have the same problem too hehehe But amazing entry. This comp is definatley going to be a tough decision

  18. Akaiken Mar 24, 2006

    One thing... this is not your usual style of making a wallpaper but you did well on the presentation.

    I will agree with the others. This wall is awesome. The theme "Geometry" did a good job on bringing your hidden talent out of your head!

  19. enchantressinthedark Mar 24, 2006

    This wall looks really cool ^_^ I love your concept of geometry, its really unique! ^_^ Well, its different from your usual style, but its good to see difference once in a while eh? XD Keep it up! I'll highlight this at DA ^_^

  20. totodile1 Mar 24, 2006

    nice wallpaper
    very unique never seen one like that before nice work

  21. xstellarx Mar 25, 2006

    totally x= s0phisTcatEd! =x

  22. RahX101 Mar 25, 2006

    as you may have noticed, i have been unable to keep up with the things going on around here, but once i saw this it all started to come back to me. you may not know this, but i am a HUGE abstract art kind of guy, XD and this wall suits my liking very much. :] anyway, enough about me, on to the wall. >_<
    like i said earlier, this wall just looks great, is well executed and is full of abstractness. XD i think the only thing that catches my eye, flaw wise, which brings up other points because i believe it was done on purpose, are the straight vector lines on kino. x.o {flaw is such a hard word, so i'm sorry i said it, but i couldn't find a word that suited the sentence. ._.} they're mainly around her cape, but like i said, i think they were done on purpose. well, if that made any sense, >_< i believe that was all i noticed about this wallpaper that gave me an uneasy feeling, everything else looks great. :)
    keep it up ephe and best of luck with the competition. ^^

  23. agneslee Mar 27, 2006

    Special wall! I like the idea of it. *_*

  24. yoshi-mist Mar 28, 2006

    sweet! XD XD my passion belongs to a small box to *SIGH* I love u DS

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