Takeshi Okazaki Wallpaper: Adrift And At Peace

Takeshi Okazaki Wallpaper
Takeshi Okazaki Mangaka

1280x1024 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

I saw this wall where the waller vectored an artwork that's not usually vectored, so i thought i should try it sometime so i did this time with a takeshi okazaki artwork(such a lovely story >.>)

anyway the pattern on her dress? almost pushed me to self mutilation lol nah it was fun to pseudo-vector trace her in PS (for them sticklers of the technicalities) the only thing i didnt vector-trace was the waves, which is awesome btw

inspiration: japanese block prints

thanks to gid for telling me most block prints have borders, and other useful ideas, and for the title of the wall =P. to boing for telling me not to duplicate to death just one crane *shakes fist* and for other stuff too. amai and flyindreams for looking and giving suggestions

dont mind the lil square stamp kinda sig...i didnt know actually what i was doing but it's katakana of "ta" and "te" =P

thanks to nona for the info about the waves

"It is a woodcut and was by Katsushika Hokusai in 1831, and the name of the woodcut is:"In the Hollow of a Wave off the Coast at Kanagawa"

SCAN: small version of the scan

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  1. Sandra Jan 26, 2006

    Awesome Vector Work *___* I like this birds which are changing colours when they're flying away from this red thing ;)

  2. Erdbeermilch Jan 26, 2006

    Your vector looks really good, great kimono patterns :)
    I think I remember those waves coming from a quite popular block print. I've only been wondering where the branch should be coming from there seems to be no tree ... ^^'
    Still a nice simplistic wall.

  3. fawna-chan Jan 26, 2006

    oh, the vector looks so great! I love the kimono and the background's really cool. And it's also good that it's so simple and elegant! :)

  4. cyd84 Jan 26, 2006

    Exciting...I just got the Okazaki scans and I love the art style

    Great vector of the girl and kimono...clean and colorful with such amazing detail!
    Like the composition as well with the border

    A little strange that the background and scan reds are so different...but a beautiful wall overall

  5. bromithia Retired Moderator Jan 26, 2006

    Great wall Tate. Love the vector and background.

  6. Phill Jan 27, 2006

    wo... love the background XD awsome job ^0^
    but it may need a little texture XD
    anyway , texture or not , this wall still awsome :">

  7. phamthuha Jan 27, 2006

    Very very BEAUTIFUL! I love it, you know? Your skill is really amazing ^_^ Love it love it alot so of course a fav >_<! keep it up, sweetie!

  8. lthnadml Jan 27, 2006

    Very nice wall . . .the girl is so pretty and her kimono are awesome . . . you have done great work on the background . . . excellent work.
    Thank you for sharing it. XD XD XD

  9. nolove Jan 27, 2006

    wow, so wonderful, awesome work >>.<<, the girl is so so wonderful, and awesome BG >___<, very beautiful wallie, fav for sure

  10. OracleAngel Retired Moderator Jan 27, 2006

    Chens works is one of the hardest to vector but it seems youve managed to simplify his wrok beautifully, I never knew one crane means death but anyway love th eblock japanese prints and moveing patternlike images of coolness. Traditional in a sense which i like! :P

  11. ShiXon Jan 27, 2006

    this is absolutely beautiful no doubt about it ^__^ i just love wallpapers that has a traditional japanese theme c; such masterpiece! ^________^

  12. akazookin Jan 27, 2006

    wow! XD awesome work tate-san! XD the vector looks great ne! :)
    i love everything in this pic XD XD especially the backgrd! i'm fond of traditonal works..and i can say u did superb :) *thumbs up*

    lovely cranes hehe.. it kinda gave the picture movement :)
    thanks for sharing ne! XD *adds to fav*

    GANBATE! Q(^^Q)

  13. Revan Retired Moderator Jan 27, 2006

    Nice & clean vector you have made... love the simplicity of your work because is very elegant and stylish that makes your wall very appealing ;)

    Also the pattern for the kimono is great, the subtle texturing is awesome and the color scheme is refreshing.

    A really nice composition you have made *proposes for highlight*

  14. mika-chaaan Jan 27, 2006

    nice pic amazingly beautiful
    P.S. I like the first picture on ur page it is so cute

  15. flyindreams Jan 27, 2006

    Lol... taters you're so clearly a sadist/masochist! Those kimono patterns are just insane XD Really nice job... :3 On creating a bit of a different look and style :D

    ...*returns to some evil vectoring of my own* T_T

  16. KorganoS Jan 27, 2006

    Superb vector indeed. :D
    And the details are just amazing, considering it was vectored from a small picture. A job well done, may I say so.

  17. kiukirilya Jan 27, 2006

    Awesome! Your vector is amazing and The kimono is great!
    I really like the style! *add to fav'*

  18. Frosty Jan 28, 2006

    another very nice wall tate-san
    I wish I can make a vector as good as you do.. lol
    great job. ^^
    Gives u a Grade AA+ for the Great effort. ^^

  19. Yina Jan 28, 2006

    original and perfect..
    what else can i say about this wonderful work.. *__*
    *sets as desktop*
    wow.. really excellent work, +fav =3

  20. ipio Mute Member Jan 28, 2006


  21. animefairy Jan 30, 2006

    Wow, amazing and realastic wall! The colors and very creative and reminds me of ancient China! >_<

  22. euna Retired Moderator Feb 02, 2006

    whoa. go tate for making another fabulous wall!
    the style and concept is original and perfect.
    it looks fabulous and you did a really good job on the vector.
    everything flows together so well.
    looks great. nice work tate!

  23. UchihaTaijiya Feb 10, 2006

    This is so beautiful.
    I love the background.
    Awesome work ::favs::

  24. may Feb 18, 2006

    I love this.. so simple.. so traditional.. so pretty ^_^ .. keep up the good work~

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