Takeshi Okazaki Wallpaper: Welcome to New Paradise : Lost

Takeshi Okazaki, Void (Artbook) Wallpaper
Takeshi Okazaki Mangaka Void (Artbook) Artbook

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Everclear this day eh Mr. Jones?
Where our starstruck notions are high
These blood stains fetter me to the earth
let them know this day has ended!
The orchestra plays the final tune,
the last man to do a solo;
Fools, be spared unto me...!
them three eyed rabbits have died down
upon my last breath the new paradise of journies

*Listening to Let it Be ~ The Beatles
Colorblind ~ Counting Crows
Into the Wind ~ TWO Mix *

Another one of those personal walls from me since lately these couple of months have been a struggling, lonely wasteland of journies i had in a while, Due to the fact that ive become more far apart with my circle of friends and need of much more excitement and some sort of edge in life. I never wanted this to happen but the theme of this is clearly explained... since being Filipino in blood born in an Arab country then immirgrated to Canada, its as if i have NO homeland i can call my own since i am torn between cultures and traditions. I have said that instead of calling one place home I either need to find my one place where i truly feel at place with myself or clarify that the whole world is my home and i feel everpresent in where i am right now! But anyway this is an image i got from MT from the creator Takeshi Okazaki and wanted to personify the image depicting of me as a wanderer of the earth and a singing type person; the companion there represents my different personas i can relate to (I talk to myself when lonely so what!) >_< and the 3 eyed rabbits were drawn as a dreamstate obstacled evils i burden myself with. I wanted to solely make a simplistic bg to neutralize most walls i make with such detail and obscurity except the noise and pin texture... Added a desert like dunes in the horizon and an Arabian fallen fort to also represent the culture i was originally from.

I messed mostly on color combinations which were somewhat of a pain, i spent 2 hours just deciding if i wanted a night scene or a sunset scene but in the end the sunset scene was more appropriate with my dying breath to the world i long to travel soon in the future. But nonetheless at least i got that damn lil crap burden off and into this wall.... and i feel kinda good about this wall. ^_^

Anyway more resolutions coming soon in Imanimetions.net !
And the update is UP, so go there fools!
Hope you like it! o_o


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  1. Milkiyo Dec 14, 2005

    LOL..I'm a fool alright XD
    the wallie gives off a sense of loneliness and it seems very tragic.>.>
    nice texture though but what's the thingy on the top left?
    *adds to fav*

  2. fukushuusha Dec 14, 2005

    I absolutely like it; very much.
    The theme is indeed original as always. Damn man...you are really in a weird mood again T_T
    Someone gotta cheer you up. Also it may be not my place to say this but I ll say what I think anyways -_-
    you don't need to feel like that seriously. You have a homeland and you feel it inside that's all. Noone can tell you your nationality or what traditional values you should believe according to your bithplace or whatsoever. You just feel it inside...if you are saying I am a Filipino then you are one. If you say Canadian then it's also o.k. Don't be frustrated about this matter seriously man...anyways I am shutting my mouth about this XD
    As for the wall. I admit; even if I become upset about your mood I really enjoy your way of making walls and expressing your emos into them. This one is no different. Gorgeous atmosphere and composition. Maybe the texture is a bit unnecessary or rough for my eyes but that's kinda minor...you are still my king and you ll always be XD

  3. Meredy Dec 14, 2005

    Those rabbits are scary. ;)
    Very nice colors. I love all your walls.
    This one is very good and I'll add it to my favs. :)

  4. Midori-chan Dec 14, 2005

    whoa! this wallie is so nice!
    i just love the sunset scene^^ i think sunset scene is better than a night scene for the scan. XD
    i like the clouds a lot^^
    and the dog is so cute~ =3
    great job OA-san! ;)
    +favs~ :pacman:

  5. phamthuha Dec 14, 2005

    As always, you are so stylish with your work ^_^ Just the sky... a bit empty in thumb ^_^
    *fav* from me >_< Keep it up, sweetie!

  6. flyindreams Dec 14, 2005

    Sigh... you me both... I've moved around quite a bit too so I feel your pain T_T I'm going to try to catch you on MSN next time I see you on XD Provided that I'm not killed by my thesis... T_T

    Anyways... I love how this wall is so personal/expressive. The rabbits are a seriously awesome + disturbing touch, and the colors are great. Everything comes together really nicely, I think :D I do agree with fuku about the texture... I'm tempted to put in a personal request for a smooth, shiny, non-textured version of this wall XD

    ...lovely work OA. Keep your chin up :)

  7. Lenne Dec 14, 2005

    Excellent wall,i trully love this one! :D

  8. candy-chan Retired Moderator Dec 14, 2005


    I shall not comment >___<

  9. KittyCyn Dec 14, 2005

    Hi my dear friend! How's everything going?
    Well a new wallie from U! YAY! XD
    Aww how cute the scan is! I luv the dog! :)
    Wallie very rich in textures...a gr8 appliance of lights and shadows and a very creative BG! ;) I like it very much!
    *Adding to Favs* hugs and Keep it up!

  10. pamkips Dec 14, 2005

    Oh my, no matter what mood your in you make brillinat wallies, gotta love that ^_^ Oh, this has to be one of your best walls, the sceme behind the wall is brillinat, the texture it has and such, and the way you just made it look rocks, it's just such a great mood wall

  11. Zoamel Dec 14, 2005

    I like the scan and the structure you used but the evil rabbits are not fitting to the scene. ^_^'

  12. bromithia Retired Moderator Dec 14, 2005


    Candy's WIP

    I shall not comment.

  13. siamesekitty Dec 15, 2005

    Oracle, your so deep. i love how you always have a story behind your walls. it almost brings a tear to my eye knowing that one of my fav. artists is so sad. i do hope that you find what you are looking for. anyways, the wall is simply beautiful. i love the dogand aren't the rabbits in a few of your other works? simply put, it's wonderful ^_^

    merged: 12-15-2005 ~ 12:32pm
    Oracle, your so deep. i love how you always have a story behind your walls. it almost brings a tear to my eye knowing that one of my fav. artists is so sad. i do hope that you find what you are looking for. anyways, the wall is simply beautiful. i love the dog and aren't the rabbits in a few of your other works? very grungy and the backgroud is simply put wonderful ^_^

  14. ayaki Dec 15, 2005

    3 eyed rabbits....they all look scary...as if peeping over and waiting to attack that guy at any moment.
    but i dunno...i'd like the sky to be a little darker...:)

    OA=wanderer of the earth... >_< u're in sad mood again.
    don't take things tooo seriously....It's almost christmas...and holiday time...so cheer up ^_^

  15. Yina Dec 15, 2005

    haha the rabbits are really cute? xDD;;
    nyaa.. another excellent work as always.. =3
    the colours are pretty and the composition is great.. *__*
    i really can't say where the scan ends here on the wallie.. >__<

    mhmm.. I'm chinese and was born in china, but I'm living in germany now.. my friends are all german, on the one hand i still feel chinese.. but on the other hand I feel german.. my parents are completely chinese.. kinda difficult, i know.. but well that's life, c'est la vie.. ^^ and as ayaki said, it's almost christmas, so cheer up.. >___< and everyday is a new day and full of hope! XD

  16. studio Dec 15, 2005

    Oooh; shigh I thought for it was an another Ai Yazawa wp. ._____.; But hardly unhappy. Sky and the sky are lovely, gorgeous. Love the thin clouds.
    Great pick for the art! @____@;; are those rabbits? 8o

  17. Akaiken Dec 16, 2005

    The atmosphere of the whole wall... I like it. The texture's indeed good and I kinda feel the same way...

  18. Tiferet Dec 16, 2005

    what can i say that hasn't been said already? not much, so i'll just *fav* this one :pacman:

  19. lthnadml Dec 18, 2005

    Very nice wall . . . i just love the sky . . . the rabbits is a little bit scary . . . but hey its the lost paradise . . . XD XD XD

  20. sukie Dec 18, 2005

    abit pain on the sky part...but other than that everything looks super!

  21. animefairy Dec 20, 2005

    Wow....you did a very nice job, OracleAngel! The colors have a lonely feeling to it! Your walls amaze me! You are in my list of awesome wall designers! Keep up this awesome work and effort!

  22. yamijaz Dec 20, 2005

    awesome wall, love the bg.. must fave!

  23. SharinganKnight Dec 21, 2005

    ahh, I attempted making a wallpaper with this scan many times..may times indeed, in the end nothing good came of it. But thats not neccessarly true about your wall, its a good concept, although the bunnies seem a little cheap..and I don't really know what they have to do with the scan, especially since the orignal pet is a white dog, the contrast with the black bunnies is a little too much, other than that, I would say taht the sign might need some looking into, its not convincing enough = ] its a great wall, I don't particually like the texture you used, but I like the addition of a scenery to the scan, and the scenery you chose. good job. ^_^

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