Saiyuki Wallpaper: Stylishly Unstylish

Kazuya Minekura, Studio Pierrot, Saiyuki, Son Goku (Saiyuki), Genjyo Sanzo Wallpaper
Kazuya Minekura Mangaka Studio Pierrot Studio Saiyuki Series,OVA Son Goku (Saiyuki) Character Genjyo Sanzo Character

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Check out the new Aspiring mafia page ... it's based off this wall. So essentially, this is a wall to represent the Aspiring Mafia :nya: .

Although I typically do not create walls in the retro/minimalistic style I decided to try it out in one of my anime walls. I also went splat crazy to mae the wall have a little more creative edge. I've created non-anime art using this style, but this is the first time I havr featured an anime wall with it.

The wallpaper was designed to complement the Aspiring Mafia I have over at Minitokyo.net and served mainly as the layout basis for the mafia's makeover. The stark contracts of color and the simple color theme of red, black, and white worked well to bring out the characters, yet make them blend seemlessly with the background.

The main shape of this simplistic tech wall is circles. Throughout the wall you will see a circle spiral behing the Saiyuki characters. If you look closely you also will see that the background isn't merely a plain white one. There is a gradual fade of grey and retro circles to compliment the larger circles. Lots of splats were made to give the appearance that the circles themselves were just stamped on and are dripping ... kinda like the blood from someone who has been shot ... or something XD . Hey, they have guns and that's where the idea sprang from XD .

Last, I had to fix up the scan a bit, but some areas were near unfixable. The original scan was far less vibrant and very grainy. If I could find another scan of this image of high quality I would almost certainly use it. The most notable area I couldn't fix without making it look worse, in fact the only area, is around Sanzo's hair ... you'll notice a slight blur. Damn thing is evil. Hell, I might even vector the thing later XD . So if any of you know where to find a big lovely scan of this image tell me because it would make my day .

Overall, this wall is just meant to be a something of an organized chaos .

Wall Specs:
Time Taken: 6 Hours
Techniques Used: Vector, Brushwork, Splatting, Scan Enhance/Fix, More Splatting
Layers: 29 Layers
PSD Filesize: 25.3 MB
Scan Source: Minitokyo
Aspiring Mafia Plug:
Member: Ikorus
Wall: W.A.R.: In Too Deep
Reason: The movement, yet quiet stillness of this wall is stirkingly captivating.

Because we all know it's possible to be as stylishly unstylish as you are XD .

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Browse Saiyuki Gallery: Recent | Popular.


  1. beethoven Sep 16, 2005

    you need more red and more guns

    red cuase thats like the only color i see

    guns because guns are used to shoot people and they make blood wich is red

  2. gadgetgirl16 Sep 17, 2005

    wow! i love it! blood! but only if there was blood on them, but i like how you made the background and the effects with it ^^ the simplness is nice, you made a wonderful job ^^ +fav

  3. Sunira Sep 17, 2005

    Bullseyes. :P Its kind of scary that they're all located behind these guys. Plus, who doesnt like guns pointed at you from your desktop? :p Nice work.

  4. Yina Sep 18, 2005

    omg.. I love the abstract bg you made.. o.o it's so new.. and original.. XD and it fits perfectly to the scan and atmosphere.. =3 overall great job!! XD

  5. staokmuoryao Sep 19, 2005

    This is great + cool, I love it_Red and Gun_one of my favs XD

  6. anji Sep 20, 2005

    It's a really cool scan and it would be nice in vector, if you think to vector it one day.
    It would match even well with your background I think.
    Like I said in the Mafia GB I love the new layout XD
    So I really like the splash and circles background you created and the bright colors you chose.
    There's some little details in your background that I almost missed but it's nice they are there.
    Seriously the only thing that botter me is the fact that the scan is not as clean as the back.
    Beside that you did a really nice job with this :)

  7. Sanzo-kun Sep 20, 2005

    Oh... I like this wallpaper very much!! THey look really good here. I really like Saiyuki.
    The background is really good. I just think that the scan is a little bright.
    Nice job!! I really like this!! It goes to my favorites. Keep up the good work!

  8. gokuismylife Sep 23, 2005

    Very nice I like the background. All the colors match, haha. Creative title too.. All around fun piece I like it very much.

  9. Skillzpay Sep 23, 2005

    Cool concept here, it's kinda like a new take on the pop style, except less eccentric. The combo of bloody circles and regular ones works out pretty well and the color scheme looks great. Nice work on this wall :D

  10. heavens-Dragon Sep 25, 2005

    Oh Saiyuki and you created a really nice bakground for it! The circles are nice and they add a simple yet complex looking background. I think the circles are too sharp compared the the scan but then again the scan was grainy to begin with. I hope you can find a higher quailty scan or prehaps vector it. Overall, it's a really awesome wallpaper and the concept is great! Awesome work! Keep it up!

  11. ysh851118 Mar 05, 2006

    Great ^__~ I Like the effects , the effect on the hands should be more fluffy in my opinion but it doesn't matter :P Fav + Oww and you have word Echoes in the title too :P

  12. SasuNaruLove Nov 06, 2009

    *-* mi no sabe ingles xD demo ne, esta muy bello *-*

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