Magic Wallpaper: the girl underwater

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this one took about 4 evenings and one morning to make. i used about 20/30 layers.
i love to be underwater so i thought why not making a wall underwater(sounds like i made it underwater*blub*:Pi don't think my pc will survive underwater ^_^'')any way i really hope you all like it^_^.

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  1. blkdrgn Sep 03, 2005

    wowie, thats awesome, an underwater angel yeh, and plus i wont even last that long to do this O_O 30 layers yikes my computer will die if it hit 15 layers T_T, i wish to fav, but i have reached my limit of 10 and i have to wait 7 days to reset

  2. Ilumina Sep 03, 2005

    is very pretty and beautifull wallpaper >///<
    the girl is so cute
    and the background is very good in my opinion
    jeje i will add it in my favourites :3
    see ya, bye!! ^o^

  3. Limefreak Sep 03, 2005

    wow that's very cool gee you must've had a ton of layers on that! ;) looks awesome though!!!!!! Very good keep up the good work! ;)

  4. aishiteraburu Sep 03, 2005

    thats really cool mizu
    the girl looks great underwater
    going to my fave

  5. Emma Sep 03, 2005

    Oh wow! This wall does show the effort you put in. I love the blue and it is very serene--your background. I really like how you did the top of the water! And I like how you blended in the various elements of the background together forming such a harmony under the sea =)
    Very mystical too. I would probably suggest an outer glow on her in this situation. It will add to the effect more and help distinguish her from all of the water. But that is just my opinion. She still looks adorable. I might also suggest to produce the illusion of that those pillars that are sticking above the water, you might want them to cast a faint shadow on the top of the water. It might or might not work, but it will add more to the effect. Overall, this wall is an underwater enchantement. Very beautiful!! Wonderful work ^_^

    Ack--I can't fav it!! I hit my limit T_T I will save it to fav it =)

  6. nikorai Sep 03, 2005

    cute. ill try to add to my favs
    go kurou sama

  7. cherry-tree Sep 03, 2005

    great job!i love the underwater effect.
    nyuu i want to make walls like that too:'(
    i will add it to my favorites.

  8. Koenken Sep 04, 2005

    Your wallpaper looks great. Your effort really shows.
    The background blends together very well to show under the sea.
    I think the girl looks at peace under water.
    The pillars are interesting, but I think they add to a mysical water feel.
    Keep up the good work.

  9. 89757 Banned Member Sep 04, 2005

    Hei !!! This is so wonderful and colourful picture,especially your background.Keep it up and do your best !!!

  10. ayane-heine Sep 05, 2005

    oh.. underwater wallie there.. o_0
    the wallie is pretty cool.. but i think that there are too much grass below.. ^_^'
    but i really like the water effects.. sugoiii~~~ :D

  11. smileagain Sep 05, 2005

    sry 4 the late rply, it really good :D
    its great 4 u to show everyone your masterpiece
    hope you do many more like that!

  12. Fatdude168 Sep 06, 2005

    it is indeed a really good wallpaper, and i like the color really much since blue is my fav color lol ^^ oh just a question, wut are the layers that all of you been talkin about ?? also is this character u made originally or from somewhere /

  13. Naquira Sep 08, 2005

    ahh this wallie looks cool :) Sorry for the late comment tough, I had so many notifications I had to get trough that the new walls were kind of... forgotten hihi :P I love the pillars you used, one thing tough...

    Two pillars seem to reach above the surface, so why not the third one in the back too? and the girl seems to be just as big as the pillars, but she is completely under water.. Next time watch out with proportions of the surroundings :P Overall, nice one *claps*

  14. roshinku Sep 08, 2005

    Hey nice one again, tho i agree with the comment above me about the pilars. Nevertheless it still is a good wall, keep on improving ^_~. Personally i don't like the underwater lol, i'm a bit affraid of drawning >.< *hides*... Anyways hope to see another wallie from you again soon ^^.

    Oh! and i'd like to see you try to make a blend wallpaper. If you don't know what i mean, ask me anytime =p, maybe you like it, maybe not. I dunno, but i'd thought it wouldn't hurt to ask you to try it sometime ^^;. W00t well b-bye now, and take care =p.

  15. northpole777 Sep 18, 2005

    It kind of reminds me of Aura from the .hack series if i look from afar...

  16. terry645 Nov 12, 2005

    WoW, the pretty girl stole my heart!
    the effect of the picture is great!

  17. aqua-marina Dec 10, 2005

    veri beautiful

  18. sweetsleep Banned Member Jul 16, 2006

    very nice,i like water , a girl is very pretty add fav

  19. hydetenshi Sep 20, 2006

    this is soo interesting! I was immediately drawn to it when I noticed the fish swimming around.. then I realized the whole scene is underwater (hehe guess I would have known if i had read your description first ^^') Anyway, very unique idea and really nice result... I love the color effects. ^^ Excellent work! :)

  20. PinkGhostWolf May 21, 2007

    Great job ! I love this wallpaper nice editz and thanks for
    sharing your talented art. =)

  21. rala May 26, 2007

    WOW! thats really amazing! you have done a fantastic job here.... wonderful work,, keep it up^^

  22. Yumeri Mute Member Jun 25, 2010

    WOW...this wallpaper is beautiful! :D

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