War of Genesis III Wallpaper: The Razor (warning-gore)

Hyung-Tae Kim, War of Genesis III, Beramode Wallpaper
Hyung-Tae Kim Mangaka War of Genesis III Game Beramode Character

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

ever feel like..taking a razor..and cutting right through those veins that stnd between you and what seem to be the only way to happiness? well..guess what, unless you like what you see in this wall, stick to keeping those veins. I had a bit...of an....issues, if you may, with an emo kid today which brought to my attention what a worthless life these people lead..so i thought I'd express how I feel about their beliefs in a wall. And well..it speaks for it self neh?


Well, all the cliques have their little trademark objects/things, rappers have their guns, metal heads have their long hair, goths have their make up, emos have their razors.

don't say we're healing when it's just not what we do
so many suitors, i don't even have a suit to wear
so many influential fingers running through your hair
i am the razor and in the hands of your heart
and i am the razor in the hands of God

Time: 2 hours
Effort: 5/10
Software: Adobe Photoshop CS
Layers: 22
-smudge tool
-brun tool
-dodge tool
Filters: none

I took this chance to practice on my smudge tool skills, and it was what I mainly used...all the blood is the work of the smudge tool


The Shins - Oh, Inverted World (album)

Aspiring Mafia Plug:
Member: SakuraCorazonn
Wall: ~ Lost in the Dark ~
Reason:A smudgy, and blurry scenery wall, on a rainy day with kakashy in it...what could go wrong?

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  1. hytokiri Aug 29, 2005

    Woow, good job SharinganKnight, the bg with the blood marks and the fingers marks on it are really something. The character that u choose is really good too, but there's only one thing i don't really like is the blood on her, for me it makes it look like spots. Overall the job u done, its a really good work. Take care man.

  2. kas-chan Aug 29, 2005

    wow~ bloody~
    i love the blood~ *i sound so violence* ^^;;
    i think if below the body have more blood then will be more nice... *i m blood lover* O.O

  3. toxictea23 Aug 29, 2005

    bloody $##%$^%#!$@##$%$#^$%&$#!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    omg..how bloody and torturous is this. I will fave you for your unique and expressing ways in this wallpaper. I can see the pain you felt..how tempted you feel like bringing death closer to you...that you feel death is the only way to be happy and leave this insane and stupid world..excellent^.^

  4. semanga Aug 29, 2005

    that is a very good wall from u maybe not your best but nevertheless very good
    the blood parts on the bg looks very good and the floor boy u are amazing
    i could do never this ... i wish i could give u a fav but i can not T_T i have not fav anymore for this week gomen honey

  5. rixu Aug 29, 2005

    Really good idea, and wallpapers are quite good tools to unburden your feelings.
    -But... about the blood. As i said the idea is good, but implementation isn't as good as it could have been. I understand that when you made this wall you maybe just wanted to unburden your feelings and get over with it.
    It seems like it 'couse the blood stains on the wall and on her clothes don't look right, First of all it's too blurry, real blood isn't blurry. I know it's hard to do get it look like liquid. ..well, i can't get anything to look like liquid. ^-^'
    The handprint is nice. points to that.
    Maybe a less blood on her clothes, and it would be more effective...
    I really like that spot where one of the plates is loose and thre is blood coming out of the edges.

  6. tian82 Aug 29, 2005

    This wallpaper is so cool !!!! And awesome !!! I love the blood spot around !! Nice work and thank for sharing !!!

  7. OracleAngel Retired Moderator Aug 29, 2005

    Yeah the cliche EMO is one of those people i had a problem since i almost became one of them but my philosophy is more darker than killing themselves or feeling pain... btu hey even though the image has been done a lot of time the whole bg and blooood effect is great.. Nice work mate! ^_^

  8. Rhonda21 Aug 29, 2005

    ooo I really like this wallpaper. I really like all the blood. It makes it so darkish.
    What a great idea. wonderful job!

  9. Firedemon Aug 29, 2005

    realy nice wallpaper. i realy like all the blood. nice job. +favs

  10. BaKaShInIgAmI Aug 29, 2005

    cool wall! i love the bloody effects. good job with the smudge tool.

  11. lthnadml Aug 29, 2005

    Cool ! ! ! and bloody . . . XD Great work. i really like how this came out.
    Thanks a lot for sharing it. XD XD XD

  12. AngelXXX Aug 29, 2005

    I like how you did the blood... looks very.... COOL :) I hope i can add it to my fav list but i can't... could you remind me in 5 more day's... sorry :( ....

  13. walkure245 Aug 29, 2005

    It's simple in its looks but I really like the blood everywhere and the desolate feel. The perspective is well done and the floor is really good. I like all the blood but some of it doesn't look natural. The one that was left behind by his fingers makes sense. Tbh, I can't create blood either so I shouldn't complain. Other than that, this was done really nicely. ^_^

  14. LilLaoRyo704 Aug 30, 2005

    Quote by lthnadmlCool ! ! ! and bloody . . . XD Great work. i really like how this came out.
    Thanks a lot for sharing it. XD XD XD

    nice touch on the wall, love the blood.... alotXD, great image too, +fav, ja-ne

  15. k3r7j10 Aug 30, 2005

    oh wow...man, you took the one pic of beramode that i liked and turned it into...well...that...but darn it if i don't actually like it. a little intense...but very well done.

    trust me hon, we all have issues...just keep your head up. and at the end of the day just say screw them all...


  16. TrinityLi Aug 30, 2005

    Sweet looking wall. I really like the perspective of the wall. The blood adds a great touch and it's perfect for the scan. Great job!

  17. cloh Sep 01, 2005

    It's really great!!!
    I really like the way you gave a new vision of the scan!!
    The blood is really well done!
    Great job as always^^

  18. gadgetgirl16 Sep 01, 2005

    wow! awsome wallpaper! i love the blood and the gore from all the torn.... ummm, you know what i mean. lol, i like the idea of the floor, it matches her verry much, we all feel that way on screwing it all.... but i think this wally has a good reminder on what happens after "The Razer"... i guess she was like is all, good job (wanting to add favs badly >.<)

  19. SamuraiHaruko Sep 02, 2005

    gosh I love anything with blood in it lol XD
    this is ofcourse another

  20. alexiel01 Sep 03, 2005

    gory.... I love gore.... OX

  21. belmikry Retired Moderator Sep 04, 2005

    great work! i love the epressive lines and the colour selection- really actiony/bold statement. I'll fav this once I can :p

  22. shadowVII Jul 26, 2006

    sad, bloody and depressing...i luv it

  23. Kazumi Aug 03, 2006

    I think it is awesome! I love how empty and cold it feels, very expressive of what you seemed to be trying to accomplish. Nice job with the bluring!

  24. katariada Nov 15, 2006

    sorry, i can't say my opinion in proper way, 'coz i'm soooo much in love with your works! *_*

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