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Yoshitoshi Abe, Serial Experiments Lain, Lain Iwakura Wallpaper

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this is basicly a re-cging wall. Saw this scan yesterday in our gallery and here u go...
It gave me some hard time removing those kanji and rebuilt the floor...my mouse's left click is not working properly thx to this one. x_X
anyways...built up this again...change and added a few things on the floor. I had a different idea at the beginning; however I think I was dreaming that time.
It was almost impossible to do what I wished for...so it turned out like this. A little empty on the left side but I like it somehow. And with no text this time...anyways...took me 2 days to finish.
well...hope u like it...ahhh!! and FULLWIEV for the details; thumb shows crap like always

used scans:


Aspiring Mafia Plug:
Member: jaderabbit
Wall: Remeberance Holy Abundant
Reason: interesting concept and effects in this one...needs a closer look


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  1. GonTidus Aug 15, 2005

    nice wallpaper of lain congratulation =) Its good, I like the shadows in the pic... see ya :)

  2. Cadi Aug 15, 2005

    wahh.. such a great walli! love the expression of the character... looking like she jus woke up from a dream and find someone standing and watching her>.< and the shadow effects are truly great! hehe.,.. and love you messiness you've created and especially the part with the soxXD awsome job!

  3. tareren Aug 15, 2005

    Nice one ^^ certainly a different concept for a Lain's wall, yet still has the dark deep feeling...
    Love the Lain scans that you used.. Anyway, the floor turned up great ^^ I guess it worths your mouse's left click afterall (or not.. lol) and the shadow was.. somebody is standing over there ??? And nice texture all over :D Uh, I love this wall, I think this is best Lain wall I have ever seen :)

  4. Rhonda21 Aug 15, 2005

    I've never seen a lain wallpaper like this. It is very good. I really really like it.

  5. SakuraCorazonn Banned Member Aug 15, 2005

    Hi Friend!!!

    Nice job you have here... very nice and interesting... the hole idea is cool, she in her room. nice touch, especial the pic in the floor.

    you have a excelent tecnical. and ideas... you ar very creative.


  6. ayaki Aug 15, 2005

    Usually Lain wallpaper gives off a mysterious/sad/dark mood...
    this one is an exception.
    Great job @ getting rid of the text ... seems like a lot of work >_<
    i know the shadow is originally from the scan...but dunno why...it looks kinda weird...
    but nonetheless, another great wall from you ^^

  7. Sandra Aug 15, 2005

    You're still amazin me Fukee .
    Awesome work as always buddy ! Awesome bg awesome lain scan awesome atmosphere !
    A W E S O M E !!
    :d Fav +

  8. sukie Aug 15, 2005

    Serial Experiments Lain?? i love that series!!! this wall looks great, i love the whole feeling to it...mmm..great job!!!!

  9. semanga Aug 15, 2005

    bu cocuk hic uyumuyor galba XD
    ama yatakta bir kizin wallini yapiyor ne demek isiyorsun ???
    *uykum geldi* olabilirmi ??? XP
    gel azicik uyutum seni ama oenceden sana ne muekemel is yapini soeyleim ondan sonra

    this is absolutly the best wall what i have ever see Serial Experiments Lain and this is my serious not a joke u make a awesome work again honey like everytime befor what can i say what u dont know ??? nothing only that i love it and put it on my second pc keep it up honey i want more from your work and from u *blush* OX XP XD

  10. bbls Aug 16, 2005

    this is a wonderful concept in a bedroom scenery with photos strewn on the floor! and i like the added detail with the socks laying next to the bed. you did a perfect job in cging out the text, and as always, i luv the texture of your wall. the shadow running across the room is also a nice touch! :D

  11. OracleAngel Retired Moderator Aug 16, 2005

    I was wondering when someone would wall this pic because believe me ive tried but it never worked out but fr you its just astonishing as most of your walls.... Love the re cging and the aura coming out of this text, could have a lil fading title text someplace but all together this is top notch, cos its one of my favorite animes... :P
    Nice work man!

  12. Yina Aug 16, 2005

    oh my.. you removed the whole font.. that's really tough.. T_T me like the whole atmosphere and the idea with those photos on the floor.. XD overall excellent work, +fav ^^

  13. FutureGirlie Aug 16, 2005

    LOL @ the socks xD Great job!!! I love the whole idea and concept, you did such a great job... I just love it :) Great job ^_^ *faves*

  14. Saikusa Retired Moderator Aug 16, 2005

    Yay! It's another Fukushuusha wall! XD

    And... it's a lot darker than the rest. A *lot* darker, with it being almost lost in the black shadows... but still your beautiful colours are radiant as ever (I love your use of upliftingly bright colours!!!) :D

  15. lapuk Aug 16, 2005

    this one is absolutely gorgeous, the layout is well-thought of..good job fuku, i really love it man..

  16. Midori-chan Aug 16, 2005

    whoa!!! great job as always fukushuusha-san XD XD
    the scan is great!! and the perspective is nice too!!
    gotta add this to my favs too^^
    another awesome work well done!!! XD XD XD
    *two thumbs up*

  17. gadgetgirl16 Aug 16, 2005

    wow! that looks verry good! i love how you made the floor ^^ and the stuff that is on it and the scans are nice too, it looks like she needs time to herself and it feels good to have that time ^^ +fav great job ^_~

  18. Mazhule Aug 16, 2005

    It looks surprisingly foreboding, like someone has come to take the person away or something. It's a wonderful wallpaper it fits with the style that the artist of the image. Nice ^_^

  19. Skillzpay Aug 17, 2005

    Another great wall bud!
    Superb job on the re-cging and in adding some nice touches to this as well. The photos that were added I think should look a bit blurrier cause they still look kinda sharp and they need some texture over them too, in order to mesh with the remainder of the wall. Aside from that minor area this is mint stuff :D

  20. maldita42 Aug 17, 2005

    hey hey hey!! hiiii my friend!! hey! i love all your pics!! are wonderfull ... xD!!! i sleep whit little bear!! i love my bear!!! any way!! good job!

    c-u! and... hey! visit my gallery too! XD!

  21. macky Aug 17, 2005

    very nice... its a bit dark.. but that doesnt really matter...
    Good job

  22. pegassuss Aug 17, 2005

    Great wallie!! ^^ I absolutley love the prespective. The scan is great and I love the composition ^^ and you did a fabolous job with the floor and removing the kanjis, great re-cging really . Oh, and the texture is great too! Great job!

  23. kk-chan Aug 18, 2005

    ahhh..... another nice wallpaper from you. ^-^ My, my, I always like your style and colors. But this wall, I don't know, it gives me feeling of lonely and fear. Maybe because of the facial emotion of the kid and the shadow? I'm not sure... but it does remind me of an ads in Discovery channel ... you know, (no offense) the child's right - protection from child abuse stuffs. Anyway, this is a great wallpaper as always. ^-^

  24. Liz Aug 22, 2005

    Cool wallie i like the background and the character is so cute. Excellent work!

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