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Yoshitoshi Abe, Serial Experiments Lain, Lain Iwakura Wallpaper

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long no see,eh..!! well..hope u enjoy this SE: Lain wall from me..
it might not good enough for y'all.. but i've tried my best ..
the frantic theme..though Lain her self doesn't looks like
frantic at all..sayz who..?? though she's smilin'..doesn't mean
that she's not frantic at all..i even smilin' when i felt
frantic or sorta..but it happenz only in my room..!!
i pick bed-room as the bg..coz i really like makin' shadin'
with cloth..u know what i'm sayin'dontcha!
bike-chan [torn-out] is in the corner side..
, the embossed like face in the wooden wall taken from the
'NotFound'art by abe also..which end-up edited again with me..
i hope i did't made lookz ugly [Lain] ..coz i alwayz wanna
make sure that the chara. which i chose should be fit/merge
well with my bg ..!!
Anywayz..bcareful with those who smilin'around w/o reason..
somehow..they're 'crazier'than those who keep/lookz usual..
to me i called 'em psycho..
After my long time enough hibernation..hope u enjoy this 1..done.

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Browse Serial Experiments Lain Gallery: Recent | Popular.


  1. Kiako Jul 26, 2005

    the charas legs look pretty good, well imo the chara is a too dark, i don't like the part where one can only see her head and legs, and if the place on which she is sitting is suposed to be a bed or something like that it needs some more lines and it's lower part also looks a bit strange too

  2. benjaminchia Jul 26, 2005

    wow, the folds on the bed look really good.
    the wood at the back looks even more incredible!
    again i would say you have done an great job!
    the only thing i find a bit weird is the sudden "cut off" of the
    character which is in total darkness. it happens too sudden which makes it look a bit weird. it could be the light shining down from the ceiling. but could be something else. but if that is the case, the specular (shining part of the hair ) should be gone if the head is in shadows. >_<.

    anyways still a great job !+fav

  3. drell Jul 26, 2005

    It is good enough for me. Though that plank wall behind there looks a bir fishy, too blurry in my opinion. All the other details are top notch. +fav

  4. tareren Jul 26, 2005

    It seems nowadays you decided to stick to your dark dark walling style ^^
    Few comments, the thing beside her looks a bit outta place, too real I guess..the darkness on her side has been mentioned.. ummm....
    And I think the bed(?) is too big for her, looks too long without nothing on it, maybe you should put some scary looking teddy or rabbit there XD just to make it CreepY ;D
    Anyways, good job ^^ I think you deserve 8.0/10 for this one ^^ Keep up the good work :D

  5. Leaf Jul 26, 2005

    woot!! *glomps you* ^__^ A SEL wallie!! *dances* Love the dark colors and how it looks like she's slowly sliding into the darkness.. or something XD lol Anyways can't wait to see more of your work! ^^ +fav

  6. Lana3007 Jul 26, 2005

    Nice!!!! Oh, I've missed your wallpapers!!!! They are always so neat and original! I had your Rei wallpaper up on my desktop and my dad got freaked out when he saw it! (random information, ignore me)
    But about the new wallpaper: the folds on the bed do look amazing! I really like this one, my only concern is the shadow on Lain's face. Maybe I am stupid, but I just can't figure out why it's there... but anyway! Great job!
    Thanks for sharing!

  7. Sakura0chan Jul 27, 2005

    Another nice wallpaper , raynnzha. I love the wall. It looks very nice. The texture is very awesome. Putting a face on the wall is a very nice idea. ;)
    The pillow is so nice too!! I like it. ^__^
    i think the dark part on her face should be remove.
    Keep up the good work!! -^__^-

  8. OracleAngel Retired Moderator Jul 27, 2005

    Now this is freaky, love th ecolor tones and you actually made the fomp on the be matress work for this wall really swell....Though the text is weirdly said but all togetehr the wall is pretty good! :)

  9. Skillzpay Jul 27, 2005

    Only 8 comments? o_O
    Man talk about underrated and overlooked. Definitely one of the better lain walls out there and it comes from the dark waller himself! :P
    Love the whole eery atmosphere, especially with that ghost face on the left side of the wall eek!
    And the patented smudged look you always use works perfectly for this and I must say, usually too much of one color doesn't look that good but in your case, all that black is even better. Wicked stuff my man!

  10. Midori-chan Jul 28, 2005

    wow!! the bg is really nice!!! i like those walls you done!! it's awesome!!
    and the scan that you got there is really amazing!! the folds on the bed is just so nice!!!
    great jon ryannzha-kun!!!!
    just gotta add thsi to my favs^^
    keep up the great job!!

  11. Ephemeral-Garden Jul 29, 2005

    Now that you mention it ryannzha, I think Lain here is a psycho! But hey, no big deal with that right? I love the grunges effect you've done and used in this wallie. I've always loved your dark wallie. You are the master of grunges! (I think?) Anyways, wonderful job you've done!

  12. SayrosX Sep 02, 2005

    otimo wallpaper, muito bom, desenho maravilhoso...
    muito bom...

  13. deadinside Oct 29, 2005

    <3 i love it

  14. karixiang Nov 03, 2005


  15. Melisandre Oct 12, 2006

    Nice one! Faving :)

  16. worldend007 Oct 29, 2008

    what a cool pic

  17. theremosster Nov 08, 2008

    lain is so awesome

  18. daniticha Dec 29, 2009

    I love the anime, and your wal is really great! *_*
    Thanks a lot

  19. James31 Feb 25, 2010

    Love Lain..Great wallpaper(^*^)

  20. afflatus Sep 05, 2010

    Love this one! very well done

  21. Taruto2G Oct 05, 2010

    I <3 Lain, You Are Cute ^^

  22. zedaroca Oct 28, 2010

    Awesome! Perfect Lain feeling

  23. Chrom Nov 27, 2010

    It's very nice and beautiful!Thanks you for sharing)))))))))

  24. lain-san Feb 23, 2011

    I think this is an astounding piece of art! For one, the darker colorization/desaturation of a well-known Lain image (sitting against a stack of storage devices) works very well here. The lighting is spooky, and entirely appropriate.

    I don't like the face on the wall, though, to be honest. It gives the whole a kind of Shroud of Turin feel, which has no place here, IMHO, and only serves to distract.

    The whole 'bike-chan' text I could have done without as well. Lain sitting on the bed is the theme. Everything else is an (unwelcome) distraction.

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