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Artist Comment

Watch out, i can feel this one is gonna be a long description >.< if you don't feel like reading the whole thing about my technical difficulties, at least, just read this next paragraph ^^ :
Well, this is my submission for the SDK group contest... erm, they're all posing, except for Benitora, in the back, who's a little busy getting his pants and maybe some other parts eaten by Haku, Sasuke's dog... Why? you ask... Coz' Benitora had the marvelous idea to steal Sasuke's underpants and put them up as a flag XD (it's also why we don't see Sasuke in this picture, he's a little busy finding clothes XD) Ok, i just felt like putting something funny in this pic, and that's as funny as i could get ^_^' Please, please, please, full view to see all the details ^^ (okay, you're off the hook for those lazy ppl among you who are tired of reading XP)

They're in school uniform, but i chose not to make the Japanese Sailor type of uniform... I know they should be dressed the Japanese way, but someone here did way too many Sailor Moon drawings in her time ^_^' (i hope it still counts for the contest <.<)

Also, i cheated a little, i said in the group's page that i probably couldn't draw the characters very well... and i was right, i tried, but i failed miserably, so i used pictures from the manga to help me draw at least their faces, sometimes their body... i'm sorry, i'm really bad at this -_- but this is one manga i wouldn't dream of reproducing without models... >.<

I think this drawing explains very well why i don't usually draw backgrounds... i'm no good at drawing something i can't see... so, for the birds (the far away ones), i want to say a huge thanks to semanga for the birds she put in some of her latest walls that allowed me to draw birds that actually looked like birds ^_^' As for the "buildings... erm... no comment XD, but thank god i remembered some of what we were taught in art classes back in high school XD and for the grass... well, maybe you can pretend it isn't there ^_^'

oh, and last, but not least, i must thank my dear friend Iyasis for all the help and the numerous tips she gave me on this one (even the original idea for the underpant thingy ^^)... you were an angel Iyasis, i owe you, thanks ^^

well, that's it... you guys must think : "finally" (well, at least for those who read the whole thing through) XP and erm, please give me comments and critics on it, coz' i worked really hard to make it, countless hours went in it... anything, advice, encouragements, it will all be appreciated ^^, and faves of course, if there are any, are welcomed ^^ sorry i won't be able to thank everyone personally, but i want you guys to know it's all very appreciated

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  1. kagoem Aug 12, 2005

    This looks good. I see the messups you made on this. But it still looks good.

  2. kikyo4eva Aug 12, 2005

    kool doujinshi i really like it whatz his name on the pole getting bit by a dog is really funny well good job

  3. Chopstickz Aug 12, 2005

    hehe its not bad at all,
    other than i cant make out benitora's face ^^:
    the facial expressions are nice n the grass looks good
    n that birdy up front looks cool too n_n
    nice work on the clothing too.
    the clouds kinda suck :P
    n the characters need shadows!
    hehe nice work though

  4. Cadi Aug 12, 2005

    its not bad! its a great drawing! you did such a great job on the shading! the bird looks cool tooXD I think the girl to the right might need more shadows>.< but other than that the drawing is really great!

  5. sylvacoer Aug 12, 2005

    Hmmmm... sylvacoer likes! (*~.^*) Don't be so hard on yourself for drawing from the manga - I have to do that too, especially when drawing Kyo (his hair, argh, his hair! *growls* I notice you did an excellent job on his hair, by the by...)
    I like what you did to benitora - hee, it's so much fun to abuse him, since he asks for it.
    I think my favorite person in the pic is Mahiro - you drew her whole body, and she has the softer look that you sometimes glimpse at in the manga.
    What really wows me is your attention to detail - you kind of sold yourself short on the buildings (not that I don't understand, we're aren't all architects, and perspective can be a real bitch!), but on everything else, like the tartan on the girls' skirts, and the folds of the clothing are well executed and natural - it seems almost as if you just happened to draw them that way!
    sorry if I bored you with my overlong rant, but in my opinion, this is an excellent doujin that sets the standard for your future work. (*~.^*)

  6. benjaminchia Aug 13, 2005

    very impressive.
    i am totally speechless.

    i love how you managed to put all characters together.
    plus the light shading makes them look pretty good.

    keep it up! very beautiful!

  7. SamuraiHaruko Aug 13, 2005

    HAI! very nice! I love SDK heh he ^^- tis awesome and so is this! HAI! HAI! HAI! this is ofcourse +Favie

  8. MikaAmazoness Aug 13, 2005

    I am gonna be totally honest w/ you, coz we're friends and I know you would do the same w/ me ^.~

    Its awesome! Oooh the idea for it was funny! :nya: The shading you did was great, and it's obvious you put alotta effort in it! I mean, just look at the clothes! They're nearly perfect! Ooooh n I love the hair for them 'specially Kyo's hair n Benitora looks so funny! Great job, really n truthfully!

    There are a few things though, I think the proportions on the girls faces coulda been a lil better maybe. I dunno, I'm just 'trying' to look for some critism here! I mean, they're still awesome, but maybe thats just how they are s'posed to look in the manga? I have never seen the manga, so I wouldn't know

    But anyways, looks like your on your way to mastering this style as well! Kudos to you, and theis piece is a shewin for sure!!!

  9. sukie Aug 13, 2005

    mmm not bad...so much detail...very very very nice!!! the girl's hairs are so pretty!!! great work!!!

  10. gemini4life Aug 14, 2005

    Yay, finally you've graced us with you're most recent art. *grabs his specs for some deep analysis* XD

    i know you worked real hard on it so I'll work hard on the analysis too :). I'll start on things that can be improved >_< my least fave topic but gotta do it, cause it's useful.

    1. Perspectives: See you've been experimenting with new techniques and trying to draw objects that are in the distance. I've never seen Benitora or Haku but can notice that some of the proportions are a little off, but part of that is due to the difficulty in drawing so small, don’t know what the actual size pic is but sure on original both these guys were real small and difficult to draw the details in.
    2. Shadows: Not really a problem, but an area to try out too. I noticed the girl with the really cool hair is the only shadow in the picture, so this could be a new technique to experiment with and breathe even more life into it

    Yay time for strengthes
    1. Clarity: I've noticed some of it with your older drawings, and this one shows how much your ability has improved. All of your characters are really clear, sharp, and well defined. May not know these characters can feel each ones “aura

  11. toujin1 Aug 14, 2005

    oooooh! great job my dear!! u have put so much effort into it!! and all that detail it took me a while to actually take everything in...and the shading is very very well done!! u have become so good! i cant wait for ur next submission!

  12. vampyre Aug 14, 2005

    lol woww.....group work....not dbz....& arkkk......grass o_O" that's great details & all looks great! keep it up :nya:

    &...sorry for didn't read ur description ^^;; >_<

  13. Anjhurin Aug 14, 2005

    Quote: you guys must think : "finally" (well, at least for those who read the whole thing through)

    yeah ............ "finally"............ no more DBZ !!! XP yeepee

    eheh the grass ain't too bad, just it seems a bit unkept. and looks like the birds of prey are out to eat benitora, after the dog's done with him ^_^. i like the big fluffy clouds, they look like cotton candy (drools...... been ages since i last ate any of that * turns back to a youngster* :) )
    hum one thing, if it's a high school, why's there a road sign on the bg? ahah whatever, we don't care, the faces are indeed a bit simple, but the shading is good, and clothes are great. it seems like you draw guys faces better though ^_^.
    and finally, the bird that takes flight seems kinda out of place, he's too 'realistic' if you see what i mean ;)

    good job anyway, keep on the new drawings (and good luck on this contest)

  14. Iyasis Aug 15, 2005

    Long description, and so many smileys, but I made it through..."finally".

    Well, I'm really not sure what to say anymore, lol. I liked how you drew many characters and its evident you put a lot of effort into each character, they're very detailed in their facial features and the clothing. However, I still think the girl's face on the far right looks strange. Also, the guy's face on the flagpole, Benitora, doesn't look right, but you already know that.

    Although the character are meant to be the focus of the drawing, you could've done more with the background. The birds and clouds are nicely done, but the walls, you seemed to have cheaped out, lol.

    Overall, nice work and best of luck in the contest! *does cheerleading routine*

    Quote by Ayamaeloh, and last, but not least, i must thank my dear friend Iyasis for all the help and the numerous tips she gave me on this one (even the original idea for the underpant thingy ^^)... you were an angel Iyasis, i owe you, thanks ^^

    ~Yay! I'm an angel ^^ *plays ring toss with halo*

  15. yoshimitsu Aug 15, 2005

    cool!!!SDK characters rock!!its such a nice drawng concept too :) :) i wish youve included the ninja guy with the gun,though. :) :)

  16. joker2005 Aug 27, 2005

    very nice... better effect and i love it ;)
    thx for the picture...

  17. Sanosuke-1 Sep 18, 2005

    Love it, somehow it looks good with out color anyway did you get the idea from one of the volumes of Samurai Deeper Kyo because there was something like it in one of the volumes.

  18. shinorei Nov 16, 2005

    It's a creative artwork and good job on it too! I like the underpants idea, it's definitely fun. ^^;; Keep up the good work!

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