Takeshi Okazaki Wallpaper: The Vision of the New Day

Takeshi Okazaki Wallpaper
Takeshi Okazaki Mangaka

1280x1024 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

this is a requested wall from AngelLoveSong. scan, title, and buildings.
finally finnished!! I worked on this wall for two days and it still looks bad @_@ sorry, AngelLoveSong, but I hope this is to your liking, I know there are alot of stuff I need to improve on, but this really is the best I could do for now. yay^o^ buildings are stock images
Layers - 36 / 75m.b
enjoy! thanks everybody for the comments and favs! and keep the requests comming^o^\
ps. sorry about the extraction, its not me, but its the scan (I think) I tried fixing it a couple of times, but I don't know whats wrong... O_O

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  1. MagicianFairy Jul 24, 2005

    i was the first one!!...so....Holy crap!!!...i really love ittttttttttttttttttt!!
    i have never done this, im so silly making walls but you are a machine!! jajaja....kidding!!
    keep it up!! ;)

  2. toxictea23 Jul 24, 2005

    whoa..extraction looks...bad...this is soo surprising ayasal o.o

  3. alexiel01 Jul 24, 2005

    Super cool! hehehe!!!
    I like this wall, this will be piled-up to my favorites! ahaha!

  4. AngelLoveSong Jul 24, 2005

    O_O *stares at the wallpaper* I love it!!!! thank you so much for making it!!!! it looks great!!
    thanks you!!!
    adding this to my favs!
    keep up the good work!!

  5. DarkEVO Jul 24, 2005

    Great job on this wallpaper. I like how you did it.
    Great work. Keep it up. +Fav.

  6. Sayonara Jul 24, 2005

    man this pic is awesome! great job! i luv the colors, the effects and the angel guy sooo cool! +fav. Thanks for sharing this piece of art, hope to see more of you ^_________^

  7. narutofan92 Jul 24, 2005

    umm, well it looks pretty good from a distance...but being used to photoshop I see that the extraction on the man in the center looks really awful...
    Besides that, the stock images and such all work together pretty well.
    I like the abstract style going on there and all. Well, it's just that scan but everything else looks great.
    ~the redundant narutofan

  8. Kojiroh Jul 24, 2005

    ohh.. a golden city in tha back.. looks nice and rich.. however its half destroyed.. how ironic.. ^^ but tha character's mood matches tha demolished city.. tha character looks liek a manga chracter from initial d game.. liek tha quality i mean.. i think thats tha only downfall.. other than that.. looks pretty good.. ohh.. i just noticed a sun.. and with a moon.. its close to an ellipse.. ^^

  9. bbls Jul 24, 2005

    luv the golden colors and again the blending of imagesand photos look awesome. the cityscape in the background is a perfect choice for the concept of your wall... :D

  10. fukushuusha Jul 24, 2005

    hmm...the extraction is not right as u said. It's not like u Ayasal
    But the abstract is good enough to make it up for it I think. Maybe u should try a different color scheme or gradient...Something is bothering me in this but can't understand what...maybe mood...maybe colors.
    Overall...a nice wall but again not ur usual quality work

  11. Kiku-chan Jul 24, 2005

    Yeah the extraction isn't the best but, I can't complain ;)
    I think it looks great otherwise ^^
    The idea is good. +fav for me ^^

  12. ayane-heine Jul 24, 2005

    the wallie is great.. :D
    i like the effects on the moon alot.. it looks so nice.. ^^
    the colour blending for the whole wallie ish great too... great job Ayasal..

  13. Saikusa Retired Moderator Jul 24, 2005

    Beautiful colours ^.^ The background is absolutely beautiful. blended in superbly and without drowning out the character :)

    Yeah, the extractions a little iffy... it's more around the hair that looks dodgy. But that's one minor drawback to an otherwise great piece of work :D

  14. Kenichi Jul 24, 2005

    wow this is pretty crazy wally. very nice bg and that image scan is nice.

  15. Lenne Jul 24, 2005

    No,it's not bad at all.I like it alot.The wall is very interesting,and amazing.The colors are nicely picked and buildings are very well done. :)

  16. Kasai Jul 24, 2005

    Whew. The wings are the main main focus part. Great job. I'm so lovin' the colors as well.

  17. Susan-chan Jul 24, 2005

    hmm..the scan's quality is different from the effects u used, i mean..the effects are sharp and the scan isa bit oldfashioned:D (a typical manga image) but the first expression is: it's a really nice wally:D

  18. xianghuax Jul 24, 2005

    I just envy you so much >.> your wallpapers just get better and better each time you submit... And you look at mine, and it's just low standard... BUT anyway!! Yes I love the colour and the design of this wallie!! Wings look great!!!~ great work!!

  19. fiababe Jul 24, 2005

    this wally is awesome! :)
    love the colours
    Itz really gd!!
    "adds 2 fav"

  20. AngelKate Jul 24, 2005

    O_O Holy crap! How do you do stuff like this?? This is awesome! I love the wings..they look so cool. Awesome wallie, keep it up!

  21. PhoenixNox Jul 24, 2005

    thats really cool. it might look better in a different color tho.

  22. LeeAnn Jul 24, 2005

    its so cool! it looks metalic to my eyes!
    the darkness is overflowing...makes me want to break...
    good job!

  23. Idril Jul 24, 2005

    wooww Ayasal-chan!! this wallie is amazing!! I love this colors!! sepia fits a nice mood!! The character is good too!! great job!!

  24. Iyasis Jul 24, 2005

    Hmm, the scan texture contrast with the some of the background and the extraction is a bit off. The scan itself is still very nice though. The decaying buildings in the background are nice and I love that sparkling/exploding/broken moon. Nice use of effects as well, blurry, grungy and abstract. Might not be your best work but it's still good.

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