Takeshi Okazaki Wallpaper: Psycedelic Candy

Takeshi Okazaki Wallpaper
Takeshi Okazaki Mangaka

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

This wallpaper was created for Meteorcloud's contest over at Suki-Sanctuary. I wanted to try something different, and I figured this was the time to do so. I used a ton of my brushes that have been lying around for awhile, untouched. So that was nice.

I was browsing through my PSD's and I came along this extracted scan, and I love the art of Takeshi Okazaki, so I had to make a wallpaper out of it. I think I jumped off the 'usual cliff', but maybe not?

Come now children, eat some candy.

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Browse Takeshi Okazaki Gallery: Recent | Popular.


  1. Meis Jul 22, 2005

    nice not my type of wallpaper nothing personal hahah
    Estoy apunto de mandar los mios ya pronto

  2. mughi Jul 22, 2005

    I always like it when you try something different. It may turn out bad or better yet it may turn out good. Regardless you'll learn something new, isn't that so? :)

    Some people may not like your latest creation but looking closely after downloading the picture I could see details that were not clear on thumbnail. I think this wallpaper could almost be used as flag design with the way stripes are arranged. ^_^'

    Jokes aside I do like it for originality. Thanks much for showing us your latest work.

  3. volrath77 Jul 22, 2005

    Whoa! This is a new concept alright. Looks like a newspaper-print image or the old-style ink printer output from the obvious colour pixels.

    Nicely done & the colours are fine by me.

    Note: Some members may found the wallpaper to be a doozy due to the colours. Afterall, it's supposed to be psychedelic. You may want to put the Surgeon General's warning on this. Maybe something like "Warning: May induce fainting, seizures or nausea." Of course, I'm just kidding. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v190/volrath77/Forum%20pics/tongue.gif

  4. rocknroll-isgo Jul 22, 2005

    Yes yes, off the usual cliff you go. Jeronimoooooooooo~~! *splat* ==;

    So I already told you: the colors/grunge are awesome. Great idea put together with a great scan. Not a big fan of the text... I know you can do better, Brom brom, so get off your lazy butt and fix it. (I know you want to!) XD

  5. OracleAngel Retired Moderator Jul 22, 2005

    Woah this is something psykedelic indeed pluas the colors alltogether cometogether just as simple as eating candy itself! XD, though i wish the main title text could have been bigger but as usual this is some great workage! :)

  6. calisqo Jul 22, 2005

    awesome concept.
    I really like the grungish in the bg, it kinda add nterest in the color.
    The scan is rather nice.
    I feel that monochorme would do nicely to this.
    Nonetheless awesome work quality, ^_^ thanks for sharin ^_^

  7. euna Retired Moderator Jul 23, 2005

    mmm... very unique brom ^^
    i must admit that the colours are crazy and psychotic in its own way xD
    nice job with the ton of brushes and the textures look good.
    i like the way you concentrated the brush work around the scan. Nice work brom!

  8. Yina Jul 23, 2005

    ohh.. that's a special one!! XD no cliched effects, no cliched colours or cute girls.. *thumbup* very good!! XD I love the way how you made the wallie.. those different colours are great... ^^ also like the bg.. really excellent grunge work!! +fav ^^

  9. StarCentury Jul 23, 2005

    Rainbow colors on a grunge wallie? Coolz, bromy-san, it kinda reminds me of Trix Yogurt, I have no idea why! ^_^' This really looks very unique and obviously way different than the usual type of walls I've seen on MT! Simple concept, vibrant colors, killer brush styles and a very pretty character blended with the BG is A+ material on my book! Great work, bromy-san! XD

  10. Skillzpay Jul 26, 2005

    Props for trying something new, it gets pretty tiresome after awhile seeing the same recycled themes and styles. The image is absolutely mint, it's got that old style to it and the grunge certainly compliments it well. The horizontal bars of colors, while they're a good idea seem a bit odd and kinda break the flow of the wall since the colors don't really blend into the next. Again props for the experiment and some pretty solid work here!

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