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Lynn Okamoto Mangaka Studio ARMS Studio Elfen Lied Series Lucy Character

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x_x Hit me!


I know!!!! I know!!! I haven't made a wallpaper for ages! Naw, let's just say it was for 2 whole months! So very sorry, too busy with school events and activities. Even when I had free time, I don't get any inspiration for walling. At least now I had a little u_u Very little indeed. Oh well, it was better than nothing ne?
Enough bullsh*t, this VERY "NEW" wallpaper was started off since, erm *counts* ah, last holiday which was 3 weeks ago or so. I couldn't finish it until today.
Why did i pick this scan? Er, because, I like Lucy from Elfen Lied. And she looked nice over here, holding the music box that plays this song "Lilium" in it. The background, was sort of "traced" from the original scan. It took me forever. Please don't bother the roof or the tress trees.. they look retarded ._.
(Scan was from minitokyo! I've forgotten who uploaded it but thanks for sharing it here ^_^)
All together there's 58 layers.
This ain't my best and skills have rusted a lot~ Comments and Critiques are welcomed as always ^_^ For those who give comments and even favs, thanks so much =)

this is specially dedicated to a friend, kelvin..

More resolutions coming soon at [url="www.digikb.net"]Digikb.net[/url] ^_^
(Site is still under construction, but I'll let you guys know when it's up for updates ^-^)

edit: x_x etto, forgot to say this.. I'd like to give a big thank to Kash (Exentric!) for helping me give suggestions and ideas while being in a process on the wallpaper ^_^ *huggless* And also Kelvin for giving me support before as well as his opinions to this wall.. thanks you guys *hugggggs!!*

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  1. meteorcloud Jul 04, 2005

    ha I'm first XD~!
    weee yumi wall since ages xd~!!!!! oh...ic.....your comps works again xD and the result is good *____*~! teh colours are nice ^__^ it's soft =D~! hmz....the wooden things......that gate.....looks like still missing some depth I think.....or....my monitor is too dark xD hehe ow well nice job =D~!

  2. shinorei Jul 04, 2005

    Nyahahahaha~~~! I'm first, first, first, first~~!! XD Okay, enough crapping.
    Yeah, Lucy looks really sweet with the really cool music box.
    background looks quite soft and water-coloured. not bad, quite sceneric - is that a word?
    the roof looks really 2-D but don't care la, and the trees, not bad la, quite good actually. ^^
    *nods, nods* overall, background matches with the character, not 100% but at least 90%.
    Keep up the great work~!! +fav

    EDIT: Stupid, I'm not first, type too much edi. x_x

  3. OracleAngel Retired Moderator Jul 04, 2005

    *pats Yumi*


    Hey Yumi, long time no see a wallie from you! glad your back, love the background for this cos it works with the dark redness of her ad eyes and the text goes together just fine indeed!
    But i wish it could have some small white flowers here and there in the bushes but all in all the wall is a lovely job done by you! :)

  4. Alpha Jul 04, 2005

    Hi dear friend I love the BG so much and the character too, very nice wall, thanks for sharing mate.

  5. Valary Jul 04, 2005

    aaaaaaaaa an awesome wall from an awesome anime!!
    Elfen Lied really kick's some ass... :>
    nice wall indeed!

  6. Kazeki Jul 04, 2005

    yumi!! I miss your walling skills XDD
    sorry couldn't go to your school's Hari Kantin..
    had to cheer for cheerleaders =P

    Lucy Rocks!! she pwns everyone in Elfen Lied XDD love this wall
    definitely faving it!!
    I wanna see more!! XDD

  7. Paolo Jul 04, 2005

    Lucy! its pretty cool. she's loves to listen to the musicbox. ^_^

  8. Criox Jul 04, 2005

    Hi Yumi-chan. 1st time I seen your wallie hehe! Very beautiful! I love the Bg very clear and pretty. I like the whole part of it. Scans are well extracted. Well done indeed. Keep it up!

  9. zaira Jul 04, 2005

    pwettie bg!! me love the hard colors and the japanese scan like garden! the color of the scan really fits the colors of the bg!! i love the simplestic of the wall! +fav!

  10. Chizuku Jul 04, 2005

    waa~ thats great.~ its lovely... the bg is so refreshing.. with all the green at it... keep them up.. ^_^ XP :pacman: ;) Jaa-nE~!

  11. suntiger Jul 04, 2005

    ahh yumi~ nice to see you alive ^^

    Very nice wallpaper, I love how well you did the background o.o the trees looks incredible! Character is adorbale too :3 fav from me~

  12. exentric Jul 04, 2005

    ahhh yumi!! din even credit me help ya so much! T_T
    oh yeah, me think ya forgot da shadow for the gate >_<

    anyway da wallie is nice~~ da leavbes also very nice~ good job. ^_^

  13. ShiNN Jul 04, 2005

    I am going to fav this because the background you made is nice and it deserves props. But I have to say that the scan you've picked doesn't really fit well the wallpaper... Lucy really stands out too much from the rest of the wall, mostly because the scan is extremely sharp and vectorlike whereas the background has a "painted style" (my guess is that you went crazy with the median filter after brushing the trees and the bushes)... you should have given the background a sharper and more detailed look rather than flatting the edges that much (referred to the trees), or at least you should have the closer bush and trees sharper and the farther trees a bit less detailed (and you could leave them like that) so that you will give a better sense of depth and the idea that Lucy is actually part of the whole scene (because otherwise it looks like she's "pasted" on it =/ ). Oh and the grass... does the grass actually grow on cement? Lol look closely at the line of grass near the gate... *whistles* ... the tree trunk needs more details as well, like eroded parts, and more shading... it can't be that perfect lol. And that's it... there would be other things that I would personally like to see changed but I think it's fine. :P

  14. Rella Jul 04, 2005

    Oh, that looks very nice!! I really like the scene in the back along with the scan. Good job! ^^

  15. zephiris26 Jul 04, 2005

    Nice wall, Yumi. :) I really like the trees and bushes, and the birds are a pretty cute idea. +fav.

  16. Angelette Jul 04, 2005

    Prettiee~~ I say this is one of your best walls, tsk~ The blurriness makes her seem closer to us than the BG, which you did an absolute marvelous job on. ^_~

  17. KittyCyn Jul 04, 2005

    WOW! YUmiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii! awesome! *_* Cyn Luvs it!
    I love garden wallies! And this one you made, ish beautiful!
    Yupi a new desktop BG for my PC XD
    Thankies Thankies girl
    +Favie...and and congrats! Keep making more Hehe ^_^'
    Byebye my friend :)

  18. mezzed Jul 04, 2005

    OMG nice wall! XD i love your walls...and elfen lied! +fav for you!

  19. AkinaSpirit Jul 04, 2005

    Ahhhhh~ sweet job!
    Lucy rocks~ as you know :D Nice bg too ^^!

  20. ShiroiLina Jul 04, 2005

    this is such a nice wallie!
    it has an awesome bg! its very well done! love it! :D keep it up! and hey back! i missed your wallies! :D cya!

  21. shyxsakura Retired Moderator Jul 04, 2005


    ne neee~ big girl yumii hit poor saki instead. t____t RAWR.

    o___o yu traced the whole bg? ><;; poooor pooooooor saki ... poor pooooor saki .. ;-; needs to learn how to trace ... rawwwrr ..

    this wallie learns four rawwrrrss from saki <3

  22. eddddddy Jul 04, 2005

    Just one word i can say now:perfeat!!!!
    the anime is wonderful! and this one is as wonderful as the anime!!!

  23. judy822 Jul 04, 2005

    The Pics really cute. It has a great scenery and its interestingly deep in thought. =O

  24. kai81220 Jul 04, 2005

    even if it is traced, its good ^^ esp how you achieved the wood texture. the trees are really good too tho the bush right beside the girl, the leaves showing up at the edges could be smoothed out and blurred like the rest of the bush. cause right now, some leaves appear not to be attached to the bush ^_^'
    the path looks great and so does the extraction.
    nice one +fav

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