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Elfen Lied, Lucy Wallpaper
Elfen Lied Series Lucy Character

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

"The mouth of the just shall meditate wisdom
and his tongue shall speak judgment."


Mmmm.... bloody. ^_^' Well after watching Elfen Lied and the last four episodes of Wolf's Rain, they'll do that to you. For those of you who have seen EL, the quote above is from the opening song, an excerpt from the Latin Vulgate edition of the Bible. The title translates into "Blessed Is...", which is the beginning of the psalm.

I really liked Lucy in this pose so I took a screen capture, vectored it, then walled it. Since most other EL wallpapers are grungy, I decided to make a scenic one. The background is modified from SXC. Listening to the opening song really inspired and motivated me to make this wallie. This is quite different from my usual wallies so I hope you still enjoy it! :)

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  1. Lana3007 May 27, 2005

    bloody! I really should watch Elf Lied, sounds like a series I would like. That's a very interesting wallpaper, I like the tilted angle. Something is bothering me about it, but I can't figure out what it is though ... eh, ignore me, it's a great wallpaper!
    Thanks for sharing!

  2. ramchong May 27, 2005

    hm... very violence scenic!! but i luv the it!!! ^_^'

    Thanks for sharing this rare artwork!!

  3. DarkCrimson May 27, 2005

    Oh very cool Wall from you.Also very bloody^^
    Nice Work on this one.Adds to Favs.Thanks for sharing :D

  4. deadwolf98 May 27, 2005

    oh no shes gonna shoot me, 'runs away'...................but its still really good, keep it up.

  5. Sunira May 27, 2005

    Its a very clean and clear scan and the background is well oriented and fits the scan well. Overall you did a good job on this! :)

  6. bromithia Retired Moderator May 27, 2005

    Even though I'm not a fan of the super noisy-ness by the door way, it looks like a good wallpaper. Nice job with the vector also, Lunaregina.

  7. rythem May 27, 2005

    waa~~*0* I like this~
    the vector is very nice~ n the bg matches well with the perspective n all XD
    the blood is done well too >.<
    great work luna :) +favie ^^

  8. Skillzpay May 27, 2005

    The vector looks awesome, real clean and sharp.
    The background, while it does seem suitable, doesn't quite mesh well with Lucy since she's so clean and sharp while the bg is pretty dull and noisy. Would've been nice to see some grunge or texture overlayed to blend Lucy in with the bg so that it'd all flow together. Still, this is a great job and nice concept. Quality work as expected from you lunaregina! :D

  9. Sugasuga May 27, 2005

    ooooooo, i reallie like this wallie >.< its got blood, lol, dats a big plus xD anyhow, veri nicely done :D

  10. Ichiru May 27, 2005

    Very nice concept. The background and perspective are well done and you made good color choices. The only thing that bothers me is the blood on the ground seems a bit odd to me though. Maybe it's just me but it doesn't look quite in the right propotion with the rest of the wall. Otherwise great job with this wall and keep up the good work +fav

  11. LoneTenchi May 27, 2005

    this wallie is very cool. Even though Elfen Lied it sounds like a good show and I really like this wall. Well done, adding to favs. :)

  12. DarkMaiden1369 May 27, 2005

    Great wall I love the mood and the blood
    on teh floor a very nice touch ^^ *adds to fav*
    keep up the kick ass work

  13. ventures May 27, 2005

    it looks great...
    I luv the gurl's pose...so scary ~~*0*
    n the bg is really good n it blends in well with the scan ~~
    luv how the light seems to pour in through arch wall..>.<
    good job

  14. WWLAOS May 27, 2005

    Wow, very nice looking. The vector is amazing, and I love all the blood in the wallpaper. The background rocks, I love the perspective. I just wish I knew why she was going to shoot me...typical. Girls never tell me what I did wrong they just injure me and walk away. ;)

    Beautiful wallpaper, thanks for lettin' me take a peek.

  15. chingetscook May 27, 2005

    Hmmm, I was browsing through the gallery and saw the thumbnail for this, figured just another Elfen Lied wall, but decided to take a look anyway... Whoa a very nice surprise! Great work vectoring it.

    Added to favorites.

  16. LordStyphon May 27, 2005

    Very nice. You've really taken this screenshot and cleaned it up. The background is nice, but I'm very impressed with the cleaning up. Excellent work.

  17. zaira May 27, 2005

    waaah! dont kill me!! i'm innocent! hehe nice wall!! she looks scary! carry a gun like that ..i love the blood splattered on the floor! and nice scan vector! cool bg too!+fav!

  18. Raiyne May 27, 2005

    Wow! nice wallpaper. Lurve Elfen Lied. :D Yep, it is a nice change to the usual grunge wallpapers that we see of elfen lied. Definately a fav. :)

  19. FutureGirlie May 27, 2005

    Nice~!!! Looks scary to me though... But I don't like killing and blood and horrors... :) but nice wallpaper :)

  20. faiz138 May 27, 2005

    woww i like the way that you put the chata position, it's great ... XD.
    lunaregina you are so great, like the bg and the blood on the floor and the wall, this will go to my +Fav for sure.

    thank you so much for sharing such a lovely wallie. ;)

  21. Haia May 27, 2005

    Woah! This is scaring me...it looks like I'm next! >.< But as long as I know she's the one killing me...I'll die satisfied...LoL! Fantastic scenic wallie you got here!!! I love the colors and seemingly cold atmosphere the background sort of represents!!! I'm loving the angle too!!! Dangerous...hehehe. I love your vectoring!!! I think it's fantastic!!! Although I do think the colors used can be improved...in some way parts of it looks kinda...plain. Still, I love the blood on her and the floor!!! Thankie so much for sharing this wallie with us!!! Awesome work on this one!!! I still like this work of yours eventhough you mentioned it's 'different' . I'll be looking forward to your next one!!! +favie

  22. kanopon May 27, 2005

    I like Elfen Lied!!!
    I never saw th series, but I read about it! And I've seen pictures!!
    I really like this wallie! Thanks luna-chan!!!!!
    (adds to favs)

  23. moonlight-shawdow May 27, 2005

    I'd love to watch this show also i'm getting it this summer on my B-Day.Yay.Anyways nice wallie=favies.

  24. Ying May 30, 2005

    I havn't seen the original image nor have I seen elfen lied but her eye looks a little strange.......maybe if you usde a thiker line around the eyes?
    Love the BG you created! ^_^

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