Samurai Champloo Wallpaper: Peace Out Jin - Samurai Champloo

Samurai Champloo, Jin Wallpaper
Samurai Champloo Series Jin Character

1024x768 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

So here's another anachronistic wallpaper from Samurai Champloo :D This one features Jin, who was my favorite character out of the group. i did a more subtle approach with the colors and grunge in the background than I did for the Mugen one, cause I think it reflects him as a character, style-wise. Used a variety of stuff that I scanned in, paper cuts, origami paper, and just paper textures along with the standard photoshop stuff.

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  1. LilLaoRyo704 Jul 01, 2005

    wow that so cool its so funny lookin seeing
    him holdin the peace sign, i like the
    background too :)

  2. akari-chan Jul 01, 2005

    This wall cracks me up! lol lol Dunno why, I just think this wall is funny. I think it's funny cuz of Jin's position. He looks really weird in that position. Anyway, nice job. Keep it up! +fav lol

  3. Tama-Neko Jul 01, 2005

    Darnit, I wrote a comment and then MT timed out and I couldn't recover it >_> Anyways, love it! I like how the dark grunge/textures around Jin a kind of like a reverse starburst effect behind him. And you chose a great expression - his "I'm feeling somewhat pissed off right now" grumpiness.

  4. anji Jul 01, 2005

    That goes really well with the funky theme of the series.
    Jin really had a hat on the scan? o_o He's so funny like this.
    So cool idea the origami paper XD It gives a really cool texture at the end.
    Like the blue theme colors.
    Nothing really to suggest.
    I just like it :)

  5. Yoh Jul 01, 2005

    Yeah! Have to agree with that, is a really funny wall, Jin always looks so serious and that pic is funny. Like the bg, combines really good with that wall. :nya:

  6. ZyreX Jul 01, 2005

    Really nice one nat!!
    really like the blue cold feeling in it (the scan even makes it colder with his winter hat)

    great keep it up nat :D

    //Best Regards ZyreX

  7. Odysseus Jul 01, 2005

    Lol this one made me laugh. I like the colors you have used and the feel of the wall. The background here is very nice and as Zyrex said it kind of feels cold. I love Jin here, it looks so strange. Yet his face is the same as ever. This is great, nice work!

  8. soujiokita Jul 01, 2005

    Lol I find this wall of Jin quite amusing. :)
    i am still laughing. Very nice grungyness and yes, that scan is very hilarious. He is the last person I ever expect to look like that. +fav

  9. AngelKate Jul 02, 2005

    This show just started showing on Adult Swim, it's weird but kinda cool. XD Nice wallie though, the colors match well. ^_^ Good job.

  10. OracleAngel Retired Moderator Jul 02, 2005

    Lovely graffitic wall of goodness, especially the peace out effect cos it really works for him here. Love it lots, nice job as always nat! XD

  11. FutureGirlie Jul 02, 2005

    lol cool xD I use that peace sign alot too, (i like to call it the "victory" sign), Jin looks cool there (is that Jin? ><) I dont know him very well ^^ I like your wall!! Good job!

  12. Yina Jul 02, 2005

    >__< the bg is amazing.. I like the effects you made and the textures you used.. the guy has got such a funny face.. XD nya.. excellent work (again).. +fav ^^

  13. ShiroiLina Jul 02, 2005

    the bg is great! and the scan is soo funny! i neva seen this anime.. but seein him with the peace sign, and with that frown XD XDDD its funny! XD i like the textures u did.. everythin fits soooo well! keep it up nat! your walls are always great! :D

  14. kaidou Jul 02, 2005

    Rokk. I love it. He looks so..."grrr I don't want to be here"......................................................

  15. FALH Jul 02, 2005

    damn,so cool,so "fresh" lol
    your Samurai Champloo's wall are so good (the one before with Mugen : SO FUNNY)
    well,one more here...thx a lot for it
    blue bg,like the Jin's Kimono color and a pose so cool

    very good work,the bg still have Champloo style

    +fav of course...

  16. Wolfwood411 Jul 02, 2005

    Lol Jin looks funy on this one. I like the blue BG and how it match Jins Kimono. This is going into my fav!!^^

  17. minimouzo Jul 04, 2005

    ho, that's really awesome. I had no idea what was the serie about but now i want to see it ^_^ Your work is wonderful. I'm not used with grunge but here ... wa ; it is really beautiful. It's like an organised chaos behind ^^' Honestly i'm amazed ^^' ... you're always so great. I wonder if you'll be doing art your job ... i think you have the talent to do so :)

  18. Piccolobear Jul 05, 2005

    I just found this one on your site, and was thinking what a pity it was that I couldn't comment on it like on MT! Good thing I checked this section. I love this wallpaper, and your Mugen wall as well. This one gets top points, though, because It's Jin, and because the scan is just too funny. Thank you for making it!

  19. flyindreams Jul 05, 2005

    Oh, I love it! I love the shade of blue and the grunge looks... not exactly grunge... something softer... but still retains its edge. Awesome job! *^.^*

  20. fireflywishes Retired Moderator Jul 06, 2005

    LOL! great Jin wallpaper nat-san! cracks me up! i really like the background too! it's beautiful! keep up the great work! :D

  21. angelalchemist003 Jul 07, 2005

    lol this pic is funny, Is there a Fuu one?>_<
    I would love to see it. ^_^

  22. shainako Jul 12, 2005

    Okay, this wall is dang fantastic. *laughs* His 'Why am I doing this? -_-;;' look is just hilarious!

  23. darkness03 Jul 12, 2005

    I think that this picture is very humorous. Jin's face looks the same as always stern and discerning. It looks like he is doing something that he was put up to do by either Mugen or Fu.

  24. watucat Jul 14, 2005

    Hahaha, this wallpaper of Jin is great, it is so funny to see him like that. Also, great work on the background, it fits perfectly with the art.

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