Samurai Champloo Wallpaper: Champloo: iPloo Shuffle (iPod)

Kazuto Nakazawa, Manglobe, Samurai Champloo, Mugen Wallpaper
Kazuto Nakazawa Mangaka Manglobe Studio Samurai Champloo Series Mugen Character

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

And it's another iPod spoof! This time, of the Shuffle version of the product.
Inspiration comes from odd places. In this case, I was reporting rips of several wallpapers taken directly from the official Samurai Champloo website, which led me to double check the rest of the SC gallery to make sure there weren't any other rips, when I noticed my old scan of the group, and Mugen's upside down, spinning commotion.
For some reason I thought it would be perfect for an iPod ad.
Samurai Champloo is very much about its music, and it's mixture of music at that - "champuru" in the original sense was a Japanese (Okinawan) dish that blends all sorts of flavors from various cultures. (source)
It's all about mixing things up.
And so is the Shuffle.
A quick trace of Mugen from the scan, the arrows from the Apple website, a Shuffle and headphones and there you go.
It's red, because Mugen and green just aren't compatible. Unfortunately, red and JPEG compression are also very incompatible. Please full view, it's nice and clean in the full size version.

Aspiring Mafia Plug
Who: Crapmonster
What: Nana "Live"
Why: A lot of Crapmonster's more stylized vector walls are overlooked in favor of his other major style of grunge and light/dark balance. This Nana wallpaper is just one example - simple, crisp, clean, a great stylized image of a band and a cheering crowd - I could easily have thought this was an official band poster or something similar.

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Browse Samurai Champloo Gallery: Recent | Popular.


  1. tecnophreak Jun 30, 2005

    very nicely done, clean, simple, and eye catching. good job, although it looks as if the guy isnt on the same ground as the arrows are...or that may be a wall...im confused.

  2. gerrit Banned Member Jun 30, 2005

    This is going to be a classic with the iPod thats out for some time now.

  3. nicodemuss Jun 30, 2005

    Hehehe, great wallpaper.
    I really like it, so I'm gonna add it to my favorites.
    Thanks for sharing!

  4. OracleAngel Retired Moderator Jul 01, 2005

    Not another one....Man i should look for more of these around the site cos theyre simple and beautiful in many ways. Great job Tama! XD

  5. syivese Jul 01, 2005

    Wow. This is awesome. Love the colors n all. (mostly *hearts* mugen). Kewl work. It's gonna be my wallie. ^^

  6. Criox Jul 01, 2005

    This wallie looks like some kinda advertisement to me. Gomen! But its cool! An amusing wallie. Keep it up. :D

  7. euna Retired Moderator Jul 01, 2005

    good one tama! iploo shuffle rofl xD
    well... your ipod series is taking over MT! xD
    anywayz, crisp and clear just the way we like it!
    btw, the ipod looks awesome and the arrows add a nice additional effect.
    great! i luv ipod series... *fav*

  8. boink Jul 01, 2005

    not to be an asshat, but your iPod shuffle is very jaggedy and messy around the edges. if you have CRTs, you might not see it; but I sure do on the LCDs. sorry.

  9. ShiNN Jul 01, 2005

    Quote by boinknot to be an asshat, but your iPod shuffle is very jaggedy and messy
    around the edges. if you have CRTs, you might not see it; but I sure do
    on the LCDs. sorry.

    Then you should blame your own LCD boink, because mine doesn't show any jagged line. ;)

  10. jiatlormee Jul 01, 2005

    its a smooth clean cut. nice work tama, any tips on how to do this kinda thing proper?

  11. ejwcobra Jul 01, 2005

    i really enjoy these iPod spoofs that you make, the shuffle version is a good idea too. i hope to see more soon!

  12. FALH Jul 02, 2005

    i love iPod-wallpaper-style (but the player are so bad)
    well very good work...shuffle in the bg look so cool
    red color for Mugen : good choice ^^

    thx for this cool wallpaper


  13. shinsengumi Retired Moderator Jul 03, 2005

    Oh wow, Tama. . . that's absolutely brilliant!

    Mugen doing his breakdance-jutsu really is the perfect subject for an iPod advertisement, and the Shuffle just suits him perfectly. I don't know if it's intentional, but that the shuffle logo evokes the infinity symbol, which Mugen took as his personal signature, which makes it that much more fitting. Excellent choice of subtitle text, by the way!

    Love it; definitely a favorite!

  14. nighthawk51 Jul 03, 2005

    Cool! true to the style of the series and the ipod ads both. Great work!

  15. kawaiiguy Jul 04, 2005

    Wow. That totally rocks. I have a new favorite wallpaper. Too iPods can't have wallpapers...

    Why not Mugen Style (instead of Champloo Style)?

  16. shinorei Jul 04, 2005

    I love all your i-pod wallpaper advertisments. They are so cool. :D
    And this featuring Samurai Champloo...XD So champloo-ish. ^^

  17. Daren206 Jul 05, 2005

    great work!!! very clean and smooth.....never thought an ipod shuffle and champloo would ever mix......nicely done ^^

  18. AnimexXxHolic009 Jul 05, 2005

    oh cool...how did tama neko do dat? anywayzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz...me add to ffav! bye bye! ^.^

  19. shindou13 Jul 07, 2005

    i really love this wallpaper that it's on my desktop right now.. i did change it to green though, to better match it w/the XP's theme.

  20. Noku-sama Jul 08, 2005

    O.O, i would say just 1 word but they won't let me put the 1 word when 1 word is really needed, sick

  21. kucing Jul 09, 2005

    hahaha.... i really like it ...
    can i make it ky sig or avatar ?? .. can i :nya:

  22. Naota85 Jul 12, 2005

    Makes me want to get an Ipod since thats one of my fav. charaters!!!! XD :nya: :D :)

  23. bobobob Jul 16, 2005

    dude that is really cool. mugen and ipod. that would be cool if ipod put that in a commercial one day.

  24. KareKanoFAN Jul 16, 2005

    ooohhh I LOVE mugen IM gonna PUT THIS ON MY favorites mugen AND JIN ARE hot!!

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