Noir Wallpaper: [Noir : le Deuxieme Mouvement]

Noir, Mireille Bouquet Wallpaper
Noir Series Mireille Bouquet Character

1280x960 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

OMFG! %$@%@$^@!!!!! T_T i did alot of work to vector the damn scan and then my freakin comp froze!!! ....
:hmpf: anyway new wall for you all. it woulda looked nicer but ill re vector it later.
the original concept was made when i was a noob XD and no one noticed because it was so bad. it really used the same idea of a scan of effiel tower
and stuff but it was just plain extract and paste. now its fresh and shiny XD sunrise in paris with mireille pointing a gun at you. ^^'

enjoy. the thumbnail looks like total crap too T_T

im so pissed now >.< i think ill go to sleep

EDIT: added 'u' to title...i cant spell anymore @_@

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  1. Rizy123 May 08, 2005

    too harsh on yaself ^_^
    i like it, jus tad too simple for my liking :( but the sunset/sunrise looks good..
    Havent seen Noir intruiging :)

  2. Odysseus May 08, 2005

    Very nice wall. It has one of those, peaceful deadly feelings to it... well disregarding that oxymoron, Everything in the background is well detailed, it and the character is pretty clean considering it isn't vectored. (I hate it when comps destroy all your work in one swift blow.) Your placement of the title for the wall is pretty nice and creative. Looks like a lit sign or something. Great work.

  3. kara May 08, 2005

    Looks awesome^^ You integrated the eiffel tower scan into the wall extremely well and the composition looks great.
    But the bottom of the lampposts are kinda... weird. Looks like they're floating...
    But great job!

  4. Ayamael May 08, 2005

    really nice bg... i think your title misses a "u" at Movement... but you didn't forget it in the wall XP i like the colours of the sunset... it could almost look peaceful... if it weren't for girl pointing a gun at us loll good job!

  5. skysong May 08, 2005

    Very cool wall, great idea for the theme. I like the pic you used, and the bg goes very well with it. Nice job!

  6. LucyXlostangelwings May 08, 2005

    Aaaahhhhh, best Noir wll i've seen!! XD
    It's just gorgeous! The colors all fit and the Tower looks brilliant!
    The sunset really is dazzling!
    This is a definite favie! XD

  7. Tatsuya May 08, 2005

    nice wall, and good idea! luv the sunset color! thank for sharing

  8. EternalParadox Retired Moderator May 08, 2005

    Woot Mireille!!!!

    I remember being on that bridge!!!!! yay!!!! I like this wall. good job with the sunset backdrop. Makes a nice demi-sillouette design.

  9. evilsesshomaru May 08, 2005

    nice nice wall!!!! I love noir!!!! The bg is perfect....!!!!! ADD!!!

    See ya! :D

  10. ProjectDRacing May 08, 2005

    That is probably the best setting I have seen for noir wallpaper. I looks really great.

  11. hykyit May 08, 2005

    Wow~!! What a cool wallpaper~!! The background is really wonderful!! Love it~!! Keep up the good work!! ^^

  12. slivermoon May 08, 2005

    concept is really good
    the sky is really good too
    the whole thing looks nice
    i love the effiel tower part! >.<

  13. Auralis May 08, 2005

    Excessive usage in prerendered backgrounds are bad for the wallers. *slaps everyone who does* The clouds need more detail and the ones behind the tower need to be cleaned up. It looks like you took a solid brush and ran it through. The leaves do not look good when it is silouhetted [<-- spelled that wrong X_X] You should go for a warm, dark orange color I think. And I absolutely hate where the text is placed; its smack down in the main focus of the wallpaper. It right there!! *points to it* The brush on that hill on the left are too big or too far apart. It makes it look like the hill is going to break apart. =_=

  14. levitan May 08, 2005

    looks awesome frnd.. bg is so coool... i luv noir.. shez sooo.. sexy.. n bst of all da whole thng looks beautiful.. wondrful mastrpiece.. bravooo..^-^

  15. Kiako May 08, 2005

    nice wallpaper, the background goes very well with the chara.
    keep it up

  16. Coordinator May 08, 2005

    Noir wallpaper... Cool, I love Noir so much :D.
    I think you made very cool wallpaper. I like especially the concept ^_^.
    btw: what does le Deuxieme means? I can't speak french >_<

  17. pegassuss May 08, 2005

    Beautiful wall!! It's really nice!
    I love the colour you chosed I think it fits her really well.
    And I just love the composition!! :D the placing for everything is great!
    The scan is good, and the details are great!
    Great job! Keep it up! ^^

  18. DarkCrimson May 08, 2005

    Oh wow ^^
    Very stylish looking Wall from you^^
    Great Job with the Background.I like the Idea with the Eifel-Tower in the Back.
    I add this wonderfull Work from you to my Favs.
    Thanks a lot for sharing^^

  19. Scarlet May 08, 2005

    Wow. I simply adore the Eiffel tower and the leaves effect as they stand out against the sunset sky... It's really beautiful and has a lot of grace and style...

    Amazing job, once again, Kai!


  20. nekosasu May 08, 2005

    very nice idea with the eiffel tower kai, you did a great work ^^
    the sunset is very soothing, i love it; though some clouds are a bit too blurred imo.
    but everything else is great xD keep the good work up :)
    see ya take care

  21. asianspirit May 08, 2005

    aw man! you're comp froze while doin' a wall? o_0 this is what i've leanred: "save" is your friend. XD

    neways, excellent wall you have here, kai. this is a wonderful atmosphere of paris. and mireille looks great! keep up the good work, kai!

  22. Holt May 08, 2005

    Nicely done tower. Fits in well with the sky and scenery.
    The scan extraction could use some work. Maybe some blending around the hair?
    A great concept. Great work. Keep it up!

  23. Kougaxgirl May 08, 2005

    omg i love the background......its so pretty!...omigod i just love it but the girl is very pretty too! i never seen noir....i hear it is very good hotugh! but haha your hilarious! your lil outburst was so cute! i can't say i don't know what you went through....but thats another story for another day! anyway you really did do a great job on this wallpaper....just like all the others......lol.......yes well i'm goin to shut up now but anyawy thanks for the wallpaper! XP tootles!

  24. Cadi May 08, 2005

    its a awsome wallie! the sky is so pretty against the dark surroundings! its so nice! +fav!

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