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Noir, Kirika Yuumura Wallpaper
Noir Series Kirika Yuumura Character

1280x960 Wallpaper

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Ok so here's my second wallpaper.
It's also my first take on a grunge one, i hope i suceeded just a bit.
It seems like it took ages to finish it. I started it sth like two or three months ago right after seeing this awesome CG fanart http://gallery.minitokyo.net/view/21446/ , still i'm afraid i did little justice to the original. I just felt i have to wall it, even though i really didn't like Noir at all.Well what i learned along the way (god of the wired, bless the tutorials) is that i have a hell lot to learn about the PS. It took me sth like 30-40 h of work scatterd along the time of those three months. It has sth about 25 layers in it. Never did sth like this before -_-'. Well i hope you like it - it's just my little addition to the amount of data floating here on the digital spiderweb.

Edit: I uploaded another version. The font got messed up somehow in the previous one.
Ahh and please leave a comment, let me know what's wrong, thank you.

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  1. echidnaboy726 Apr 28, 2005

    Ooh, nice! The words, colours and the picture all go well together. Keep it up, yo!

  2. sadbird Apr 28, 2005

    wow, this is really nice, the background is also awesome, great one fav+ ( of course )

  3. szwagier Apr 28, 2005

    Hmm...I thought You dislike Noir :P Well the Wall is pretty good imho... I don't see anything that I could possibly criticize :)

  4. Kotter Apr 29, 2005

    Ze tez Ci sie chcialo tyle nad tym siedziec. BraWo! ^__^

  5. miyuna Apr 29, 2005

    i like the font and the patterns and stuff in ur background. the colors all blend very well. n_n. it's very good, ,as usual. n_n

  6. heavens-Dragon Apr 30, 2005

    Wowies! You keep getting better at making wallpapers, KnightofLain! Great job at your first grudge wall! The colours are great and the fonts is so cool! Matches the feeling nicely! Hmm...though I think the scan should blend more with the background around her head, stands out alittle too much but overall wonderful job!

  7. markjo May 01, 2005

    The colours are very nice and the overall idea is very good, though personally I'd prefer right-side oriented composition.

  8. gema May 04, 2005

    + impressive! as few people said colors are really nice, I like composition & text & girl's nightdress ;)

  9. charaznableamurorei May 09, 2005

    I'm kinda reminded of this MT Moderator submission by sarak when I look at the 'building/city silhouettes' in the BG (are those building silhouettes, btw? I must be seeing things...) ... http://gallery.minitokyo.net/view/100391/ ... as if you're trying to say that the city/building silhouettes are representative of the vast/overwhelming amount of info (sometimes it doesn't really matter whether the info is real, fake, verified or falsified, right? Only the volume!) on the web, akin to a bustling metropolis (but unlike a city wherein there are aplenty of restrictions, the internet remains free - or is it?).

    But you seemed to have really made the city/building silhouettes transparent (?), almost unnoticeable? And the chara standing out clearly, too clearly. Did you want to emphasize her, since she represents like a net system administrator or (closer to 'virtual home') like a MT moderator? And the chara is her virtual representation? ^^

    Oooo! This is almost like your submission of an MT Moderator wallpaper! Again, back to sarak's doujinshi, Guardians: I was also going to describe here that her figure in the middle of the trio seems so innocent, 'nice' and 'pure'.... just like Kirika in your wall (especially with the orangey, light effect you made). But maybe that's just image (or a projection/representation), since the wall is about the web or a virtual world, where images/signs reign supremely. So, the 'mod' here is image, a representation of her virtual functions as maybe acting as pr... (the gun as her banning/restricting/admin powers)...

    And the text/lyrics as her credo of sorts... no, not a credo, but more like an ode of sorts... sounds as if she got heartbroken on the internet or something... and she had to 'ban' whomever hurt her or something...

    Oh, and you might want to compare-and-contrast stuff with this wall! http://gallery.minitokyo.net/view/21725/ ... I actually had a little laugh, because both of your walls used the 'innocent-gal' theme and contrasted that with the backgrounds you created... theme-wise, both are kinda similar (impending death in crapmonster's wall; concealed/masked amount of vast information in your wall; then contrast with that of Kirika's innocence)... which got me into thinking, striving to be original really is futile around this virtual place... 'making sense?

    Yikes, almost zero technical commentary on this one, KnightOfLain-friend! (as expected... sorry!) Oh, 'see you're recycling fonts from Elysium... ^_^ I'm really beginning to think that you should post that 'banner' sometime soon... that was really lovely... especially the brambles... off-topic!

  10. Cyruz May 29, 2005

    Purely amazing, great pic you chose there and the concept of the wallpaper is very nice.

    I ike it a lot :).

    (sorry if I can't keep up with the length of the other comments here :p)

  11. winxfairykay Jun 12, 2005

    Wow.....I can really see how much work you put into it! Its a very good wallie!
    I like it alot!
    *thumbs up and adds to favs*

  12. mirlune Aug 15, 2005

    i love noir and kirika is my fav chara. the colors you choose for the bg are fantastic and the writing matches really! go on! ^^

  13. jaszi5 Sep 29, 2005

    I love it! Awesome...your use of color is great too...


  14. marcosmos Mute Member Dec 06, 2009


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