Ragnarok Online Wallpaper: Sweet Dreams

Ragnarok Online, Poring, Swordman (Ragnarok Online), Occupations Wallpaper
Ragnarok Online Game Poring Character Swordman (Ragnarok Online) Character Occupations Meta

1280x960 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Hmm... what can I say? This is really made without much inspiration, can't say I'm very happy with the result but I guess it's alright... I just really like the scan. Poring pillow *snickers* Umm.. the scan's from MT scan gallery, can't remember whose it was, sorry >< Geffen was the only place I could think of that has a scenery like this so yeah...
Anyway, comment and improvement suggestions really welcome.

EDIT: Wah! I tried updating this wall but it stuffed up and now I'm left with a silly black thumbnail T_T
OH! But you if you download it, it still works! Thanks crewcifix for telling me that!

EDIT 2: Yay! Finally completely alive again! *cheers*

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  1. hykyit Apr 14, 2005

    Hmmmm....Im not really good in making wallpapers myself as I've only made two of them but maybe my suggestion will help? I think the mountain and tree is done really nicely! Maybe i'll need you to teach me next time! I think the sky and the grass needs more work on it though~ Well, its really a nice try!! Keep it up!!! ^^

  2. Aa-chan Apr 14, 2005

    The character and the background fit so well and I love the pose of the character, so cute ^^ .
    +fav from me :) .

  3. cygnus Apr 14, 2005

    Actually, very good composition...but the grass need more combined colors, lighter at front darken at the back or vic versa, depending on the light source you've made. I assume you can lighten the back part of your grass field ^^ The sky still looks empty, add some birds will make the blissful feeling come up more...

  4. Yina Apr 14, 2005

    XD XD XD sweeeeet!!! I love this scan!!! The little monster is sooo cute!!! Great work on the composition!! The tree with the falling leafes are beautiful and I also like the bg with the mountains.. fits great to the atmosphere :D I think cygnus is right.. the grass is too dark. It seems that the light is coming from the right.. so I would add more shadows on the left where the girl is sleeping. I think that birds on the sky are unnessecary.. because the wallie would be overloaded.. otherwise the wallie is great!! +fav :)

  5. Acuni Apr 14, 2005

    like the wallpaper ou have done a great background and the chara is sweet
    hope to see more

  6. Kiako Apr 14, 2005

    the wallpaper is very beautiful and it also has a good scenary.
    the water effect is good and the sign isn't that disturbing

  7. snuffy Apr 14, 2005

    *sniff sniff*

    the jealousy is overwhelming~!!!

    you always have such beautiful scenery and the scan goes so welll with it all....
    tho i must say the grass is a tad too dark..... and not much variation in colors... [not that im one to talk]


    keep up to the great work~!!! ^^

  8. shiwei Apr 14, 2005

    wow... a cute wallpaper u have make
    background is great, that proing so funny and cute... ^^
    like the mountain and water very much... *thumb up*
    she sweet too, nice work, keep it up, add fav :)

  9. bbls Apr 14, 2005

    awwww...this is such a cute wallie...i luv the background with the lake, mountains, and the grass! and the leaves are also a really nice touch. the girl blends in so nicely with your background, but perhaps the tree trunk could use a little more work. i luv the overall feel of your wallie...it's very peaceful! definitely a fave for me :)

  10. ayumu11 Apr 15, 2005

    The wallpaper is very nice done
    Cloudnine this is a beautiful wallpaper!

  11. AnFeRnEe Apr 15, 2005

    now this is a nice wallie! u didnt use any shiny effects on it which is good i think, and its simple! gives me a peaceful feelin' :) its good u didnt overcrowd the scenery with extra stuff like birds...
    good 2 c sumfin different! keep it up!

  12. delusioned Apr 15, 2005

    You always find good pics to work with ... (what's your secret?!)

    Another pretty wallpaper ...the only thing that I would change would probably have more variation in colour in the grass - it will make it look kinda more realistic. Other than that, nice!

  13. kuroimisa Retired Moderator Apr 15, 2005

    It's good XD I just think the grass may need different lengths... it doesn't look like a place where people go to mow the grass regularly :P
    *thumbs up* (^_^)b keep it going

  14. KittyCyn Apr 18, 2005

    Awww it ish sooo cute XD I love totally the Colors! They're soo bright and lovely! The BG is very pretty I like a lot the tree, the leaves are very well made :D The water ish also Gr8!

    BTW: do you have bigger resolutions? Like: 1280x960 please?

    Keep it up* ;)

  15. FeiMT Apr 19, 2005

    uhuuuuu!!!! I really love the female swordys.. XD
    nice wallpaper kara....hummm.....just as KittyCyn said...do you have 1280x960 resolution? :o

  16. Endheion Apr 22, 2005

    Very good composition, the chara fit the BG XD . Its so cute ^^

  17. lthnadml Apr 23, 2005

    ok the grass looks beautiful and nice colours
    actually I am really amazed by the background
    and the leaves are so realistic !!!!
    sky is really good and everything else is too hehe

  18. crewcifix Apr 25, 2005

    oooh.. RO wall.. though i've never played the game, i do watch the animation. and yeah..i can see what you mean by dead. but no worries, if you download it, it still might work.. and it's rathre pretty too. :)

  19. Kenryo Jun 21, 2005

    real good pics, the bg is ok but the leaves dun look real enough.

  20. leekheng Jul 08, 2005

    its beautiful..
    loves the scan.....

  21. yuiyui01 Jul 18, 2005

    how can you say you're not satisified with the result? this wallie looks really cute my XD
    it may be not as detailed as your other ones but it's still good^^
    the girl looks cute on her sleep (or her nap or whatever it is XD)
    the BG looks a bit blurry for me...
    when that's all I can say about it, I like the grass and the tree and the sea behind ^^
    good job!

  22. sandumirabela Aug 07, 2005

    This is adorable,very kawaii!And the bcakground is very beautiful too.I love hte coulours that you used,the light they bring! :)

  23. shadygohan97 Sep 26, 2005

    its so cute and the pose is adorable, nice wall

  24. pelusaki Oct 14, 2005

    OMG, OMG, OMG *O*
    Very, very, very cute, really beautiful Swordie.
    Congrats Kara ^^

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