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*-* Yumi made another Ragnarok wallpaper, although she has stopped playing RO for almost 2 months straight <_< I just missed those ol' times T_T..

Okay back to the wallpaper ^_^ I actually had to make a banner for my friend's RO guild forum, so I thought of making a wallpaper first then cut it out into a banner itself XD (Yes, I know I'm really lazy ^^). Also because Digikb's on 40k hits so I made this wallie as a celebration, hehe ^o^~ I made it this morning, spent for about 4 hours on it -_- I seriously had no idea on the BG =.= I always make the same old bgs over & over..nyahaha~!!^^

Pfft, had trouble making mountains, mist, and even the sky >_< Sob, the tip of the sword looks weird and rounded too ain't it? O_o Hehehe ^___^;; Yumi had tried her best.

Thanks to Kyroooo for the awesome scan ^__^
And also to my petbrother, Shike, for giving me his opinions ^_^ not forgetting to mention, Kashi (exentric) as well..although it wasn't much but still at least something XD hehehe *hugs all of you :3*

note: my type of night wallpaper's always brighter than the usual scene of a night time. Refer to my da capo wallpaper.. http://gallery.minitokyo.net/view/74384/ Don't ask why ._.

All comments, favs, good/bad critiques are appreciated ^____^
More resolutions at Digikb.tk ^^

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  1. Asahi Apr 10, 2005

    haa.. the first fav ! wow yumi - chan what a wonderful & beautifull work !! i like the colors and the atmophere in it . it works good for the chara ! the mountains are nice, the sky is nice the clouds are nice too. i dont find a bad point in it ~ its a fav ! :nya:

  2. diamarrr Apr 10, 2005

    the sword looks like a bun on a handle.....is she feeding it to her pet or something........muahahah *evil laugh* not anywhere near your previous wallies??u berkarat (no one else needs to know what it means) already??well its still nice la ...i dont dare to say more as i cant make wallies >.<
    i guess i'll just say the sword has a problem a big problem ;)

  3. Yumi-Chan Apr 10, 2005

    yes i berkarat edi >_> I thought I did since forever.. hehz >_< thanks for comments anyways ^_^

  4. TetsuoDark Apr 10, 2005

    Hey yumi ....perfect timing *Hugs*.. I just logged on 3 minutes after you posted it ..... I wanted to be the first to say ..awsome JOB ! ...but Asahi beat me too it .. I'm really digging the sky ... it looks very natural to the scene..everything looks smooth. I'm working on a wall myself and seeing killer wallpapers like this one is motivation... keep up the good work Yumi and I'll keep Favin' them ... later .

    TetsuoDark.....some like it Dark ^_^ .....

  5. ayanechan Apr 10, 2005

    yumi-chan! u made a wallie O.O i thought it usually takes you more than a day to make a wallie? O.O lol clouds are too bright for night time -.- lessen the opacity on that ... you might wanna add some texture on the mountains it's a little too smooth :X not your best wallie :S

  6. euna Retired Moderator Apr 10, 2005

    yumi makes another wallie~~ YAY!
    yumi-chan having trouble making wallies?? impossible! >__<
    omg omg... i want the sword!! *steals it*
    and the mood of this wallie is just great!
    so tense >__<
    and it's all purple!
    looks awesome *fav*

  7. KittyCyn Apr 10, 2005

    Hi my sweetie friend Yumi! As I said B4! Wowwwwww excellent wallie of Ragnarok! XD
    Kitty luvs it! I like a lot the mood the whole scene has...specially those mountains...look awesome! the colors fit excellent with the scan! Overall it's gr8!
    +Favieeeee weeeee :3*
    c U little girl! ^_^ *hugs*

  8. ShiroiLina Apr 10, 2005

    such a nice wallie :D love the feeling to it.. nice colour scheme! yes maybe the sword.. is the only thing i find strange.. but its quite good nonetheless! keep it up :D awesome wallie as always Yumi-Chan! :D

  9. mirkoemir Apr 10, 2005

    It's a good image from Ragnarok Art ... thx!!!

  10. Kiako Apr 10, 2005

    the wallpaper looks nice, the colors of the background go well with the charas hair^^

  11. tuxedotservo Apr 10, 2005

    Yumi-chan! (glomp) It's been ages since I've commented on something from you, ne? ^^

    i like the background. It's got a surreal mystic to it that's very - I don't know - dark (as in the mood).

    The sword tip does kind of look odd - but it looks like that in the scan, too. I think your bg just brought it out more. I suppose it *could* be fixed - but the effort would probably be high.

    Anyway - like it. Going to use it. Thanks for it ^^

  12. shyxsakura Retired Moderator Apr 10, 2005

    this looks like an old painting or scroll .. *-* yu noe those .. thosethosethose olldd olldd scrolls? ^-^ it looks like that .. ...

    the scan rocckkkss!! *-* it looks so uber uber smooth and soft .. *pets THE GIRLIIE*

    the white stuff at the top .. looks better as MIST .. not clouds ..~<3 ^.~ looks more moremomoooreee mysterious that way ..

    -o- oh yah ..

    *envy ENVY ennvvvyy*

    .. >.> saki wants to make mountain like yu .. ;____; *envy ENVY ENVY*


  13. Furikuu Apr 11, 2005

    Nice wall ;d
    i like how you worked the forest into the scene, so it rises up out of the dark. The clouds over the tops of the hills looks a bit patchy though, so I'm not sure if it's meant to be fog or the hills should be in the distance. The night sky is well done too and the lens flare somehow seems right, even if there isn't a light source for it :P

  14. zaira Apr 11, 2005

    Quote by asahihaa.. the first fav ! wow yumi - chan what a wonderful & beautifull work !! i like the colors and the atmophere in it . it works good for the chara ! the mountains are nice, the sky is nice the clouds are nice too. i dont find a bad point in it ~ its a fav !

    i agree too!! +fav!

  15. shinorei Apr 11, 2005

    Ooh..the sword looks a bit I dunno...curved? :D Kawaii~! -hugs Yumi-Chan's wallie- Hmm..what character is this supposed to be? The hair and face reminds me of the crusader in the animation but the clothes don't look like it. Assassin? Hmm....wait..knight? @_@ Okay,I give uo~ But anyway, really great background, I don't think all your backgrounds are the same-lah. They're just your style or trademark. ^.^ +favvie! RO rocks~!

  16. OracleAngel Retired Moderator Apr 11, 2005

    It needs the glowing eyes of monsters in the bush so it would actually got with the theme of the wall....But in anycase i like the bg on top of the wall and the chracter is so badass...
    Nice job as always Yumi!

  17. Devilet Apr 11, 2005

    ahh, yessie, me remembers playing RO too... but even longer than 2 months ago for me --nodsnods--
    don't think Devi will ever touch that game again ..... --sighs-- too much painful memories...
    --slaps self-- ack! alright, to the wallie Yumi-chan did! o___o;;

    is very nice nice, I like the dark background, it works well with the scan, night incorporation of the text too, liking the forest in the distance, nice work!
    adding to favies ^_____^

  18. Hita Apr 11, 2005

    Very nice wall ^___^ like the colors.. and think sky is really beautyfull.. =* .*=

    ~ro forever ^^v~

  19. exelro Apr 11, 2005

    so cool wallpaper XD background look very nice and blend with sword girl so good .

  20. GintheTwilightswords Apr 11, 2005

    Ok, so the end of the sword looks awkward, but the scan still looks cool ^uu^. Ahh, night bgs, I luv 'em :D . Looks really good, I like ther purple tint to it, very lovely :) . Beautiful job Yumi :) .

  21. Mordin Apr 11, 2005

    wow nice wallie, the texture is so smooth, and color is very vivid, the bg is very beautiful. Overall the blending is super, very nice wallie. :)

  22. Frosty Apr 12, 2005

    woo nice wallie. ^^
    looks really good but I must say that the sword on this image looks alittle off... XP hehe.. ^^
    got a nice night bg to match it very nicely. ^^
    looks pretty good yumi-chan. ^^
    B+ and +fav for a nice wallie. ^^

  23. sammo Retired Moderator Apr 12, 2005

    i enjoyed the simplicity of the night scenery... it's actually a nice transition from everyone who like to add huge moon :]

  24. gundragon Apr 12, 2005

    Me like sword * keep looking at the sword*
    It is really nice and it look like a painting :)

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