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XD My first vector! I made this last month and I think I took around 5 days to complete it.Pwease don't keel me, I never really tried vectoring before ._." And I don't have adobe illustrator..
Hmmm, I chose this scan coz I thought maybe I should start vectoring something simpler first! ^^ Erm, I've forgotten when I got the scan from -.- Hit me please..><
I wanted to make a wallpaper out of this vector, just that my bg idea couldn't come out -.-" No inspiration..
Hope it's good..comments are all welcomed ^^

edit: o_o if you guys wana use it for wallpapers, I really don't mind ^^ Just credit me would be fine XD..

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  1. Rebel-Soul-Kaze Feb 28, 2005

    ^^ i like it,i know that vectoring is hard ...so hard T-T. ._.U i even know that you can use Illustrator xD,i use PS on mine ._. ...
    Anyway ^^,is an amazing work,i like the eyes,but for some reason o.oU,the hand looks weird,i dont no why,maybe the lack of shadows or details,anyway ^^,is not a big thing,keep the good work

  2. raxis Feb 28, 2005

    hee~~ aoi-chan is sooo kawaii~~~ ^^
    nice scan!!
    fav!! :)

  3. ocelotisun Feb 28, 2005

    Wow.. It's really nice for your first time... :) ... You did a great job on the eyes and hair they look smooth... ;) ... Don't worry about not having Illustrator... Photoshop is a lot easier to use... don't have to worry about clipping masks... :hmpf: ... And as long as you use only the pen tool, it's a vector... :) ... See you around! ;)

  4. belmikry Retired Moderator Feb 28, 2005

    very nice vector yumi-chan >_<

    the detail is great, you coloured this very well >_<

  5. meteorcloud Feb 28, 2005

    waah +_+.....
    so clean =p~!!!! XD vector always clean >.>
    you did a great job +_+....first time....so good >.<~!!!!
    great job =d~!!!!

  6. Angel-Akira2004 Feb 28, 2005

    This is as beautiful doujinshi Yumi-Chan really you sure have talent :)
    Keep it going ^_^

  7. ayanechan Feb 28, 2005

    hey yumi~~~ teach me how you made the out line so straight T.T nice vector :3

  8. gundragon Mar 01, 2005

    Long time no see Yumi :)
    It look great but it look kind of werid to me :(
    Keep up the nice work ;)

  9. Athrun Mar 01, 2005

    Lots of ppl are doing vectors... I oughta try one sometime... anyway nice vectoring. It's pretty good for a first-time job.

  10. shyxsakura Retired Moderator Mar 01, 2005


    saki should start vectoring .. ^O^ this ish soo purtyfull~<33 and the colors rock! *-*

    ne nee~ *poke pokerrzz* ... wrong category .. ^-^

  11. exentric Mar 01, 2005

    so what if don't have illustrator wan.. me also use PS >_>
    not such a bad vector~ ^_^
    very nice actually~ XD
    good job good job!
    oh just one thing, what did ya use, polygonal lasso tool or pen tool? o_O

    oh and yes~
    yer sensei is back! nyahahhaha!!!! >=3

  12. Frosty Mar 01, 2005

    wow looks so nice yumi ^^
    your first vector is really clean and nice. ^^
    so much better than my first try.. XP lol... :)
    great work on this one. ^^
    +fav for a great effort. ^^

  13. hykyit Mar 01, 2005

    Wow~~ Its really good for your first try i must say... If you keep vectoring, you might just turn out to be the "Vectoring Master"~ Haha~

  14. jackalx66 Mar 01, 2005

    yumi also do vector o.o;;;;
    why lately ppl do vector <_<
    i cant vector ;_ ;
    why yumi not make wall out of it too then :3 ?
    im lost my ability to wall , i think >_<
    too many works and college task
    *pat pat yumi*
    sometime chat in irc channel , ok :3
    drag kash with u >D
    thx for ur effort and share it in here

  15. Midori-chan Mar 01, 2005

    *_* that is so nice!!
    she's so cute!!
    this is great for your first vector^^
    hmm..the hand looks a lil bit weird...bah..nevermind...awesome work Yumi-chan!!
    ganbatte ne!! +fav

  16. shinorei Mar 02, 2005

    What's vector? @_@ Sorry for being such a newbie. @_@ But the char is so kawaii! ^_^ Nice!

  17. Kurosawa Mar 02, 2005

    whoa ^_^.
    Now people do a vector xd
    i want learn too about vector :D
    hey it's really clean too XD
    Great job yumi :d

  18. d611691 Mar 02, 2005

    I love this vector, she's so cute. XD And nice vector work for your first try. XD

  19. GintheTwilightswords Mar 02, 2005

    Ok, I'll hit you!! *lightly taps her on the shoulder* Nah, I don't like hititng girls XP . For your first vector, it looks great, very crisp and clean, and the colours are pretty vivid. Wonderful job Yumi.

  20. Hita Mar 03, 2005

    mrrrrrrr good vektor ;) and very cute pic XD

  21. poths Mar 04, 2005

    first time naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa you are a pro :D :D :D :D

  22. Kurosawa Mar 04, 2005

    double post +__+

  23. gundex Mar 06, 2005

    wuah cute aoi-san... XD XD very good vector for ur first time yumi-chan...

    Quote by Rebel-Soul-Kazei know that vectoring is hard ...so hard T-T

    yep yep i'm agree with him... :D

  24. Mordin Mar 19, 2005

    wow, so detail, and you balance the shape of the girl so well. It really look alive, just wow. I love this a lot, just what kind of mad skill do you have :D a must fav for me :) good job.

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