Tenbatsu Angel Rabbie Wallpaper: Orenji no Taiyou

Chisato Naruse, Tenbatsu Angel Rabbie, Lasty Farson Wallpaper
Chisato Naruse Mangaka Tenbatsu Angel Rabbie Series,Visual Novel Lasty Farson Character

1280x1024 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

uuh >_< i'm so tired...finished the wall at 00:30 am ;_; (time: 3 hours XD..) made the water with terragen again..and i hate my shootingstars O.o..i really don't know how to make them.. ._. hm..i was depressed while making this wall, after finishing i was so happy, please don't ask why XD thats why i wanted to make a wall with a happy ending of a day ^__^..and yeah yeah those crabs are charlie and daisy!! they've got their first date!! ^__^

edit: i got the line out of her oO

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  1. DarkCrimson Feb 27, 2005

    Oh Hi hehehe.Wow you did it again.Thanks so much for this wonderfull Wallie Felasya.Cute looking girl and the Background looks simply amazing.You did a great Job with the Colors and also with the shooting Stars :D.This goes to my Favorites.Well done XD :D

  2. Shinobu13 Banned Member Feb 27, 2005

    hum nice, but i think the scan is a little too blur XD
    maybe i am wrong, but good job and kepp it like that ;)

  3. Aa-chan Feb 27, 2005

    I love this wallie. The background is stunning and the character looks as if she belongs there. Nice work indeed ^^ .

  4. lensterknight Feb 27, 2005

    Something about the water bothers me... dunno, I just know it's supposed to be like that but... well, I guess I'm just retarded when it comes to water. XD

    There's a line crossing the character, just a little below the horizon. I think you'll want to fix that.

    Personally, I think the fence somewhat clashes with the character, they had different styles. Or something. The floor could have some more work; its pieces don't seem independent enough, they just look like they're one big thing with a grid...

    The sky is really beautiful, though. Although the hawk seems a little too big... maybe I'm just being stupid, but it kinda feels like a giant hawk is coming or something. ^_^'

    I complain too much. Kill me. XD

  5. Susan-chan Feb 27, 2005

    it's really nice^^ the water look very realistc.. (yeah i know with terragen everything seems realistic:D ) and the crabs are cute to^^ :P the sky has a nice soft color^^ good job:)

  6. TheWizzard Feb 27, 2005

    As mentioned, a line crosing the char (just a little belowe the horizon) <_<

    Other than that, it looks good,
    nice job ^_^

  7. Barbara Feb 27, 2005

    Very nice wallpaper, the bg is cool, very calm and beautiful. Good job, keep it up :)

  8. Kerox Feb 27, 2005

    Wow ! I really like this pict ! The background is so beautiful with the sun !! wonderful ! :)

    Very good job. Thanks for sharing ;)

  9. chrno Feb 27, 2005

    can you make a scenic wallpaper without using terragen? never the less it is still very nice ^^

    I like those little animals charlie and daisy XD

  10. Keishu Feb 27, 2005

    *_* orenji no taiyou... I love this title ^.^ *thinks of a song with the same title* xD"~...
    I like the whole atmosphere of this wall ^__^ it gives such a warm feeling to me.
    the girl fits very well with the bg. it seems so calm and nice.
    the wall is perfect to me, apart a line crossing the chara.

  11. Sandra Feb 27, 2005

    I just want to say one thing : U are an amazing waller ! This one is just awesome ! I can see future : Your walls r gonna be in highlited submissions !

  12. Ichiru Feb 27, 2005

    The background fits nicely with the picture and the lighting effects are well done. I love the water and the little crabs ^^

  13. Asahi Feb 27, 2005

    oh my god !!! >.< that is... great. thats kick ass good OX ... i love the sunset colors.. the red and orange !! (die knickfalte da beim scan solltest du wegbekommen.. *anfleh* :hmpf: ) thats a fav.. thank you very much for this awesome work =)

  14. exelro Feb 27, 2005

    Color of sunset time is very great , it match with a girl .
    water and sky look very beautiful . great :D :D

  15. OracleAngel Retired Moderator Feb 28, 2005

    This is one of the most gorgeous walls ive seen in a while and because it came from the darkness and into the light....love the serenity, sunset and beauty of the waters and bg itself especially the character. And i love those crabs in love ! dont see that much! :)
    Anyway great job as always! ^ ^

  16. StarCentury Feb 28, 2005

    Awww, what a beautiful sunset! :) I love the perspective of the BG, the island feels so very far away! XD Plus, that and the oceans are so realistic and beautifully designed! OX Hehe, I see 2 crabs in love with each other on the bottom left! So kyoote! :nya: The scan looks great and very clean as well! :) Great work, Felesya! [+ 2 favs]

  17. Saikusa Retired Moderator Feb 28, 2005

    SO sweet and soft... the setting sun on the horison is just perfect and fits with the warm glow on her skin. You can almost feel the warm summer breeze as it blows her hair... really atmospheric, and so very very beautiful! :D

  18. Icarus Feb 28, 2005

    wow nice wallpaper, i like the little blur effect, good design for the background, beautifull sunset :)

  19. Kyuzo1 Feb 28, 2005

    Wow... amazing background o_o
    i can't find any words^^. The colors, the quality, the effects.... everything is amazing^^
    That's a fav!!! :)

  20. Luali Mar 02, 2005

    wooow... I think its beautiful! such a lovely scene... well done ^^;

    i dont think you really needed to put the shooting stars in and i dont think they look too bad though.. :) hugs!

  21. AngieTenshi Mar 04, 2005

    Very very pretty. ^_^ You did a great job with the colors, the girl is cute, and the little crabs are even cuter! :D I also liked the touch of the small island in the middle of the water, it looks interesting. Wonderful job!

  22. AngieTenshi Mar 04, 2005

    Sorry about the double post ._.

  23. sandumirabela Aug 04, 2005

    Yes you did it again!What can I say,again I am speachless!You make so kawaii wallies!Good job!Thanks for sharing it with us! :)
    Hugs!See ya! :)

  24. KwonLeeNa Nov 29, 2010

    seems to be something quite sad in this picture

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