Tenbatsu Angel Rabbie Wallpaper: Why?a question without an answer

Chisato Naruse, Kogado Studio, Tenbatsu Angel Rabbie, Lasty Farson Wallpaper
Chisato Naruse Mangaka Kogado Studio Studio Tenbatsu Angel Rabbie Series,Visual Novel Lasty Farson Character

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

a new wallie from mee~
this time its a character from Tenbatsu Angel Rabie (dun know her name tho. ^_^")
I was planning to make a night scene. since I like night scenes and all~ they're just pwetty~ XD
then I saw this beautiful scan uploaded by Jin ( http://gallery.minitokyo.net/view/1930/ ).
plus her kinda sad face made it just perfect for what I had in mind~ ^_^

this wall is just a simple one. I wanted to make a nice and simple looking background to fit her.
went kinda well I suppose. ^_^
comment away~ XD

oh yah, I hate the thumbnail >_>
ugly >_>

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  1. shougeki Jan 01, 2005

    :D havent seen the anime before
    but this wall looks nice =)
    especially like the font for the "why"
    what font is that btw XD
    pretty nice job ^^

  2. mezzed Jan 01, 2005

    woah thats an awesome job there like your other walls also....fav for me..^_^ :nya:

  3. bromithia Retired Moderator Jan 01, 2005

    The thumbnail looks horrible, but the wallpaper is very good. Great job on the whole scene, it looks really pretty. Maybe the stars need some work, and the moon shouldnt be 'transparent'. Great wallpaper though. +favorite

  4. dans Jan 01, 2005

    it's simple but really pretty. very nice.
    *two thumbs up* a fav. :D

  5. Siloh Banned Member Jan 01, 2005

    Truely. Black has never been so beautiful. It is wallpapers like this that make the quirks of MT seem insignificant. :)

  6. Celessa Retired Moderator Jan 01, 2005

    A plain, simple - star-like background, all shrouded in darkness - very cool indeed - and the character seems to mesh well with the background, wonderful choice. Happy New Year! This is so cool. ^_^

  7. shinorei Jan 01, 2005

    *nods in agreement* Yeah,I love night scenes.They are so pretty and calming to look at.^.^ About your wallpaper,the girll is so cute!! Look at her eyes,they are so big and cute like the pussy cat's in Shrek 2.^.^ +fav

  8. euna Retired Moderator Jan 01, 2005

    big bro Kash~~~ yay! another wallie~~
    very pretty simple looking bg - perfect for the scan!
    I luv that soft glow around her (i dunno her name either!) and the meteorites are cool! Very nice! *fav*

    btw, Happy New Year !!

  9. Amaranth Jan 01, 2005

    oooh very pretty^^
    I love the butterflies
    and how she looks like she glows
    ooohooh and the shooting star ....* makes a wish * XD
    !!!!Happy New Year!!!!

  10. Kikoz Jan 01, 2005

    I like the scene for the bg!!!
    it's really fitted with the char!!^^
    Happy new year!!

  11. Raiyne Jan 01, 2005

    I love the starry background. :)
    And she looks sooo cute. XD
    Good work!

  12. ShiroiLina Jan 01, 2005

    nice and simple but beautiful in its simplicity *-* :D love it excentric :D keep it up :D :D :D

  13. Yumi-Chan Jan 01, 2005

    waahaaa new wallie ^o^!!
    I like the scan t___t So nice!! XD Hahahha..
    yeaah the star field's nice ^o^~~!!
    oh the moon rawks too.. isit a bulan sabit? x_x;
    coz if not den da moon's transparent X3
    Night butterfliezz XD even the font is nice ^^;;
    aaand Ofcourse I'll fav it >:P

  14. Nayako Jan 01, 2005

    Great wallie =)
    i love everything on it-stars, moon, butterflies and even grass XD
    Beautiful wallpaper!!!!

  15. Septillion Jan 01, 2005

    nice wallie, though i'll have to say that it's possibly too dark. but still i like how you've made this simplistic wall. gotta love the butterflies ;)

  16. ayanechan Jan 01, 2005

    :D once again another space wallie >.< kashi-niisan is good at that ne? =X great job on it!

  17. RedDevil13 Jan 01, 2005

    I LOVE this wallpaper it looks really good. I also really like the scan. Keep it up.

  18. RonWeasley Jan 01, 2005

    it's awesome!! lovely walli!! i like the bg!! ^0^

  19. Kurosawa Jan 01, 2005

    wow... really simple,but I like it ^o^. The scan is very cute too ^^.
    i really like the butterflly too ^^ . Really match with the chara ^^.
    Another great job from you :D

  20. Sandra Jan 01, 2005

    Woow/Exee nice wall.I can't say anything bad about it :] It looks kinda simple i think . . . But it's still a great work ! Adding to favs :]

  21. MirageA Jan 01, 2005

    I like your walls,
    the sky is beautiful in the night with many stars on it,
    it looks pretty cool and look realistic too.
    Great job!! :)

  22. Midori-chan Jan 01, 2005

    wow! another good wall!! i just love dark colored bgs!!
    the scan is really cute!
    great job!

  23. darkwaterbunny Jan 01, 2005

    wow!!!!! It is another good wallie, I love the dark >:D But maybe more shooting stars in the background would be nice, not like all over the place, but maybe a few more. But bleh, its still good without that ^_^ great job! fav!

  24. StarCentury Jan 01, 2005

    Such a beautiful wall from a cool friend, exentric! :) The expression of that girl is so pretty, and the BG is simple, yet atmospheric! You seem to make the best walls every chance u get! Thanx for sharing, exe! ^_^V

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