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this drawing is one I done while looking at a drawing tutorial on bakaneko.. it may resemble one of the step by step tutorial there~
but I changed it at some parts quite a bit(due to critiques of friends) and added some shading..
I don't know if the shading is good but still trying to improve~

[EDIT] I made some changes to the leg and slightly to the thumb.. made the ends of the hair sharper and some others =p hope its better now~

Do comment on it if you want ^^ Thanks~~

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  1. bucket-shot Feb 22, 2005

    Zomg.. I think I remember seeing this pose and clothes combo in a tut before. XD <lol> But it wasn't bakaneko's, hehe~

    Well! :) What to say? This is pretty good for following a tut. ^_^' I always find tuts hard to follow. Hm.. well. A bit of crit? The length of a person's foot is generally the length of their forearm. XD So your figure's right foot is a bit short.

    The shading's about right. :) Just try not to stick to the outlines so much (vary the thickness of shadow next to outlines more.. if that makes sense ^_^'). It'll help make the figure look less 2D.

    For the hair, sharpen your pencil and try to taper the ends of the bangs and things a bit more. XD Because hair is fine (and not clumpy), the ends of the lines should be sharp.

    Can't think of anything more to say at the moment. :) Ganbatte, ne? *high fives mw* XD

  2. chisana Feb 22, 2005

    wow, MadWiz, this is your best drawing yet! The shading is so nice, you learned it already? Great! About the chara... the pose is good and the other things too, but maybe his foot is a bit short, like bucket-shot said... But you can correct it easily :) The face is cute again, I like how you draw faces ^_^ hehe... I'm still waiting, maybe one day there will be a colored one too...if you don't try it, you don't know the result ;) But this one turned out pretty good! I hope to see other great drawings from you soon :D

  3. meteorcloud Feb 22, 2005

    hmz.....*MC rofls* xd~!!!! this guy looks zo funny XD~!!!!!
    the shadings are not bad =D~!
    hmz....whan some comment =O????here you go:
    the foot(shoe) looks like a brick +_+....the thumb isn't round enough =O....
    the pant's looks really thck.....(the part from the hips if you drawn the edge a little bit thinner it looks a bit better ^^") at last...the head >.>....uhm....I dunno why that stripe is there on the neck....looks like a doll now +_+ (or is it a doll =p???) anda...the face...looks like it's paste on a stick...(neck)....it looks weird but also funny ^_^"........
    keep the works mw =d~!!!!

  4. Mordin Feb 22, 2005

    The drawing is pretty nice, the body is balance, and I believe you could do more with the shading. [edit]I see you made the change on the thumb, very nice[/edit] I see you got the legs down this time, they are very nice. your best work as of yet Mad. :)

  5. calisqo Feb 22, 2005

    wow i think this is a nice outcome form the tutorial ^_^
    awesome pose and the face experssion is also nice
    propotion is also pretty good ^^
    shadowing is alright althought i think u can do more with your potential ^_^

    keep it up, u're only getting better with more drawings

  6. peachiemint Feb 22, 2005

    madwiz has mad skills w/ a pencil! tee hee! great doodle. like da girl in the picture, i give u a thumbs up as well for the pretty drawing. keep it up XD

  7. jingjing1208 Feb 23, 2005

    ha,this doujinshi is very nice done!^_^But the thumbs up's hand is a little bit strange,but still very nice!^_^ ++fav! Keep it up,Madwiz!^_^

  8. studio Feb 23, 2005

    Oh, more shading :D
    *crys to death with happeeness*
    Body's great, but maybe you could try faster strokes on the hair, looks more natrual. ^-^
    Fav for mee, well done wizzee~

  9. chibi-lizard Feb 23, 2005

    ~hee~ mad-kun has improved a lot !
    the shading ish better..
    i think the body isn't a lil balance. the neck looks thin, arm ish ok.. but the legs look fatter ?..
    and the foot looks a lil small to fit her size.
    anyway.. keep it up.. you're improving ! :D

  10. MouriRan Feb 24, 2005

    wow.....great doujinshi!!
    i like how u did da shading in on da pants, n da drawing itself!
    excellent job! but i do think da neck shoould be a lil wider? kekeke...maybe its just meh
    neways, good job, and Ranz lookin forward to c more of ya works, k? XD

  11. Drak Feb 26, 2005

    Nice. This guys face kinda reminds me of Son Goku from 'Dragonball' :D .
    And let me guess what that 'mw' on his t-shirt means ;) .
    Nice pic.

  12. acid-awakening Feb 27, 2005

    great original :D ^^,.... not so lazy do this now r u lol heheh
    nice eyes and pose,..... nice body and face 2 :D ^^ nice shadowing there :D ^^
    1 slight problem,.... y is there a line on her neck there??
    anywayz,..... the rest is all good,... great overall :D ^^ thanx for sharing,... catch u later

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