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yar, they come in a pack of four....lol
hiya minna, just wanna thank u all for ur comments and favs so far! i get back to uni soon so i havnt had time to reply or write comments and i am really sorry! i will get there but itll take a while.
anyway, this is my black pheonix..the guardian of my wind/air stone...i wanted to do it in a different way thus its not as creature like as my dragon...more symbolic i guess..
all these characters have human form and they come from my orginal story "the creation stones".
i really hope it meets expectations and i look forward to hearing from u all!

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  1. Ayamael Feb 21, 2005

    omg... and yet again you succeed at amazing me... ^^, you're gonna have to give me some drawing tips loll and yes, it's going to my fave as well... i love everything about it, the wings, the feathers, the shades... (i'm a little jealous i must say T_T ) anyways, it's breathtakingly wonderful... plus, i love phoenixes ^^

  2. calisqo Feb 21, 2005

    wow Xd nice design.
    I personally like the curves in this thing XD, really elegant somehow ^^.
    Nice work on the coloring too ^^
    awesome ^^

  3. Marissa Retired Moderator Feb 21, 2005

    Oooh, this is very beautiful, it's so stylized and yet detailed, and the shading is fantastic!

  4. inochikyo Feb 21, 2005

    ^^ It looks so cool!
    Make some more cause they really stand out

  5. DarkMaiden1369 Feb 21, 2005

    very cool^^ You always seem
    to amaze me with ur pics
    ^^ *adds to favs*

  6. slivermoon Feb 21, 2005

    this drawing is lovely, as always ^-^
    the feathers are especially lovely, they look so fluffy and soft
    and i like phoenixes too, and i bet it would look even more amazing if u coloured it

  7. Paolo Feb 21, 2005

    amazing. this could alomst be a logo for a company. O.o

  8. halcyonTwilight Feb 21, 2005

    Dang...the nice clean lines and the solid colors are really nice ^^ You took the shading and took it to the next level. The feathers are awesome....can't wait until you next design/sketch...and when are you going to show me the thing that you wanted to show me? I can't wait here forever you know XD *is standing in the freezing cold*

  9. Mordin Feb 21, 2005

    nice, this is by far the your best work. I just love the pattern and the shading you did on this. good job.

  10. bucket-shot Feb 21, 2005

    Oh. Wow. x_x Just, wow... this is (sooo~ definitely!) going to be the second doujinshi piece I fave. XD Hehehe~ I love it! The three words this creature makes me think are: "Grace. Mystery. Majesty." :) Awesome stuff. Sweet design on that ball, too~<3

    And I don't know if this is intentional, but I really like the fact that the scan/bg/paper/whatever.. is a clean white down the bottom, but the bird glows blue up the top. x_x It really adds a subtle something.. and did I every say before that I love your little feather-siggy thing? XD

    Rock on. :) Keep the good stuff coming~<3 ^_^' *hopes uni is kind to you*

  11. blackchii Feb 21, 2005

    ohoho nice one toujin, very nice one. Like the shading and very artistic, cool suzaku design. a fav for me^^

  12. Kiako Feb 21, 2005

    that's an interesting drawing, i like theh way you made teh shading and the whole drawing is very beautiful.
    keep it up

  13. semanga Feb 21, 2005

    great very great draw love it sweety you make anytime so wonderful draws
    thanks for share this with us :)

  14. Oloria Feb 21, 2005

    OOoooOOOooOOOoo.....this one I like...this one i really really like. This one I like so much that I am insisting that I must see this in real life!! Oh and btw....I will come and stay over very very soon. Will call. Don't miss me too much....haha.

  15. MOnTieL Mute Member Feb 21, 2005

    MA.....GoD........very nice and the ink looks very .........ahhhggg you know.........you have a great sense of art and those things........

    very..........mmmmhhh......oh yea.......very you!!!

  16. harakiri Feb 21, 2005

    Wow, really elegant again, toujin-sama. I love the fading from black to white within the feathers.

  17. rocknroll-isgo Feb 21, 2005

    O_O How do you shade so good??? I'm amazed every time by the shading and uniqueness of the character. Well done... again! ^_^

  18. alafista Feb 22, 2005

    OMG ... this is such a cool piece of work ... the shading is done very stylishly ... great job ...I'm gonna add this to my favoiurites

  19. GintheTwilightswords Feb 22, 2005

    This looks friggin' awesome XD XD XD XD !!!!! It must of taken alot of time and patience to do that drawing in ink ( o_0 !! ) . Stellar job Toujin ^uu^ .

  20. benjaminchia Feb 23, 2005

    incredible work for this one. this shading is really strong and obvious. Strokes are not wasted here.
    Great work. I think this is of your best work!

  21. einna Feb 24, 2005

    Another amazing work! How'd you draw these anyway?O.O *amazed* Your drawing style, so far, is my most favored style because it's just so unique that whenever I see an artwork like this, I can easily tell it's from you.^___^ And your signature feather is cute as well.^^;;

    And yeah, you got another fav from your number 1 fan (am I?o.o; or is there another?)!^______^ All I can say is that you should keep more drawings coming and show the rest of the world that it is still great to be an artist!^___^

    P.S. How about make Water "creation stone" next time? XD

  22. Irmes Feb 25, 2005

    So elegant and beautiful. All those um...swirly forms (dunno how to call them) really remind me of wind. ^^

  23. Kotter Feb 25, 2005

    Really beautiful. Reminds me te cover of "Harry Potter and the Order of Phoenix". XD I t was great cover.

  24. levezzali Feb 26, 2005

    Oh Me, Oh My

    Thas really awesome, I simply loved it, it's a very professional drawing, and the details are great, I lked it very much,!
    It reminds me a Tatoo, you could make some money with it! hehe

    Anyway, a very good one!


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