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Gonzo, Gankutsuou, Eugenie Danglars, Andrea Cavalcanti Wallpaper
Gonzo Studio Gankutsuou Series Eugenie Danglars Character Andrea Cavalcanti Character

1280x960 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Happy Valentine's Day! ^^ I know this is a tad early, but I finished it and I couldn't wait. XD Dedicated to my dearest Matthew, I hope you have a wonderful Valentine's day. ^_^ I found this lovely scan of a couple from Gankutsuou (don't know who exactly they are cuz I'm only on ep 3 XD) and decided it was perfect for Vday.

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  1. Rella Feb 12, 2005

    Ooh, how pretty! I love the color blends, very nice! It's so good for V-day! ^_^

  2. sacred-angel Feb 12, 2005

    This wall is so lovely!!They seem the perfect match..I wish I could spend Vday with my boyfriend in Paris like them.... ^_^' It would be splendid lol

  3. Aa-chan Feb 12, 2005

    I love the background and the overall dirtied look of the the piece. Nice characters too ^___^ .

  4. bromithia Retired Moderator Feb 12, 2005

    Nice wallpaper, the grungy-ness fits the characters well. >> Favorite!

  5. Tama-Neko Feb 12, 2005

    I love the aged feeling of this wall. Great textures, and good blending of the textured style of Gankutsuou with the background (although the flatness of their skin is a bit strange with everything else textured). I like the Tower and the globe/compass, kind of gives it an old map feeling. Plus, it's Gankutsuou, which deserves more wallpaper lurve. Great color choice with the warm browns and reds, and just enough cool colors to keep the eye busy but not distracted.

  6. TheFreaky0ne Feb 12, 2005

    wow this looks pretty good. not much really nice gankutsuou pics I came across, so great job on making this. +fav

  7. Nuriko Retired Moderator Feb 12, 2005

    Your walls are too good >_>
    Very well, Chiyo-chan! I will use you as an inspiration for my V-Day wall
    Shikkari... shikkari....

  8. Mordin Feb 12, 2005

    Nice wallie, it suits the V day mood perfectly, the texture gives a classical movie feeling, and I guess girls would really appreciate the color pink, eventhough most guys would cringe from it.

  9. Jinpun Feb 12, 2005

    Wow very nice. I love Gankutsuou, you captured how Gonzo does there anime very well. Nice Job...FAV!!!

  10. Electrastar Feb 12, 2005

    Looking forward to seeing more Gankutsuou wallpapers in the future...this one is really pretty but I don't like the couple AT ALL (I'm at episode 16, that's why :D ) Be ut still this wallpaper is very nice. The backround you made fits the original anime art of the series very well and the Eifel tower in the backround is a nice touch :D

  11. Cldmani Feb 12, 2005

    wow........outstanding, i really love how you blended the girl's clothes and the hairs of both, with the background, so it looks like it part of it.........really amazing as always biri, keep it up

  12. ded113 Feb 12, 2005

    Ohh la la!! Is that France? Anyways, this has a nice mix of browns and reds that gives it a nice aged look. I like it. A nice Valentines Day wall that deserves a fave!

  13. Criox Feb 12, 2005

    It feels like u hv drawn it in a paper and colour it! ^^ I like tis style! 5 stars for it! Great!

  14. SilentMasamune Feb 12, 2005

    Biriwilg, it is a little early, but Happy Valentine's Day.

    This is a great image. You think I could share a little love the same way? :)

  15. Sir-Boingal0t Feb 12, 2005

    cool biri.........nice textures @_@
    i like how it blends into the scan, it seems to pull the wall together.....however.....it makes it look a little flat >_<

    i also like the sillouetes of the buildings n stuff in the bg
    and their wings make pulls them even closer to each other >xD

    all in all......really nice wall here biri!

  16. shyxsakura Retired Moderator Feb 12, 2005

    ^.~ *nudge nudge nudgee*

    wub wub itt~<33 it's sooo sweeet .. and blends mucho well .. xd

    ^.~ *nudge nudge nudggiiieee*

  17. Nayako Feb 12, 2005

    Yey!!! This is really beautiful Gankutsuou wallie!!!! XD Andrea and Eugenie look very nice but I prefer Albert + Eugenie XD The Eiffel Tower matches perfectly to the image - Paris, romantic atmosphere, etc....Anyway, great wallpaper!!! ^^

  18. chrno Feb 12, 2005

    Nice nice, i really like Gankutsuou! But your german spelling is false! It has to be "Tra"eme der Liebe"! I hope I could help you! ^_^


  19. chibikko Feb 12, 2005

    traeume der liebe xD very beautiful valentine wallpaper but i never wanted to see the two of them together >.< but great wallpaper, the textures are so cool, the eiffel tower is a very nice idea. ah and pretty colors. adding to my favorites

  20. nekosasu Feb 12, 2005

    heya biri ^^;
    although i'm not really familiar with the Gankutsuou anime, i think the scenery fits just right to the both characters ;)
    perfect wall for valentine's day, great job :D someone will be very happy about this i bet ;)
    ja ne~~

  21. kagomei Feb 12, 2005

    wow good!
    i like the coulour ,very romatic!!nice work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  22. halcyonTwilight Feb 12, 2005

    Your walls sure stand out...they're really one of a kind ^^ Nobody else can grunge the way that you can. Heh...i never would have thought that anyone would have made a grunge wall for v-day, but guess i was proved wrong XD

    The grunge rocks. +fav :)

  23. meteorcloud Feb 13, 2005

    I dunno the anime.....but this wall looks great =)
    nice valentine wall ^^~!!!
    nice effects and things =)
    happy valentine brir =)

  24. crapmonster Feb 13, 2005

    ah i really likr how the textures were used in this, and the sort of flatness of the characters actually brings this out more. the brushwork as always is awesome, and overal, this wall is some godly stuff!! definitely goin into my favs

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