Martian Successor Nadesico Wallpaper: Fragmented Sunshine

Keiji Gotoh, Martian Successor Nadesico, Yurika Misumaru Wallpaper

1280x960 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Heya guys! n__nV

Allright! I got accepted into the [FragmentS] walling team ^__^ b
Now to celebrate I made this wallpaper XD

Probably the hardest 3D work I put into a wallpaper so far! Almost 20 hours of trial and error rendering in 4D Cinema and 3Ds Max!!! Yep as the actual reso is 1600 my laptop almost burnt to ashes when rendering ^___^

Other characteristics: -Raw size 130MB- -60 Aytonomus Layers ~ 20 Light Layers- -30 hours total-

Special Thnx: -Rahxephon for challenging XD- -Dumas for particles render tutorial ^.^-

Ok! Must go now -.- *crawls back like a commando under piles of potential exam papers XD*

See ya guys later!! And of fcourse don't forget to visit www.crash.inweb.dk

Edit:: banner looks a bit @_@ it is soo much better in ful mode *click, click XD *

Edit2:: Loaded a new colour curves map. Now levels/colour sychronization scan with bground is 87% XD

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  1. white-zero Jan 28, 2005

    Love the 3d stuff but the text there looks unnecessary to me. Other than that, good work from you. And congrats on your promotion.

  2. ManOnFire Jan 28, 2005

    As usual, you made a great wall, especially with the bg. Gotta like those cool looking 3D backgrounds; you did good with making yours. The text is also done nicely. Good job! (one of these days, I've gotta learn how to do that)

  3. PastorOfMuppets Jan 28, 2005

    orea re ksaderfe..alla pali girises ta fwteina shit...ekei pou to pigenes kala me ta skoteina ....ante omws 8a pw kai ena kalo logo ka8ws san backgroun einai gamato...i chick einai san na einai apo ton ari...tespa added to favs....kai sigxaritiria gia to fragments

    a anmporeseis pes tous ama to 8imi8eis gia affiliation me to site moy..min tous gamisw ....xaxaxaa...den katalavenoun kiolas..

  4. tecnophreak Jan 28, 2005

    you are one lucky son-of-a-gun iwouldn't mind being up tere walling wiht korganos....put in a word for me! lol, great job man

  5. shirahana Jan 28, 2005

    Wow ^_^ The background effects are intense :D

    I only have one negative >__<; I don't think the scan matches >__<; Do you make the bg first and then add a scan? Or do you find the scan and then make the wallpaper? ^^; If you find a scan first, it's easier because you'll be guided by the colors of it ^^; Unless if you decide to change the colors ^_^'

    Anywho, that still doesn't take away the awesomeness of this bg ^_^

    And congrats to being accepted as a staff at Fragments :D

  6. thelunarmage Jan 28, 2005

    *Faints* That's stunning 3D work again Shuei! I love how there's a little bit of a glow around Ruri and such shape and uniform image extraction too! If you did any polishing of Ruri it really shows. The 3D background is fantastic with the sharp explosive shards, but I would have preferred a darker background rather than white, it just loses all the edges of the shards where there is no blue in them. That's my only criticism of a stunning wallie! :)

  7. wildarmsheero Jan 28, 2005

    Have to see this show...

    I really like the panties... a lot. I like panties.

  8. ShueiTenshi Jan 28, 2005

    Quote by shirahana
    I only have one negative >__<; I don't think the scan matches >__<; Do you make the bg first and then add a scan? Or do you find the scan and then make the wallpaper? ^^; If you find a scan first, it's easier because you'll be guided by the colors of it ^^; Unless if you decide to change the colors ^_^'

    I dunno girl I just made ruri of brighter hue on purpose so that it
    would seem like the sun light is falling on her XD Was that
    a bad descission? I can always take it back to bits of bluish XD XD

    Edit:: Allright!! Second Version XD Colour map of ruri loaded from the bground ^.^ b

  9. RaXiv Jan 28, 2005

    hmm thats the best render on the MT now! Yea thats the best! But the scan is so unfortunate :( Maybe a bit more contrastive colors on the girl perhaps?

  10. Kiako Jan 28, 2005

    nice wallpaper, i like the background and the chara too ^_^
    keep it up

  11. semanga Jan 28, 2005

    ohhhh wow amazing bg you are a big waller the effect and colours in the bg are perfect

  12. Stolen Jan 28, 2005

    Wow, I can see how you have spent so much time in this one :) the wallpaper looks much better when you view it fullsize instead of the thumbnail, so I see what you mean there as well :p

    I love the blue and white layers in the background, it looks crazily icy and mirrored - I think the general look is good for the wallpaper. And it definately matches the very happy girl! I like the extraction, very well done :)

    Also apart from the sharp shiny parts of the background I liked the little circles that were dotted around [[particularly noticeable on the left hand side]] it gives it a little breather from having the exact same pattern throughout the background.

    I love the detail in this work, I can tell you spent ages on it! Also congrats on getting into the wallpaper group :)
    Thanks for submitting this! :)

  13. peachiemint Jan 28, 2005

    oo! pretty abstract bg. soo uber kool looking. im not very fond of the scan though. but it still is a nice wallie. keep it up =^^=

  14. KorganoS Jan 29, 2005

    that's some wicked background.... I can see all the 3D stuff ... XD wheee.. if only I could do abstract.... =3
    LoL omg Ruri wears an FC uniform!!! :D I wouldn't noticed that if I didn't switch to full view..... ahahaha... nice touch....
    somehow the colors of the scan is a bit odd... dunno, I do kind of expect some non-conformity of colors, since blue-greenish hue won't fit Ruri that much, ^_^'
    but well, anyhoo, I don't have a word about the bg works,....
    all in all, awesome abstract, Shuei... :)

    now, where'e Crash-kun *searches* he should update rilly soon.... <_<

  15. YugureKaze Feb 03, 2005

    the girl is very cute and the exploding bg looks unbelievably awesome
    great work! :D

  16. Wraith Feb 22, 2005

    Now I have heard and read alot about this show ... I have seen many picture of this girl, and have never seen it. Looking at this I think I should check it out. Nice wall dude. Looks like you put alot into it.

  17. omnizero Feb 25, 2005

    nice back ground, no wonder u took so much time. the girl in the picture, is she ruri or yurika?

  18. lianppoper Nov 04, 2005

    hmm, I have no idea why.. but, I saw this in the Rahxephon gallery ^^
    this wall is cute BTW.. ^^

  19. Pelsia Jun 28, 2006

    Really nice work, like how you changed the colors to better compliment the whole work.

  20. fennytron Aug 07, 2009

    Very blue Yurika!

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