Magic Knight Rayearth Wallpaper: An Early Spring

CLAMP, Magic Knight Rayearth, Fuu Hououji, Umi Ryuuzaki, Hikaru Shidou Wallpaper
CLAMP Mangaka Magic Knight Rayearth Series,OVA Fuu Hououji Character Umi Ryuuzaki Character Hikaru Shidou Character

1280x960 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

My first wall using Photoshop XD!!
Thanks to Yuuto for the MKR scan of Hikaru, Umi, and Fuu. And I couldn't find this Mokona scan on MT, so please don't flame me if you uploaded it and I some how didn't find it. So instead got it from the following address:
which can be found at the this site on page 2 of the Illustration Collection:

I also want to thank Shinta at imanimations.net for the great extraction, cleaning, and tree tutorials And I also want to thank Ningen's Anime Wallpapers for the grass tutorial. Both sites were extremely helpful.

I want to dedicate this wall to a friend of mine, Sephy-kun, also known as HikaruJM. Thanks so much for all of your help, and for being such a great friend to me :). I also want to thank you because you got me started on MKR, and it's definately one of my favorite animes now ^^.

Comments are always appreciated ^-^. I'm still learning how to use photoshop, so suggestions are welcome, and encouraged :).

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  1. meteorcloud Jan 23, 2005

    nice wallpaper ^^
    some nice soft background with nice colours ^^
    hmz...the tree looks like a silhouette... and scan don't really fit.....well it's not bad ^^
    nice nice job=) keep practicing ^^

  2. jackalx66 Jan 23, 2005


    congrats on ur ps xD
    now u can make new experiments and stuf with it :D
    the tree need more touchin in brush ^^
    thegrass is nice
    the cloud need more work too ^_^;
    the extraction is nice
    other than that, nice wall from u
    thx for ur effort and share it in here

  3. igotnocookieforu Jan 23, 2005

    >.O I've always used Photoshop! :D
    Oh well.. You got nice colorful bg!!

  4. HikaruShidou Jan 24, 2005

    it's a great wallpaper :D i can't do wallpapers because i don't have photoshop or anything else -_-

  5. KorganoS Jan 24, 2005

    well, overall, this wall has a lovely feeling in it....
    such bright scene in the daytime... :)
    the tree's leaves can be improved though... you can take references from a real photo of a tree..
    all in all, congrats for your first PS wall.. :) it shows potential,... keep practising! ;)

  6. Devilet Jan 24, 2005

    horray! a MKR wall ^__^ awww, it's so bright and happy, I love the atmosphere~
    oh oh, and congrats on your first PS wall XD the tree needs some work.. mainly on the trunk, oddly fuzzy around there, maybe the sky needs some work too, just plain clouds filter ain't the best looking for a realistic sky ^.~ Keep on working at it, tutorials are big help =D
    Nice work ^.^

  7. Nayako Jan 24, 2005

    Yey!!! I remember this series !!! XD
    Cool wallie ^^
    Too bad that Mokona is so small on it x_x
    Anyway, good work with a grass , tree looks a bit flat but over all is still very nice XD
    Ohh. and use some brushes to make the sky :) - u can download some from Deviantart galleries ^^

  8. ilovebaiken Jan 24, 2005

    oooh, good job, as always:P im sure hikaru is happy, i would be. i esp like the grass it looks like its swaying :) keep up the good work

  9. chobits88 Jan 25, 2005

    Congrlations for your first wall!I adore de lovely mokona in the back!

  10. Frosty Jan 25, 2005

    ooo.. looks great. ^^
    and you are gonna love using ps now that u have sucessfully make a nice looking wallie. ^^
    its pretty nice and not bad at all. ^^
    it looks very lovely as well. ^^
    +fav for a great first ps wallie. ^^

  11. Piyo Jan 27, 2005

    so purdy!!

    loveee the mokona so cuuuute *huggles* and i love the way the grass and the girls are ;) Its just the sky looks empty.. maybe like a bird or more clouds next time :)

  12. hikarujm Jan 28, 2005

    For me!!! o_O thanks bandie-chan ^^

    Quote by ilovebaikenoooh, good job, as always:P im sure hikaru is happy, i would be. i esp
    like the grass it looks like its swaying :) keep up the good work

    I'm for sure XD

    I'm glad you have like the series so much... btw, sorry for notice the wall this late -_-' I've just start U again so I've been away for some time. I'll answer your email asap.

    About the wall, it's really good, your have improve your skills a lot ^^ the extraction is very good and the scan itself is gorgeous (it's from the manga, isn't it?) I'll give you more feedback later :)

    Thanks a lot bandie ^^

  13. lovehina131178 Jan 28, 2005

    Nice. but you must add more view at the back beside the tree. example: add the Mecha(Robot) it must be better ;)

  14. Apopis Jan 31, 2005

    MUY chida imagen CREO QUE ESTA chica ES MUY SEXY felicito POR poner ESTA imagen gracias

  15. land Banned Member Feb 11, 2005

    She is so pretty,thats what I think.I also havent seen the series,but now that you drawed her so nicely,I am looking forward to check it out!

  16. B4K4 May 09, 2005

    Sweet wp! Looking forward seeing your next wallpapers! :D

    Nicely placed, Mokona at the back and the girls at the front. And don't they just look so kawaii! Nice job!!

  17. ThanLanXam141190 Jun 07, 2010

    Thank you for sharing. It's beautiful

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