Uchuu no Stellvia Wallpaper: Star Crossed Lovers (Dualscreen)

Uchuu no Stellvia, Shima Katase, Kouta Otoyama Wallpaper
Uchuu no Stellvia Series Shima Katase Character Kouta Otoyama Character

2560x1024 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Yay! We can upload dualscreen wallpapers now! Well, not that I have any, except for this beauty. This is the original version of my wallpaper Star Crossed Lovers that I made in August, and I prefer this version because this is where all my celestial work can really be seen. It was designed so that the characters and planet in the middle could be cropped to create a typical 4:3/5:4 wallpaper, but the full extent of the Milky Way was lost.
Three cheers for MT! (EDIT: And Keltosh!)
Original description:
I found this image in my mp3 folder, because it was stuck in a zip file along with the music for "Sora no Koe", the first Angela album. The image was a good size but pretty poor quality, as well as being really washed out, so what do I do?
I vector trace it.
The original image had the two faded on the bottom, and I rather liked the effect. I added a sort of "Milky Way" across them to hide the fact the picture ends there.
The rest was fun with some pixel-dust brushes and stone textures I made and threw around the canvas to make stars and a planet.
This is actually designed as a dual monitor wallpaper; this is the center portion. EDIT: Visit DA! Desktop Anime for the dual monitor version, as well as other sizes.
Thanks to the #minitokyo channel for lots of helpful input!
The title is an allusion to Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet. Thankfully this space opera has a happier ending.

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Browse Uchuu no Stellvia Gallery: Recent | Popular.


  1. Keltosh Retired Moderator Jan 11, 2005

    *huggles* Hehe you have to thank me for being able to upload this :P
    Great wall :D *favs*

  2. Majinai Jan 11, 2005

    Bah. Now you're making me want to go get a DS setup... ^^;;

    Absolutely lovely. :)

  3. aibuster Jan 11, 2005

    shhheeees itsh so shweeeet! i love those effects! its so realistic lol XD XD XD i wanna do sumthin like that too ;_;

  4. meteorcloud Jan 11, 2005

    arg.....widescreen resolution X_x
    some real cool detailed work here=)
    really a nice moon ^^
    the only bad thing is.....I can't use it as a desktop -_-".........

  5. Sandy Jan 11, 2005

    I swear when I'll get dual screen at home (I have at work but I doubt my boss will appreciate an anime wallie XD), I'll use this one. I just can't get used to it. @_@ +fav

  6. UndyingShadow Jan 11, 2005

    wow amazing wall Tama! It's perfect for the dual screen indeed! As always, amazing vector work with an awesome starfield! great color manipulation as well!

  7. Limality Jan 11, 2005

    Again, another high quality work by you, tama-neko-chan :D, and of course your vector is perfect! I like the celect, only thing i could rant about is how many sparkly things you added and too many stars whatsoever but that's not what is important to me in this wallpaper. the moon is my favourite, the gradient from blueish to orangish xD is really nice and subtle.

    yes, what makes this wall special is that it's made for dual screen, as you said, and the contrast of both characters to each other with the colors is very well done. blue is my favourite color so i kinda like the left side a bit more but since teh gurls cute on the other side XD XD XD forgive me =P

    i hope to see more HQ stuff from you tama-neko! i'm really looking forward to it =d

    - Limality

  8. frozenwilderness Jan 11, 2005

    Rawrrr.. my friend has a dual screen and usees this for his desktop XD
    Yeshh.. tis very awesome indeed. Glad you uploaded it here XD

  9. euna Retired Moderator Jan 12, 2005

    ahhh.... a line from Shakespeare... (Euna did her English hmwk) >____<
    Anywayz, beautiful wallpaper... I quite like the dualscreen walls... they look great!!
    This wall rocks! It's so beautiful! I love the mood and the use of two different colours...
    it's a beautiful romantic wall. *fav*

  10. miaka036 Jan 12, 2005

    omg!!!!!! That is so beauiful!! I'm amazed by everything. Everything is so perfect. Thank you very much for sharing it with us.

  11. xtigy Jan 12, 2005


    I've been lookin for a great wallpaper that is a resolution that is high :D :D :D

  12. zaira Jan 12, 2005

    hey! i like this!!!
    da bg was great also te scan!!!
    it was really great!!!to upload this dualscreen ehehe

    great job!!

    added to my fav!!!! XD

  13. nanou1 Jan 12, 2005

    nice wall!! ^^
    i like very much this anime! thanks for sharing...

  14. mughi Jan 12, 2005

    This is a real treat. It's like from switching from TV to wide-angle screen shot. So this is the way this wallpaper was supposed to be. Incredible job and thanks for posting here. Favorite.

  15. Saturn Jan 13, 2005

    Great wall!!!! :)
    i love the way you blended the two colors [you did awesome on that]
    The moon is awesome too!! It looks almost real....
    Great job...I love it XP

  16. Pikapika Jan 13, 2005

    wow that is so beautiful!!!! you did a wonderful and so so goodie good job on this wallie!!! ^.^ te he actually is more than just a wall, its a masterpiece super wallie!!! ^.^ too wonderful for words and the lovie lovely stars going by with the cookie vector works. yay. you are my new favorite!!! ^.~ good work Tama-Nekie. lol. ^.~

  17. crapmonster Jan 14, 2005

    ah this makes me wish that i could use it and have two monitors, but like the original, its an amazing wall!

  18. wonjin Banned Member Jan 31, 2005

    This wallpaper is very good-looking.the character and the background merge well..The colour fix well..
    I very like it .thanks for your share.
    +FAV 4 u!* Keep it up! ^^

  19. Jim3535 Apr 03, 2005

    Excellent. Now I have a really nice wall to use on my brand-new dual screen setup. Great work ^_^

  20. goldstrike99 Apr 22, 2005

    excellent piece OF WORK!
    everything is just so nice
    haven't seen many DS wallpapers with such quality work
    good job!

  21. Shomiyato May 30, 2005

    Very nice, like the star color theme thing going on. Altho, she looks 12 and he looks 20... pedo.

  22. ibmman85 Sep 17, 2005

    too bad im not dual weilding here at school right now because thatd be awesome, i like how you made the space stuff.. more stylistic makes it more romancy :)

  23. fairy-wings Jun 13, 2007

    Love your super-widescreen walls, lol.

  24. knightxemnas Aug 23, 2010

    its really nice

    thanks for sharing

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