Neon Genesis Evangelion Wallpaper: Rei Ayanami's solar eclipse 2

Yoshiyuki Sadamoto, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Rei Ayanami Wallpaper

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Well you can guess what Sonnenfinsternis means (look at the title). The rest means "when the day becomes the night" or something like this. I vectored the scan. It was a lot of work. Please view the original scan, you'll see the difference. http://gallery.minitokyo.net/view/7518/

A noob probably would make a huge tsuki-tsuki-tsuki wallpaper but I think that's cheap. I added a dark sun (inspired by the 2. Hunter x Hunter opening, oh well i could call it 'the sun also shines at night' but it's too late). So i changed everything in this scan (except Rei). Then added the Eva-00 but the rest is selfmade. It's very important to make a background on one's own. There are to many wallpaper with stockphotos at Minitokyo. Real photos can be very nice, too, but only if you can make them look nice. I gave up in trying to change Minitokyo's content by telling my opinion directly to people, so I'll just continue making wallpapers with my own style happily ever after.
This wallpaper is dedicated to Cy(anideBlizzard), hope to read you soon ^^

more resolutions - visit www.uchiki.de

EDIT 2004/12/28: I wonder if this version is better. I changed the Evangelion but the color is really crappy, isn't it xD. Added some more lights to the room Rei is standing in. Hope it's better now.

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  1. Keltosh Retired Moderator Dec 26, 2004

    Nice one. taht drawn wall/window is really well done, and the wallpaper certainly have an atmosphere of darkness :D

  2. harakiri Dec 26, 2004

    It is a very great wallpaper. I like the modern room you made and the background is cool, too.
    You did a splendid job on the vector.

  3. zephiris26 Dec 26, 2004

    It's a beautiful wallpaper, chibikko ^-^ This is one of the best images of rei and I love what you did with the background, especially the eclipse ^-^ +fav

  4. Junjinkai Dec 26, 2004

    great wall, rei looks as grt as ever, I realy like what you have done in the BG with the silhouette of Eva-00,


  5. Kyuzo1 Dec 26, 2004

    Das ist mal n cooles rei wallpaper. Der hintergrund erzeugt mit dem fast unsichtbaren eva eine ziemlich coole atmo. Zumindest geht mir das so XD
    Dafuer bekommste von mir nen fav :)

  6. evasion Dec 26, 2004

    sweet? we really need more NGE walls and stuff - very cool what you have! i love it ^_^

  7. Foolish-ishness Dec 26, 2004

    Nice wall :) The Rei trace looks nice. And the windows look cool. I think the eva would have been a tad better if it wasn't so transparent though.

  8. Skillzpay Dec 26, 2004

    Nice work chibi. The vector work looks great and I agree with what Foolish said about the Eva unit. Besides that awesome :D

  9. Nayako Dec 26, 2004

    Wow!! Great work ^^
    Rei looks so cute in this kimono and bg is really nice XD

  10. dans Dec 27, 2004

    the bg is good. nice touch with the moon and the Eva.
    great job.
    *two thumbs up* add to fav. :D

  11. CyanideBlizzard Retired Moderator Dec 27, 2004

    *turns a deep, dark red* You are so increadably sweet...Not only are you such a wonderful person to talk with..but to be so thoughtful as to do something like this....Gah its so beautiful! @_@ Believe it or not I loved Rei from NGE....omg she was simply amazing..and just a gorgeous shot of her in a kimono.. What I found even more ironic...is that I love this kind of background. Its just perfect for the desktop and yet its so beautiful and harmonic. Such an elegant choice of scenery...and such a perfect setting. I have got to say this, I love the enviroments you create. Not only for the beautiful but for such high detail and just the feel they give and how perfect they are for the characters you use.... I so thought that was an EVA....glad to know I was thinking right. Nonetheless such a unique aspect to do as well....and it looks just gorgeous...I gotta admit I really love the idea behind this wall......Favorite of the week for me...

    As fas as replies? Sorry I've been so slow....life has kept me busy and thanks to that I haven't been able to reply that fast.....but rest asure you can expect one from me soon (I have so many reviews to make upt oo....but time for GB posts first) ^^ I hope you had a wonderful Christmas Chibikko-chan! I'm sorry to make you wait so long for a response..=(

  12. OracleAngel Retired Moderator Dec 27, 2004

    I love the whole dark effect on the night bg but you could have putten morre light in the placce where Rei is on and some more highlights on the typo but altogether it really fits! Great work as always ! (^_^)

  13. ultimaslair Dec 27, 2004

    This is a pretty nice wall chibikko! The color of the background is nice, suits Rei's kimono. Great concept, nice work!

  14. Kurosawa Dec 28, 2004

    Wow.. really nice BG , I like it ^^.The dark purple effect is nice one ^^.
    i love Rei Ayanami .... she was very beautiful in kimono ...woo really like this one ^^.
    Extremely a great job :D

  15. Elie Banned Member Dec 28, 2004

    Very sympathetic Wow wall that you Cibikko it made us was very well
    succeeded I adore :)

  16. Fantasia Dec 29, 2004

    woooo,nice wall,XD
    rin is so nice in the kimono,and the bg is really awesome
    the bg is full of metal,but it seems very soft,really great effect
    and the purple color is pretty too

  17. Frosty Dec 31, 2004

    hey, this is pretty nice. ^^
    looks great. ^^
    nice bg works too. ^^
    keep it up. ^^

  18. kitat Jan 04, 2005

    nice vector ! It is clean. The wall and window of a background are wonderful and I like it. The light which shines dimly is also good. It is nice work, chibikko ! ^ ^

  19. haldir Jan 05, 2005

    nice layout!!

  20. Kimaris Jan 23, 2005

    I really like it, Rei looks really good in this wp.
    Very well done, nice work.

  21. DJ-OVNI Feb 18, 2005

    Very nice wall, congratulations. I love the colors. Keep it up!!

  22. DJ-OVNI Feb 18, 2005

    Very nice wall, congratulations. I love the colors. Keep it up!!

  23. GunFinal Feb 18, 2005

    WOw ReiChan She Cute WOW Kimono Cute (Rei & Kimono Cute ^_^)
    The Background Evangelion 00 Ohhhhhhhh
    I like BG Eva :D :D


  24. DayBreak Feb 26, 2005

    Now thats nice Chibi XD
    oops...i called you small >_> *runz*
    well anywayz!
    Thats a well, drawn walls etc.
    AND! Rei is in it to XD
    Rei is such a silent/cute girl >D

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