Neon Genesis Evangelion Wallpaper: An X-Mas Wallpaper To All~ ^_^

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as christmas comes by, I had to make a christmas wallpaper. ^_^

the scan is the same with the one wuschel used, but I had no other choice >_>
this is actually a userpgae layout I made for someone. it turn better then I thought it would be so I thought I add some stuff, add more details, and make it a wall. ^_^
plus, this work actually looks better as a wallpaper. ^_^

well since I work on it as a userpage before, count when I work on it as a wall, I'd say this wall took around 3-5 hours. cant really remember >_<

oh yah, there's like a hole on the right part of the roof, a hole in the snow that is. that hole is actually where shinji sat, but since the girls wanna pose, shinji hafta take the picture. XD
(actually that thing was made accidently =P I just polished it to make it like a hole XP )

the stars bg and moon, well~~ I like space~ cant help it~ XD

other resos will not be up on my site for a while since I'm kinda revamping the wallpaper section. gomen >_<

and last but not least, even though I don't celebrate christmas, I am wishing everyone in MT a very happy Merry Christmas~! ^_^
hope ya guyz get alotta present~ ( I wan present too... T_T)

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  1. Elli Dec 24, 2004

    LOL Nice background and a lil bit funnie too~ :3
    Hope you have a merry christmas too~!

  2. joelawawaw Dec 24, 2004

    mmm this is a nice christmas wallpaper. the scan is adorable and i like the idea too but i feel that there're too many trees and makes the background look messy. still, good job on the whole.

  3. Celessa Retired Moderator Dec 24, 2004

    Right on - I love the snow and everything else with the lighted trees and all. I'm glad you just slapped this one on for humor and fun - hehe - well, enough chit-chatting - time to share the Christmas love and spirit - take care! Thanks! ^_^

  4. Kiako Dec 24, 2004

    nice christmas wallpaper
    i like the two girls they look so cute.
    and the background is great i like the trees the look so great and the snow and evereything and the moon makes the wallpaper perfect
    even if you don't celebrate christmas:a merry christmas to you too i hope you will have a nice time^^.

  5. Jormungand Dec 24, 2004

    Wheee~! Great Christmas wallie~!
    very nice scan... and I love those white tress :D
    great work~!

  6. Piotrek Dec 24, 2004

    Woohoo!!! So many X-Mas wallpapers to choose from :) Which one should I pick?
    MERRY christmas everyone!!!!!!!!!!!! ^_^ (Nice NGE pic btw, reaaly nice one)

  7. SneakyTanuki Dec 24, 2004

    I love this wallpaper! I've made it my temp wall for the next two or three days xd

    i love how Asuka and Rei go so well together in this wall (unlike in the Anime ^.- ) Their presence just seems to light up the area.

    Barren trees in the winter always seem sad and such but in this wall they seem to shine along with the two girls making the entire wall bright and cheery.

    Overall I like it, +Fav!

  8. StarCentury Dec 24, 2004

    How pretty! An Evangelion Christmas! XD You always dish out the best wallies, exentric! The snow, trees, and the sky looks rad imo! Anywho, have a happy holidays, exentric! :D

  9. tAtEkAnE Dec 24, 2004

    merry christmas Kashi! hope ya have many many pressies XD hahahaha!

  10. RonWeasley Dec 24, 2004

    nice!! one of my favorite NGE-piccus!!! good job!!!! and by the way: merry christmas!!! ;)

  11. ayanechan Dec 24, 2004

    sugoii ya~ kashi-niisan good job and thankiesh for the loverly *yesh and i MEAN loverly* x'mas present! i'll get you one... here it comes... catch it! *poooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooookkeeeeeee* :D owh yea! judging by that hole... shinji's ass must be really HUGE!!! HAHAHAHAHHAAHHA *sorry about that.. retard mode was on*

  12. Anjhurin Dec 24, 2004

    how sad... well i'll celebrate xmas for the both of us ahah ^_^' hope that comforts you XP
    well nice wall, the moon looks great, and the kinda lightning-frozen things that looks like trees?? are cool :D
    *thumbs up* and fav

    btw *hands whatever present you wish for* XP and a happy xmas to you as well

  13. khyewei Dec 24, 2004

    nice wallpaper good job there.... have yourself a merry christmas :D :) :nya:

  14. Yina Dec 24, 2004

    U too a merry Christmas!!! and thank you for the beautiful wallie!!! ^^

  15. TakamuraReiji Dec 24, 2004

    Wow...*stare at the wallpaper kash made* I...I...I dunno what to say...It's really beautiful. I like the background. It's space. And the tree...it's shining...how'd you do that? Cool. And...quite weird too...you made a hole...erm, cannot imagine lar....
    Good work. And, thanks for the wall. ^^ *still staring at the wallie* ^^'

  16. pinkdoremi Dec 24, 2004

    merry christmas to u too ^-^
    i luv how u made the house covered with white snow!! and and... the chimney o.o it's coolies =P
    i just absoloutly love it!!!!! ^___^

  17. Yumi-Chan Dec 25, 2004

    Kashi!! XD Nice Xmas wallpaper =3~~
    waahz x_x I like the snow effects ^^ And O_o hole!! XD hahaha
    The spacy sky looks really good.
    Evrything here goes very well ^_____^!!
    Merry Christmas XD~!

  18. semanga Dec 25, 2004

    and again a very good wall from Kash .... this wall is very sweet love it a lot ... the bg looks very good and the girls a wonderful add to my fav :)

  19. euna Retired Moderator Dec 25, 2004

    This is the third wall i've seen with this Evangelion scan... ^__^''
    Anywayz, nice wallpaper bro Kash!
    Snow and trees are very nice....
    Merry X-mas to you Kash! *fav*

  20. Evanrued Dec 25, 2004

    This looks amazing. Simply wonderful. I love your style of work. I love the background, and the scan you used works well with your ideas. Truly wonderful work. A fav.

  21. Kurosawa Dec 25, 2004

    wow really very cute BG, I like it ^^. Nice wall christmas ^^.Thx very much for the christmas wall ^O^.
    Merry christmas too exentric ^^.

  22. Kikoz Dec 25, 2004

    great walle!!^^
    you DID A GOOD JOB FOR THE background!!
    nice N CUTE char!!

  23. Midori-chan Dec 25, 2004

    ^_^' hehe...i guess i'm a lil' bit late for today
    merry christmas!!!
    it's a great job...the snows and trees are so amazing!! how i wish i can play some snows rite now...
    thanx a lot for the cool wall!!
    merry christmas again!!

  24. DarkParagon Dec 25, 2004

    Beautifully done! I love it. Especially that it's Rei and Asuka ;) Excellent job. +fav

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