Ayumi Kasai Wallpaper: Under the Bridge

Ayumi Kasai Wallpaper
Ayumi Kasai Mangaka

2560x1600 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

o.O Thank you for the elite!

I swear I haven't been sitting on my ass for almost 4 months. Well, I have, this was done in only 3 days lmao.
2560x1600 recommended. 2560x1440 is wider, though I feel it's too empty.

First off, the inspiration for this were the opening titles of the Current Most Amazing TV Show In The Whole Wide World, True Detective (see here to actually hear the song and here if you want to find out more about the making of the OP itself).
This wall is interpretation-heavy, so interpret it however you see fit (。´∀`)ノ

As opposed to my usual rants of hating to paint and wanting to throw my mouse out the window, painting the background was actually fun for once. That plant sticking up on the left was so funny I had to leave it there - I mean look at it, it's perfect! It didn't take long to find a good background, I wanted something that evoked emptiness. The hands, on the other hand...urgh. Never want to paint hands again. And you can't see it now, but I discovered I can paint awesome wedgies (can't possibly leave that in, this is a serious wall).

After finally working up the courage to include some text in a wall, it took some time to find a font. And I ended up settling for a system one, Birch. This reads like a comedy.

Images: silhouette, random dude + hands, background
Textures: lassekorsgaard (can't find the exact ones)

Anyway, thanks for viewing/commenting/faving/downloading (°∀°)b

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Browse Ayumi Kasai Gallery: Recent | Popular.


  1. mamta1 Aug 20, 2014

    oh very good i like the way it has been placed definetly a like

  2. Valuna Retired Moderator Aug 23, 2014

    Ah, time to comment on a wallpaper that might be underestimated by other people. Let's give it some more attention! The windowing with a silhouette of the actual image is a really nice addition. I can imagine some people liking it more if it wasn't windowed. Regardless, I still think it is a very nice addition. It actually leaves some space for imagination for everyone, since this way, you can interpret the wallpaper differently. That's exactly what's so amazing about it aside from a wonderful execution. The art is well-done. I have no complains. It looks nice and realistic to some point, yet very artsy. Then comes the boom of having a plain silhouette around the image. Guess what! it's that of a hot guy *cough*. I'm not sure if I get this, but it's anything but boring to me.

    Only thing that bothers me is that the top left part, which is the biggest empty part might feel a little bit too empty. The text, which fits and is pretty nice makes up for part of it.

  3. DokiDokiChan Retired Moderator Aug 24, 2014

    Well, so, this is amazing.
    I hope others can appreciate the amount of creativity that went into this; the fact that it's inspired by True Detective's opening just makes it all the cooler.

    Sadly I really don't have anything constructive for you because I don't see anything I dislike or would change. The painting is beautifully done, the silhouette's vector is crisp, everything is perfectly placed, the color palette was well chosen, and even the font choice is spot-on. I am so unhelpful, I know.
    I gotta say, my favorite part is probably how you took Ayumi Kasai's character entirely out of context.
    (Or did you? Dun dun dunnn.)

    Wall on, Pande. Wall on.

  4. SolemnSerpent Aug 24, 2014

    My absolute favorite thing about this wallpaper is that you took that scan, with the who males, and geared it towards something completely different than what its theme was. You took it and created something dramatic and visually interesting.

    The negative space works well with the text, and I could see this working well as a wallpaper. If a detective show caused you to create something so grand & damn creative, then I'm willing to spend a crap-ton of money just to shower you with detective paraphernalia & television shows.

    We need more creative work like this in the wallpaper gallery; simple vectoring and effects are one thing, but creativity & more walls like this is what MT needs.

    Fantastic work.

  5. algobipolar Aug 26, 2014

    This is one of the best walls I've seen in some time ;)

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