Ayumi Kasai Wallpaper: Dreams and Reality

Ayumi Kasai Wallpaper
Ayumi Kasai Mangaka

1600x1200 Wallpaper

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Enter Ayumi Kasai :D

My last wallpaper of the summer. School will be starting soon and the nightmare will start all over again. I just really wanted to finish 1 last wallpaper before school started D: I would of drawn something like the norms but I recently bought some copic markers (but haven't shipped yet) and I don't feel like drawing till I get them. So...I decided to use a scan from the amazing art of Ayumi Kasai. If you haven't seen her art, GO. It's simply amazing. Well hope everyones summer was great. Enjoy!

I seem to be telling people this so I'll just post it here. For the colors of the wallpaper, I first took black ink and spattered it on paper. Then I scanned that and cut out the splatters and turned them into custom ps brushes. Hope that clears up how the colors where put on XD


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  1. Fran Retired Moderator Aug 13, 2007

    Holy s***
    This is...wow...like, one the most amazing walls I have seen here in a while O_O
    Everything is so fantastic, dreamy, surrealistic (dunno if that word exist, but who cares) just like a Dali painting <3
    I'm just speechless
    This is so on my desktop.
    This needs to be highlighted.

  2. Chloe Retired Moderator Aug 13, 2007

    This is fabulous! The colors, the vectoring, the textures... it looks chaotic, but when you full-view it, it's just really neatly done. Excellent job!

  3. MapleRose Retired Moderator Aug 13, 2007

    wow pretty! I love the colours and patterns (did you splat them yourself?). and love what you've done with the hair. that shadow's a bit creepy though XD

  4. DarthTofu Aug 13, 2007

    O.O this is so... DDD: fantastically spectacularly wonderful *spazzes*
    I normally refrain from doing this but....


    like... this is way beyond awesome levels.
    i must sound so weird right now.

  5. sailorchiron Aug 13, 2007

    Beautiful, I love it. Great work. School is hell, I feel your pain.

  6. k1ru Aug 13, 2007

    zomg ashley o___o its beautiful~ you vector it?
    and yeah, this needs to be highlighted xD

  7. Piccolobear Aug 13, 2007

    This is absolutely gorgeous. I don't know where to start on what I like about it. Love the colours, the use of negative space, the ink splatter effects - all of it. Great job!

  8. Regenbogen Aug 13, 2007

    I like it a lot! Great composition! It looks psychedelic! I would like to see the original scan... it's on MT gallery? Unfortunately I lack time to look around now... but yeah... this is definitely a fav for me! XD
    Too sad that it'll be the last wallpaper from you for some time. I will definitely miss them! Good luck then for your school... and I still hope that you'll find time for a new wallpaper or original art soon! :)

  9. MadoshiKurefu Retired Moderator Aug 13, 2007

    This is beautiful! I like Ayumi Kasai anyway and you did a wonderful wallpaper!

  10. DREAM Aug 13, 2007

    im guessing this is the scan: How do I brush my hair? by zakaro

    absolutely incredible interpretation. love the wall's composition. very minor crit: perhaps there is just a tad too much negative space up-top.


  11. Sinever Aug 13, 2007

    Im speechless right know :o
    its just perfect :D the vector is awesome & the colors are fabulous XD
    beautiful concept & it deserves to be an *Excellent* highlight :)

  12. pamkips Aug 13, 2007

    My gawd, you are insane!
    Just speechless, speechlesssssss!

  13. annakee Aug 14, 2007

    my choosen expression of beauty... very attractive and captivating. how i can't stare it

  14. alterlier Aug 15, 2007

    you are tha man with the pants, it's beautiful but at the same time disturbing, no in the morbid or weird way just distrubing cuz you get a great overwhelming feeling out of it that makes you think in all kinds of random stuff while you are looking at it, I enjoy a lot the balance of colors, they are all the same but wisely combined...just awesome.

  15. markjo Aug 16, 2007

    Excellent colour choice - a bit hard on the eye, but then again that was the idea behind it, right?

  16. annakee Aug 18, 2007

    still im waiting for the highlighted... i mean, if you look some others of the highlighteds, this work is really superior.

  17. Chingers Aug 19, 2007


    I love this!

    Reminds me of works by Surrealist Dali. Especially, the shadow of a man (?) giving her a kiss.


  18. drastikhate Aug 19, 2007

    Its like a dream!

  19. DarthTofu Aug 24, 2007

    I think it should be highlighted too.

  20. aplastictree Sep 05, 2007

    This is freaky good.

  21. Sakura-Dust Sep 12, 2007

    If this didn't got a highlight, then I don't know what's getting that honor these days -_-'
    It's fabulous! Such a great use of textures, gradients, brushes, the whole damn set!
    The most amazing wallpaper I've seen in the last months! Great job!

  22. Ephemeral-Garden Oct 10, 2007

    Holy cow, that's one freakingly amazing work! So many details inside with all the textures. This is making me speechless. Just awesome. Might look chaotic at first sight but that's just neat. <3

  23. sara-ane Feb 07, 2008

    Oh wow that's really cool. I love the dreamyness of it.

  24. ikijibiki May 26, 2008

    I love this artist~! Hauntingly beautiful illustrations. Thanks for making them into a wallpaper~

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